judging books by their cover

RULES: Answer the 11 questions asked and create 11 more questions.

1) have you ever quit a book, why?

Yes. The only reason is beacause it’s a bad book. There are some books where I just skip the middle.

2) how do you feel about little diversions from the story? (letters from/to characters, flashbacks etc)

Love them!! One of my profs was asking us about it in Things Fall Apart and I just started gushing. I think all my favorite books have them. (Bonus points to Beauty Queens for the footnotes and actual advertisements. Beyond brilliant)

3) be honest, in a book store, do you judge the book by it’s cover?

Yup, like 85% of my judgment. Which is sucky, because some amazing books are originally printed with terrible covers (*cough* The Name of the Wind *cough)

4) any book youve read that you hated but some of your friends/other people liked? (dont do like, twilight lol)

John Green. I don’t hate him, but I find his stuff just meh. Although, this one girl who I was kind of friends with me lent me Taking Chances after I told her I hated it and told me to reread it. I have never wanted to tear a book in half as much as this one.

5) favorite genre and best introductory book for it?

YA fantasy and Alanna: the First Adventure or Ella Enchanted is a good start. (I’m actually making a “intro to Feminist Fantasy” post soon

6) if you could meet any author and ask them any one question, who would it be and what question? (enjoy that broad af question lol)

I think … Robin McKinley and I want to ask her if she is okay (also I might ask her how she planned to end the Pegasus trilogy)

7) have you ever read any book in the past that looking back on it, you were probably too young to read?

Yes!!! I read Invisible by Pete Hautman and it’s about a kid who is dealing with mental health. I hated it. Looking back now, I have no idea if it was a good portrayal of mental illness or not but that book has stuck with me for years. But I was way too young to understand it. I was reading it near the end and my mom was reading over my shoulder (she was braiding my hair at the time) and was like, “Sweetie, you know Andy’s dead right?” She took the book away from me to skim through, gave it back to me, and we had a long talk after that.

8) best classic book?

To Kill a Mockingbird or Pride and Prejudice

9) if you had to marry a character who would it be?

This answer will probably never stop changing, but Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. 

10) have you ever really not liked a book recommended to you by someone who’s your friend?

Yes!! I trust librarians’ recs because that is how I found The Name of The Wind and Beauty Queens, which are two of my all time favorite books. So another librarian I knew told me I should read Outlander and it was her favorite book. I picked it up and couldn’t get past the first chapter. (I hate adultery and time travel) Terrible series

11) have you ever cried at a characters death?

Yes. And sometimes, even if I know it’s coming, I still cry. (rereading hunger games now, purposefully putting off Rue’s death) (also, freaking Jane the Virgin) (like, I’m still upset, okay? Not going to complain, just sob in the corner)

  1. What’s the first book you remember reading by yourself? 
  2. What are you currently reading? 
  3. What was the last book you read for school? 
  4. What’s your favorite book from your childhood?
  5. Favorite fairy tale retelling? 
  6. What’s the longest book you have ever read and how long was it? 
  7. Worst romantic canon pairing?
  8. Have you ever used Sparknotes for school? 
  9. How do you feel about Shakespeare? 
  10. Last scene that made you cry in a book? 
  11. Favorite picture book? 

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Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

You weren’t planning on getting laid today, but if the hot librarian wants to fuck you between the bookshelves, then who are you to complain?

author: buckysbackpackbuckle
Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count:
warnings: AU, library sex

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The worst part about this, is that these tags are talking about the show Oshiete Galko-chan.

What annoys me about that extreme stereotyping is that the whole moral of Galko chan is to not judge a book by it’s cover. Over and over again you have characters in the show making assumptions about things that they believe are either pervy or what have you and they always turn out to be wrong. Most of the time it has to do with Galko herself and how everyone assumes she’s a slutty gyaru who sleeps with her teachers just to find out she’s a virgin who dreams of being a mother one day.

So the fact this person will make assumptions about this assumption defying show is both ironic and really sad.


