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Ten Things That Are 500% True About Dean Winchester and Classic Rock Radio Stations
  1. He can tell what part of the country he’s in by which bands get the most play.  Sam thought he was making it up until Dean actually showed him an article on FiveThirtyEight about it.  Sam didn’t even know Dean knew what FiveThirtyEight was.  (“Apparently it’s a tool for proving you wrong, Sammy.”)
  2. He will judge a station harshly for censoring Steve Miller Band’s “Jet Airliner.”  (”Funky kicks?  What the hell is that?”)
  3. He wonders sometimes if radio stations realize that they’re incriminating themselves when they play Rush’s “Spirit of Radio,” or if they’re idiots like people who play The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” at political rallies.  (”Or people who think R.E.M.’s ‘The One I Love’ is romantic.”  “What?”  “Nothing.”)
  4. He has almost zero patience for most morning radio “talent” because they never.  shut.  up.  (”If I wanted to listen to some douche talk shit all day I’d call Crowley.”)
  5. He understands why the original Springsteen version of “Blinded By The Light” never gets any airplay – it’s terrible – but he wonders what kind of deal Manfred Mann made to get the cover version played all the goddamn time.  Like, the dude is still alive, so it can’t be standard crossroads fare, but something is going on there.  Maybe he should ask Cas.
  6. He will also judge any DJ who mispronounces Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er.” (”It’s supposed to be a joke, Sam!”  “I know.  You’ve told me, like, five hundred times.”)
  7. He has a soft spot for the trivia and/or “name that tune” type call-in contests.  He almost never gets to play them – he’s always just passing through – but one of the best meals he’s ever eaten was paid for with a win from a station in Nebraska.  (”That’d be ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones…”)
  8. He wishes fervently that stations would play almost any Warren Zevon song that is not “Werewolves of London.”  It’s catchy.  We get it.  For fuck’s sake, at least throw us a “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” or even “Excitable Boy” now and again.  (”Hey, you want Chinese?  I think I saw a place a couple miles back…”)
  9. He remembers when “We Will Rock You” didn’t automatically segue into “We Are The Champions" and misses it.  Yeah, they go together, but they’re also meaningful on their own. And yeah, he knows that a single came out the year before he was born with the two of them together, but come on.  (”Fucking digital libraries, man…”)
  10. He wonders if all these ads for tractor companies are actually selling any tractors, because that’s fucking wild.  Chainsaws he can see, sure, but large farm equipment?  He’s got no points of reference for that.  He wishes Bobby was still around.  Bobby’d probably know.  

Bonus Thing: There’s a “modern rock” (or whatever) station up in Montana called The Moose, and it’s awful.  Every time they catch a case up there, he gives Sam shit about it.  (”Hey Sammy, I think somebody found your iPod.”  “You realize that’d be more insulting if I didn’t like Pearl Jam, right?”)

Medical School Interviews

Across the UK hopeful medics will have sent off their applications and are eagerly awaiting for an interview. Considering I was in the same position a literal year ago I thought I would share some advice for the interviews. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose what interview questions I got but I can give some general tips that really helped me. 

First, I thought I would give some background to my application. I applied to 4 medical schools that were all MMI so the advice I am about to give is more geared towards MMI style interviews. I was very fortunate to get 3 interviews and 3 offers for medicine.

  1. Look at the Medical Schools website. Each medical school tends to outline the qualities they are looking for at interview on their website. Think of specific examples for each quality and practice how you have used/developed said quality and why this would make you a good doctor.
  2. Stay away from Student Room. The number of people that told me to stay away from student room was enormous and yet I still ignored them and checked. All it does is scare you and makes you panic. It’s not worth the stress at all. Just focus on your application and nobody else’s. 
  3. Be professional. Medical schools really value professionalism and teach it throughout medical school. However, there is the expectation for you to have a certain level of professionalism before you enter medical school. Little things such as what you wear can make a big impact. For example, guys tended to wear suits at the interview however it isn’t necessary to as long as you are dressed smart then it is okay. Arrive on time. It looks really bad if you arrive late to your interview and you will also probably be really stressed as well which won’t help at all. If you are going to be late ring the medical school well in advance.
  4. Some interviewers may be mean. I wish someone had told me this. Interviewers are there to test certain skills and therefore may be appear to be really brutal to you. Remember, that is what they are there for, stay calm and prove to them that you can handle it. This is essential as not every patient is going to be compliant and they need to test that you are able to cope with it.
  5. Stay up to date with the news. When I had my interviews, the junior doctor contract was very hot in the news so I read around the topic. However, medical schools expect that of you and will probably not test you about that as it doesn’t really show anything that makes you stand out. But keeping up to date with scientific advancements in the medical field will put you in good stead.
  6. Be honest. I think this is probably the most important tip I have. If you do not know something, then tell them that you don’t know it. The person asking will probably have a lot of expertise on the subject and will be able to tell when you are waffling. A lot of the time they are trying to see if you are brave enough to say you do not know rather than seeing if you actually do know something on that topic. Remember that a responsible doctor is one that stays within their limits and admits that they do not know something. If you are quite competent on the subject, then do talk about it however do not feel pressured to have a conversation with them about it. 

