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Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost

Okay, so as a figure skater, I love Yuri on Ice… But as a figure skater I am begging you to PLEASE do research on figure skating before you write YOI fanfics because if I see the word ‘twirl’ one more time I am going to shit a brick.

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“College admission often isn’t fair,” Kevin explains. “One thing that irritates me is some universities give the impression that the review of your application is some exact science. It simply isn’t. There is a ton of interesting psychology behind admissions review, similar to judicial leniency in the criminal justice system. Judges are more likely to be lenient immediately after lunch and least lenient just before. It’s the same with college. The reviewer’s mood, internal biases, and all sorts of arbitrary and unknowable factors come into play. It is a human and thus imperfect process almost entirely outside of your control,” and that’s really underselling it.

A former admission’s officer at an elite Northeastern college admitted that he once failed all the applicants from the city of Buffalo, because he’d recently gotten food poisoning at a restaurant there.

That same guy also said he’d be more critical of applicants if his favorite football team had recently suffered a lost. But for what it’s worth, admissions officers like Kevin, who work at top-tier schools with nearly 50,000+ candidates, aren’t usually that petty. But with so many applicants, they can hardly give you more than five minutes of their time.

I Review Your College Applications, And Hoo Boy Do They Suck


First, congrats to Nathan Chen! He accomplished something amazing and his jumps are no joke. Seriously, no joke at all. I’m a Yuzuru fan but Nathan won fair and square, and he deserved it.

I think the competition did highlight something for me though… and that’s the issue with the current judging system. If the system is pushing skaters to just go for all the quads at the expense of giving an artistic performance, than the system sucks. Sure, you can say the PCS is for artistry, but the points you get for adding another quad into your program completely overwhelm the PCS. If skaters want to win, then objectively the best way to do that is to add a shit-ton of really hard jumps, even if your PCS score takes a hit. As a spectator, I really hate that. 

The reason why I find Yuzuru’s skating enjoyable is because his programs are NOT built around his jumps; instead, the quads (and all other jumps) flow logically inside of his program. There is a HUGE difference in artistic quality between those two approaches to choreography. To me, there are very few skaters whose choreo falls into the latter group. Why is that? Because the judging system rewards jumping more than artistry. Of course, artistry is subjective, and scoring needs to have a measure of objectivity, but I still think there could be a better balance between the two.

Anyway, short version - I think the current mentality of “quads quads quads” in figure skating is shitty af (and not good for the skaters either). Give me a rockstar performance or beautiful lyricism any day over a collection of jumps to music.

Donald Trump’s insistence that he couldn’t get a fair hearing from a ‘Mexican’ judge in the case over alleged fraud at Trump University makes you wonder who could fairly judge Trump, presuming he had the veto power over judges he seems to think he deserves.

Stop acting like Camp Half-Blood is this paradise for demigods. They send satyrs out to find defenseless children hunted by monsters, and if they even are lucky enough to make it back to camp ALIVE, they are met with a social system that judges you for what cabin your in, doesn’t even acknowledge legacies, and only really trains you if you “want to”. And then when you are too old, they expect you to leave the only safe place you know of against monsters to fend for yourself with no adult demigod system or foundation in place. You’re almost entirely on your own for the rest of your life.