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What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts



You shouldn’t hang your head

Allura, can we keep him?

During his father’s diplomatic meeting on Emperor Zarkon’s main ship, the youngest altean prince becomes infatuated with a fluffy, purple galra boy and tries to use his adorable charm on his big sister to let him bring the boy with them back to Altea (with which said galra is NOT amused). 

tony stark, a certified baby-cuddler

everyone needs more tony and babies in their life, right? have a fic. because tony canonically goes to hospitals and hugs babies who need it. (for mobile users, there’s a read-more after a few paragraphs)

Tony Stark isn’t new to kids, not exactly.

He’s always tried to visit paediatric wards when he had a moment, letting the kids play with the armours and telling them stories. He helped Reed and Sue with babysitting, and he remembers Val’s first attempts at building microprocessors. He held a newborn Danielle Cage in his arms and he marvelled at how tiny she was. He’s always glad to help his baby Avengers with homework.

He likes kids. He might never have his own, and he tells himself he’s made his peace with that, but he likes kids and he likes spending time with them, from babies and toddlers to I’m-not-a-kid-anymore teenagers.

And the moments he spends with kids never get any less special.

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GOT7 expectations vs reality

Mark expectation: hot rapper from the US of the A, silent sexy type, leaves girls on the floor with one look
Mark reality: In love with Jinyoung, likes hitting people with the plastic hammer, afraid to speak English in front of Koreans, laughs at Jackson stupid things

Jaebum expectation: Mature leader, father figure, sexy model, works out everything all the time
Jaebum reality: FOOD, bitch ass-, will whoop your ass, sassy little fuck, highkey is done with the group and wants to leave murder everyone, highkey trying to get into youngjae’s pants

Jinyoung expectation: eomma~, pretty boy in every drama that everyone likes, loving
Jinyoung reality: blunt as fuck, will call you out, not dealing with your shit, stop embarrassing me, “I don’t know you”

Youngjae expectation: cutesy tootsy, puppy member, happy virus, sexy main vocal, normal one
Youngjae reality: normal? Can I eat it?, judging your choices, actual baby, lowkey trying to get into Jaebum’s pants, can youngrish very well 

Bambam expectation: sexy foreign main rapper why so many foreign rappers they fucking me up, cool and chic member, classy, girls are literally melting

Yugyeom expectation: maknaeee, bullied by hyungs occasionally, youngest so he listens to his elders, baby, sexyyyyyyyyy, vocals slaying me
Yugyeom reality: tallest, will actually wreck you, hyungs watch out, knows thinks he’s better than his hyungs

Jackson expectation: ???
Jackson reality: ???? and hates eric

anonymous asked:

sorry but i don't understand why touka wants to have the baby? the future is uncertain and they're all starving. It's the worst time possible, so why bring a child into a world like that? i don't really get her reasoning plus i don't think kaneki would want it

I’m sorry, I really resent the idea that she’s being judged for her choices. I don’t think anyone can argue that having unprotected sex was irresponsible. Or that it’s pretty bad timing. But it happened- it’s said and done. Deciding whether to bring a child into the world or not isn’t just as simple as “oops, this is real shitty timing, lets just get rid of it”.

These things happen. Even to people who are trying to be careful with protection. It’s life. Deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy or having the child despite unfavourable circumstances is an incredibly tough and complex choice. Sometimes the decision is made using logical reasoning weighing the pros and the cons, sometimes it’s an entirely emotionally driven decision. I don’t think it’s right to judge either way.

When is it good timing for a ghoul to have a child? Ghouls are given a death sentence from the moment they are born in the world. Do you also condemn every single ghoul parent for bringing a child into a world where they’re likely to be slaughtered before they can reach adulthood? Should we be judging Mirumo Tsukiyama for having Shuu when the CCG could have found them out at anytime? Should we be judging Ukina and Yoshimura for having Eto when they knew what V’s response would be? These are the sort of ethical and moral quandaries that have been brought up literally the entire manga; is it ok for ghouls to live in a world that doesn’t want them?

And if you can’t see why Touka as a character would make the decision to do everything to bring her child into the world then I don’t know what to tell you- it’s been there since volume 3 of the original series:

Live. Even if this world says your existence is wrong. Live. Even if you have no choice but to kill to survive. Live. Even if everything has been terrible from the moment you were born.

This pregnancy is just an extension of those themes. 

I’m sure both Touka and Kaneki are going to be filled with doubts and fears about whether they’re doing the right thing, whether this is the best choice. And especially with Kaneki’s childhood, I can see why this would be a tough issue for him. Both of them grew up as orphans from a young age- do they even know how to be parents? But despite all those things, that doesn’t mean a child can’t end up being a blessing and they won’t want it just because it’s going to be tough. You can’t predict how the child’s life will end up, so Touka deciding to try everything to give it a chance to survive isn’t a guarantee to condemn it to a life of suffering. And if it is? That’s life.

Simple Lucky Penny Enchantment

We’ve all heard of “lucky pennies.” It’s a superstition that has woven its way so far into our society we often forget to acknowledge it as magick. This is a simple enchantment of sorts to bring luck and wealth into your life.

You will need:

  • A penny (if your currency doesn’t use pennies, use whatever coin is “lucky” in your culture, if any, or any copper coin, or gold if copper is unavailable) 
  • A sharpie (fine point is better) 
  • A white candle (this one is a must)
  • A gold candle (optional) 
  • Works best during a waning moon but will work any time

Pennies are said to be lucky, and the copper/gold color represents wealth and success and ambition, so that makes pennies the perfect choice for both luck and wealth! Waning moons are also great times for luck spells. 

It’s said a penny found heads-up is lucky. For this reason, I drew the following sigil on the front: (credit: I found it on tumblr, saved it to my phone and i can’t remember where I found it. If anyone can direct me to the OP I will credit them! So sorry for this!) 

On the tails side, I drew this sigil: (credit: sopherielspeaks )

If you use one candle, light it at the back of your workspace and draw the sigils in front of it. If you use two, light them on the right and left sides and work between them.

If you do this during a waning moon, do it after dark by candlelight. Otherwise do it during the day in a room well lit by sunlight. 

Flip the coin several times, being careful to catch it each time, while visualizing yourself having all the luck and money you need (and perhaps the areas of life you need the extra luck, or the things you need the money for, or how you expect/want to come by the money, etc). Feel free to add any kind of chant here, if you like. 

Hold the penny between your fingers and hold it over the white candle as close to the flame as you can comfortably withstand to purify the enchantment (prevent accidental bad luck, and prevent you from getting tainted money). If you have a gold candle, do the same to it to strengthen the wealth and ambition. 

Leave the penny overnight in the waning moonlight to charge if possible, otherwise for a day in the sunlight (best if its a sunny day.) 

Carry the penny with you in your shoe everywhere you go. Walking will help keep the sigils charged. Also, carrying a coin in your shoe is a common method to bring money into your life.