So there are all my general tips! I just want to finish with saying that please don’t worry if you mess up a station. MMIs typically have 7/8 stations, you are judged on all the stations not just one, so take a deep breath and smash the other ones. If anyone has any questions regarding interviews just send me a message.

Good luck to everyone applying! 

Steal Your Heart (Part I of II)

Pairing: You x Luhan

Summary: When he spends more and more time with another girl

Warnings: Angst (compensated by fluff because I love happy endings ^__^)

“This is Likun,” Luhan said brightly, smiling back and forth between me and the petite girl as I stood up and quickly shook her hand, a little flustered.

“Hi,” I said as politely as I could, watching as Likun smiled prettily back at me. “Luhan’s told me a lot about you!”

Likun was Luhan’s childhood best friend, or so he had told me. They had been inseparable until they were fourteen, when Likun had left China to study overseas in America and now, ten years later, she was back permanently for her job. 

When Luhan found out, he had been beyond excited to reconnect with her again, and I told him I looked forward to meeting her soon. But not this soon. To my surprise, Luhan had brought her unannounced with him today to the cafe, where we had arranged to meet on my lunch break. I had been looking forward to the hour in the middle of the day where I would have my boyfriend all to myself; I thought it was just going to be Luhan and I on our little date, and my smile faltered slightly when Luhan pulled a chair out for Likun and prompted her to sit down.

Apparently not.

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This building in Battle Creek must originally have been the railway station, judging by its architecture. I don’t know what it is now. Will eventually look it up.

(The analogous building in Ann Arbor is now a restaurant; the one in Kalamazoo is still a train station)

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Hey hello hi, are you at all taking prompts for that post you reblogged of 'aus for when your otp is really competitive'? Because I imagined Lily and James with the first one about team leaders and little kids and now I can't stop thinking about it and would love love love to read it???

prompt (a personal favorite, btw): we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust

prompt lists here and here

Quick note: this is an American AU on top of being modern because I have no idea how 1970s UK summer camps worked…

“Alright, guys, line up!” I called, smiling as fifteen twelve year olds scrambled to do as I said. “You know what today is, right?” I asked, surveying my troops. “Hogwarts Camp Tri-Event Tournament!” A barrage of cheering interrupted me here. “We’ve been preparing for weeks, and we’ve gotten really good, right?”

“Yes, Miss Lily!” they chanted. My smile grew wider.

“Who’s going to win dodgeball?”

“We are!”

“Who’s going to win the swim race?”

“We are!” 

“Who’s going to win the scavenger hunt?”

We are!”

“Yeah we are!” Another round of cheering erupted noisily, with lots of hugging and - “Oh, Milly, what have we said about pulling down Jeremy’s pants? We said not to, right? Good.” 

I took a deep breath. This was a big deal. It was possibly the most important event of the summer. “Alright guys, how about you all help the other teams set up for the events. It’s going to be fun!” The kids scattered, and I surveyed them with my hands on her hips, smiling fondly. They were super cute. And also champions, which was the most important thing in this scenario. I was about to head toward the judges’ station when - “Aw, Lils, that was cute, but you shouldn’t teach little kids lies.”

I turned on my heel to see James Potter grinning at me.

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I hate when people judge me based on one song I’m listening to

“What are you listening to?”

“Story OF My Life by One Direction,”

“Oh, you’re one of THOSE girls,”

“No, no, wait, look. I’ve got Fall Out Boy

and Panic! At The Disco

and All Time Low

and Of Monsters And Men

and Hollywood Undead

and Metro Station

and Jason DeRulo (wait no don’t look at that)

I can’t find the post anymore, but someone compared Dean’s position between Crowley and Castiel to the plot of

Cass Timberlane

at the end of last season, and I think we need to review this in light of more recent evidence.

Cass Timberlane was a film, based on a book, of a young girl Ginny Marshland, falling in love with a judge well above her station in life. Timberlane’s childhood friend, lawyer Bradd Criley seduces her and whisks her away for a time, but in the end she returns to Cass.

All I’m saying is, look at the motherfucking breadbasket.