judging if you dont reblog

How not to add to posts:

  • omg so done
  • im scREAMING
  • if you dont have room for (insert stupid shit here) on your blog then youre doing it wrong !!!!!!!!
  • I CANT
  • thanks satan
  • i bet most of the people who are reblogging this dont even get the joke
  • wow everyone on this website is so smooth
  • if you dont reblog this im judging you
  • i think the fact that so many people have reblogged this says something!
  • literally me

Au Meme

When Kim Kardashian wakes up from her perfect beauty sleep, she immediately runs to the computer and logs onto tumblr, where she can catch up on her otp, Jicheol. She is taken by surprised when she realizes that new Jeongcheol pictures have been released, she tries to stay calm, however she ends up crying, and calling her husband Kanye, but its no use. No one can help Kim, because no one understands her pain. For the past year Jeonghan has been interfering with her otp and she is sick of it. She wants revenge…

honestly, those ‘if you don’t reblog you’re heartless! Dx’ or ‘if you dont reblog im judging you’ ish attached to posts anger me so much

that is manipulation

you are not adding any more meaning to an otherwise important and crucial post if you are guilt-tripping anyone who reads this

and no way in hell am i exposing my followers or anyone else who reads these posts to that kind of manipulation


*cracks neck*

alright its time to deconstruct the entire Welcome to Tumblr video because clearly it flew over peoples heads

“are you a white straight middle classed male with a penis and comfortable with a penis? GET OUT”

This is pointing out the various attack posts on cis het dudes that go around on tumblr, and whenever someone calls them on it the response is “TUMBLR IS A VOICE FOR THE OPPRESSED. OH WAH THE OPPRESSORS FEEL BAD WELL GET THE FUCK OUT THEN”

“every other website is terrible”

So many attack posts on facebook, havent seen many for deviant art or 9gag, but im sure they exist

“make a cosplay blog”

its a pretty cheap way of getting tumblr fame, you just look up cosplay and put it on your blog, or have people submit. 

“art blog”

I’m not familar with the art community so I cant really comment on this. 

“penguins are extinct”

People on tumblr are stupid as shit. There was this post going around about how adventure time was getting canceled because of Marceleine and PB. A simple google search which took five seconds to do revealed that it wasnt true at all. Later on it was proved fake but not before the original post got like 30k notes. 

“this girl went missing in 1987”

no idea what this is making fun of since ive never seen this post. I sincerely doubt its making fun of missing kids. 


a jab on social justice how theres politcially correct terms and which terms are offensive or not and how theres now a goddamn dictionary to the entire LGBT community when there used to be just 4, now theres like 32

“straight, well off, shoe polish, mental disorders" 

a jab on how white cis people cant ever have problems in their lives because they arent oppressed by the majority of the population.

"if you dont reblog these problems you are a heartless monster”

a jab at how theres posts with people with cancer and the comments have some guilt trip inducing comments like “if you dont reblog this im judging you” or some other shit like that. 

“superwholock and fandoms”

A jab on how fandoms can be fucking insane and overbearing and just overall unpleasant. also, Madoka magooka. 

“onceler and shipping”

How dumb shipping is. 

“Wrist Cutting/baby ur bootiful’

A jab on how a lot of people on tumblr romanticize cutting/self harm. another jab on those stupid fucking "reblog if you think this person is beautiful” posts. 

“searching tags”

PORN. This speaks for itself, there is a shit ton of porn on tumblr, a lot of it is kind of disturbing. 

“ask blog/oc’s”

a jab at bad oc's 

“being sad/everyone is beautiful/send messages telling people this”

because we’re not allowed to be sad right? we must be HAPPY ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

“content stealing”

eh….not much to comment on this, it happens. 

“night blogging”

Im one of the people who think night blogging is one of the stupidest fucking things ever. So this part speaks for itself. 

“tumblr is a safe place for boys and girls/everyone/every human”

the whole pronoun debacle and how retarded it is. 


Ok this is talking about the people who dont know what triggers are. 

A trigger is something that causes a violent flashback and hyperventallating and basically you freak the fuck out. Wreack it Ralph has a great example of this. 

A trigger is NOT something that just makes you angry/irritated, the way tumblr uses it. 

Kankri Vantas was a great parody and satire of what triggers are NOT, and surprise surprise, HE flew over everyone’s heads too, and im quite sure is responsible for the continued misconception of what triggers actually fucking mean. 

So yeah, this is what I got from it. For all the “deepness” tumblr is said to posses and the analytic approach it takes to things, I mean look at fucking Frozen. It can be really fucking dense.

destroy the idea that spread this like wildfire seriously reblog this im judging you if you dont reblog this EVERYONE NEEDS TO REBLOG THIS NOW

Hey everyone, so I’ve been living in London for quite a few months now and I still miss my friends from Australia like crazy. I was feeling really down about it tonight so I wrote this song, it’s a really shitty recording (whatever) plus I wrote it in like half an hour. It means a lot to me though, it’s called Patience

Dedicated to Rachael and Eloise

(This isn’t on youtube but you should check mine out anyway here)


This is Stanley. He was brought into the drama class and I decided to name him and dress him. I carry him around everywhere and now all the teachers and a lot of the students know who he is.

They respect Stanley and nobody has questioned why I have been bringing a stuffed animal to all of my classes every day for the past week.

We’ve just kind of made him the unofficial school mascot. Even the principal knows who he is.

Tumblr should know his story