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No. Bad.

I’m saying rights of the individual should be the ONLY rights.

Life, liberty, and property. Anything is legal unless it violates other people’s natural rights. States should not be able to interfere in natural rights.

wait but

what i don’t understand is, why are you choosing to say you hate states’ rights? like that makes absolutely no sense in the grand scheme of things. States are more likely to protect the individual rights of their citizens. your logic would apply better if you had said “i’m a huge enemy of the federal government” because of its history of “interpreting” natural rights to the detriment of the individual citizen.

i mean, it’s cool, i totally agree with you on the front of life, liberty, and property- i’m a free market capitalist and a conservative libertarian. what i don’t understand is the attack on state vs. federal government.

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Why you no Gary Johnson?

I actually really like Johnson too, but there are a few issues that I don’t agree with on him. For example, I feel Stein has a better position on Medicare and I disagree with some of his stances on mandating term limits. In all honesty though, I think he’d make a great president. I can’t wait to see the two of them debate on November 5th.


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