This man left me with a really confusing impression, because I tend to dig deep into character (both real people I met and unreal character) so I was always feel there’s something off about him. After watching Secret Ending I came to the conclusion that this man is not a simple giver like most people in fandom think, if you’re looking for someone to blame then there he is. Hell, I even think he’s the mastermind that pushs everything to this point (oh hate me I love it)

V is the incredibly selfish man, because he wants to keep Rika to himself and everything that related to her in anyway. In Yoosung route, he told Jumin he did not want to be treated because he wanted to keep the wound to remember her, I dont get why people think its his devotion for love. What’s so noble about it? What’s so mighty about it? He just want to keep her to himself, thats why he’s so obsessed with keeping the wound. 

To RFA I know he told people that he just want to left people with good memory about Rika. I was questioning his motivation for this, because RFA own Rika greatly for what she did, they treasured her! If they know she was that sick, they would try everything to save her with every resource they have. Besides, is that how you remember a person? I think everyone has their bad sides that others just cant stand, but through thick and thin we stick together because we love each other. And that’s how you remember someone, both their perfection and imperfection. That’s the very beauty of human. V just do not trust RFA, or to be more precise, he want to own Rika completely by knowing that he’s the only one that truly KNEW her. 

To Saeran and Seven, perhaps you can say it was Rika that seperated them. Let dig deep. Why do they seperate these two, they must have known how the twins are important to each other. Ok hacker thing, but Saeran was just as smart, why dont they invite Saeran too? The choice to leave was made by Seven, but I think the pushing was from V and Rika side by making an invitation. They can just let Seven say goodbye to Saeran to guarantee that he will always support his brother (through many money channel because he’s a genius in hacking) and Saeran can be left in a orphanage or government institution where Seven knew about. Why dont they arrange it that way? I dont know who initiated the idea that Seven should left without saying he’s still there for Saeran, just a note is fine, but dont you question that? I cant say exactly who play the bad guy in here, but I know V was approached Seven to present a job. 

To MC, he knew he put an innocent life in danger but he’s still doing it anyway. He said that, he said he wanted to be with Rika again, and thats the reason why he choose to let it be. He fooled everyone, because everyone trusted him. This man is really something about manipulation.

To Rika, he said he loved her. So if she wanted to hurt herself she should hurt him. FUCKING BULLSHIT. My father was in depression for a long time and he wanted to hurt himself, but my mom never allowed it nor allowed him to hurt her. It just wrong, because by doing so he convinced her that she can inflict pain to others. If your loved one was in such phase, you should try to be patient, take them to therapy, and stay by their side no matter what but you never encourge them to HURT you. V give Rika this idea that she can be saved by inflicting pain to others, and he encouraged her to be that way. Remember, Rika always yearning for accepting from others and a place in this world, V did not give her that but lead her to wrong path. Sure, she can act but act always need certain kind of support to be implement. V did. By agreeing with everything she did, told her that it is ok to hurt him, he led Rika to doom. You might not think it, but the outsider actually can be an evil hand when it comes to people with pschological problem. 

The sun? The sun look so nice and warm but it is so fucking FAR! So far that human used to worship it like a mighty god, but its actually just a planet. JUST A PLANET, and that’s it. The relationship was so vague and selfish as a whole, and hell, I dont even know if there’s love from V side. Is that love or its just a form of something that looks like love?

If I draw V now, I think he would be really sick. But his sickness is different than Rika, its really close to the pride that he held. Under all the so seem good deeds and devotion, he was so manipulating and devil. Did he recognize it? Did he not?

All I know is that Yoosung was not wrong to hate him.

The quieter we are, the more we observe

I’ve always been quiet. I’ve always been an introvert. I think these qualities made me a good observer.

During conversations I only talk when I have something to say, I’m not a fan of small talk. This means that I spend a lot of time watching how people express themselves, observing their attitude. I know when they’re excited to talk to me, I know if a conversation is not gonna last long because they wanna leave asap even if they don’t say anything about it. Over the years, I started seing the same patterns in different people, and I put the people that acted quite similarly in the same “mental bag”. (Of course, words were also an important factor.) This way I know who I can trust to keep a precious secret or who not to ask if I want a sincere answer. 

This procedure is the only exception to the “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule I allow myself. I wonder if other people do something like this too.

What I love about each B.A.P member


  • This is going to be long and emotional
  • His stage presence 
  • He’s an entirely different person on stage
  • It’s because he gets angry before each performance
  • His actions during LOE'16 
  • i.e stripping his shirt off during several shows 
  • Then proceeding to drench himself in water 
  • By the end of the tour the other members were pouring water on themselves too 
  • I still haven’t recovered from all of that 
  • But stop the music and he’s just a shy, sweet lil grampa 
  • If you ever need an example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” look no further than Bang Yongguk
  • He’s adorable when he gets shy 
  • He’s actually adorable all the time 
  • Remember how nervous he was during the release of Carnival
  • His smile T-T
  • His laugh 
  • His tattoos
  • *fans self*
  • I come alive when his chest piece peaks out 
  • His love for all things rose gold
  • His love for art 
  • His awareness of what’s going on in the world 
  • How many 20 something people can you name who read a physical newspaper???
  • Watches League of Legends games in bed 
  • Let’s play sometime Bang 
  • Remember that edit he made of “Feel So Good”
  • but he really just slowed it down like 10x
  • Made B.A.B.Y bc someone requested a fan song at a fan sign 
  • His reaction when the other members imitate his deep voice
  • Speaking of…
  • I could listen to him talk until the end of time 
  • His voice is so deep but so beautiful and soft 
  • He never rushes his words
  • Everything he says is thought out 
  • His rapping
  • But I honestly melt when he sings 
  • His singing is heavenly  
  • I hope he sings more in the future 
  • That time he broke an apple in half with his hands but he couldn’t believe he did it 
  • Never in a hurry 
  • Like ever 
  • Snails move faster than him 
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse he would be the first to go
  • Shades TS
  • Loves ramen
  • Give him another ramen cf
  • Used to be a telemarketer 
  • His telemarketer voice lol 
  • The way he runs his hands through his hair 
  • His lying down show on V app
  • I have never screamed and cried so much during a live broadcast 
  • He knew what to do to drive BABYz crazy
  • Ugh he was being so cute then T^T
  • Giving the camera kisses 
  • And telling us to get under the covers with him 
  • Bang pls, my heart 
  • But it was so cute that he asked the members how to work the V app just so he could talk to us 
  • When asked where he would take someone on the first date, he said he’d invite them into his shirt 
  • Ok bye how do I get that date 
  • When he wears glasses 
  • His clothing style 
  • His love for Tigger
  • The character and his dog 
  • He sends videos of Tigger to the members 
  • How pure is that T^T
  • The way he is with children
  • His compassion and charity
  • Wants to make the world better 
  • Influences his members and BABYz to do good deeds
  • Old soul
  • But so beautiful and kind 
  • His birthmark 
  • Failed his driving test not once, but 3 times
  • Like dude I failed mine on the first try bc of a technicality 
  • But 3 times???? 
  • It’s okay there are lots of people who will drive you around :) 
  • Drunkenness 
  • His Instagram is black & white bc color hurts his eyes 
  • “Our team came back”
  • “Yah, Moon Jongup”
  • He works so hard to give us good music 
  • I’m glad he’s resting now 
  • His haNDS
  • They are the most beautiful hands I have ever seen 
  • And they are SO SOFT 
  • I cry when I think about his hands
  • Remember when Himchan posted that picture of Yongguk getting a manicure 
  • What a couple 
  • “Bang” makes for some great ship names
  • Straight up said he loves the other members more than BABYz 
  • The most patient man I have ever seen 
  • If he ever gets angry, he doesn’t curse
  • He just speaks in an even lower tone
  • The time he was playing a game with cups on The Show and almost lost his shit because the cups kept falling down
  • The foundation of B.A.P
  • Kept B.A.P together 
  • “Alone you might be weak, but together we can be strong" 
  • This man if full of great quotes and wisdom
  • Especially: "banana shake”
  • The amount of emotion he puts into every rap 
  • His songs on SoundCloud 
  • He shows his vulnerability through his songs
  • AM 4:44
  • I cannot tell you how many times I played AM 4:44 on repeat during hard times 
  • I remember the first time I heard it I was covered in goosebumps 
  • I still get them
  • When I read the lyrics I cried 
  • He poured every ounce of himself into that song
  • “Everything’s gonna be alright" 
  • A simple yet powerful sentence 
  • I wonder if he realizes that one sentence has been a source of strength for many BABYz
  • I wonder if he realizes that B.A.P has been a huge source of strength for BABYz
  • Thank you, B.A.P, for being our strength

Feel free to add some of your favorite Yongguk things! Our precious gummy leader.

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