judgemental tony

Infinity War Predictions:

  • one of the guardians makes some kind of condescending remark re: tony’s tech vs their level of advanced alien tech
  • someone is like “okay well if you’ve known about this since 2012 why haven’t you done anything to prepare for this major threat” 
    • bonus points: an avenger is like “okay well if you’ve known about this since 2012 why haven’t you done anything to prepare for this major threat”. tony literally bursts into flames on the spot out of sheer frustration
  • absolutely nothing up to this point has been the avengers’ fault
    • it Extra Super Duper hasn’t been wanda’s fault 
    • If by some miracle it has been the avengers’ fault, someone (steve? steve) makes pointed judgemental eye-contact with tony to show that he personally blames exclusively him for this thing
  • someone rolls their eyes while tony is making a serious and valid point relating to his own traumatic experiences
    • bonus points: it’s about new york
    • extra bonus points: no one but tony seems to actually remember what happened in new york
  • someone chokes tony (because this has happened in most if not all of the other movies he has been in and is apparently mandatory at this point)
  • someone makes a comment about how tony knowingly sold weapons to terrorists because even the writers haven’t seen IM1 
  • no one puts any faith in tony’s ability to help save the world while simultaneously fully expecting him to singlehandedly fix all of their problems and also save the world while simultaneously judging him for having not yet planned out how to save the world while simultaneously not acknowledging that they have been shooting him down every time he has suggested that they plan out how to save the world while simultaneousl
Dear Anti Tony Stark Community,

yes, I am well aware that Tony Stark is fictional, as do I understand why it may be difficult to understand a character you may not be able to relate to. However, I don’t think many of you realize the message you’re sending to fellow Marvel fans, and people and general with mental illnesses. By not supporting and validating his manifestations of mental illness, you harm an already taboo and shunned community of people who’s symptoms, like Tony’s, can be destructive and scary.  I 100% empathize with Team Cap. Bucky has been through unimaginable pain and deserves to be protected and supported, as do most of the others. Bucky is seen as a martyr. His pain, his suffering, his mental illness is “pure” and “beautiful”. He is on a pedestal. His issues are handled in an idealized fashion.  As someone who is has symptoms in both categories, I’m not saying Bucky isn’t valid, he very much is, HOWEVER, don’t you dare tell me that Tony Stark is not valid in his pain as well. All of the demonized traits and actions of the man you hate so much stem directly from his own issues. From the beginning of his life, he was a victim of verbal, emotional, and (if the comics are being followed in MCU) physical.  That alone fucks shit up in a person.  Over the course of his life, he’s been taken advantage of by “friends” and romantic partners, betrayed by his only father figure (Obadiah) and best friend (Rhodey in IM2), degraded and demonized by the media and press, kidnapped by terrorists, tortured repeatedly (as a civilian, nonetheless), suffered (misplaced) guilt and over illegal weapons dealing he had no part in and dedicates his life to making right, had a near death experience with the arc reactor, experienced severe PTSD after flying a nuke into a wormhole to save the world, had his mind manipulated by Wanda to take advantage of his love for his teammates and need to protect the world, been physically and mentally abused by said teammates/friends (Natasha in IM2, after he trusts her, Thor in AoU, Team Cap in CW), found out his parents were murdered after having it kept from him by a trusted friend, left by the woman he loves, and other more minor things as well (feel free to add to that list yourself).  

Tony Stark’s mental illness is different than the rest of the MCU characters because it is not beautiful.  He is depressed, paranoid, traumatized, and isolated.  I’m not saying he is guiltless, far from it.  He made bad choices.  He has been selfish, ignorant, volatile, confrontational, defensive, and irresponsible.  But that doesn’t discount his suffering.  Drawing on my own experiences and research, he has classic PTSD and anxiety (panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, paranoia), severe symptoms of depression (isolation, self deprecation, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, guilt, hopelessness), and a possible bipolar or personality disorder (manic energy/hyperactivity, impulsiveness, restlessness, anger).  His creation of Ultron (and other post-Afghanistan behavior) was, in my opinion, the culmination of severe, UNTREATED mental illness and trauma.  There is no evidence in any canon of him receiving counseling, medication or support for his issues, nor are they treated with the consideration, care, or sympathy of the others.  Instead, he becomes the villain.  

The point I’m trying to make is that alienating and abusing those with destructive manifestations of mental illness is not only wrong, it’s harmful to the individual, as well as society.  Mental illness is not pretty or easily sympathized with.  It can be screaming and anger and pushing loved ones away.  It can be recklessness and mania and skewed judgement and ugly breakdowns.  Tony and Bucky are different, but in many ways the same.  The only reason that one is adored and the other hated, is the stigma surrounding an honest portrayal of mental illness.  When you call Tony Stark a villain, a selfish bastard and an irresponsible, egotist, all you’re doing is telling the world that you only support those with depression, PTSD, anxiety and other disorders if they fit into a glorified mold of what mental illness is.  What validates one character demonizes another.  When you say those things, you hurt people like me who love Tony because we see ourselves in him.  He’s not unattainable or better than us.  He is relatable.  He is me.  It feels amazing to see someone we admire so much in a flawed way that makes us feel valid and represented in a positive way, not as the villain, but as the hero for once.  Whether you agree with me or not is up to you, but please, PLEASE, at least think about what you’re saying next time you post.  It could be more hurtful than you know.  Remember, pain is relative, and there is no one size fits all for mental illness.  Support people in pain, even if it’s not easy.

( @itstonystarkbitch back me up, fam)

Who’s Not Worthy Now Asshat

Avengers x reader

(This story is a rewrite of the Mjonir scene in Age of Ultron)

Just some fun.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,040

In the after hours of the party at Avengers Tower, after all the guests had gone, the team all sat around the little living space drinking and laughing together.

You however had not even attended the party.

Not in the literal sense.

You’d hidden and observed from a safe distance.

It’s not like you weren’t invited. You just weren’t in the mood.

The night had been calm and happy. You’d first left your room and slinked your way to hide by the bar, watching a very cute exchange between Natasha and Bruce.

When the night wrapped up you decided to join the others in their little drunken huddle around the coffee table.

Everyone was having little conversations among themselves.

   “Ah! Lady Y/n!” Thor bellowed when you entered the room.

Less of entering the room and more like making the others aware of your presence since you’d been there most of the night.

   “What are you guys up to huh?” you smirk and jump onto the couch between Steve and the large Asgardian, who promptly wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

   “We were talking about Mjolnir,” he chuckled.

   “What about it?” You asked.

   “That it’s a trick,” Clint groaned, playing with a set of drum sticks.

   “Oh no it’s much more than that,” Thor laughed and leaned over you to pour some of his fancy alcohol for the super soldier.

   “Ah whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power,” Clint said dramatically. “Whatever man it’s a trick!”

   “Please,” Thor laughed again, gesturing to his hammer on the table. “Be my guest,”

Everyone looked at Clint now.

   “C’mon,” Tony ushered him toward the hammer.

   “Really?” Clint looked so over this whole thing. “Yeah,”

He scoffed and got up from his spot on the floor.

   “Oh this is gonna be beautiful,” Rhodey mocked.

   “Now Clint, you’ve had a tough week,” Tony began with a smirk. “We won’t hold it against you if you can’ get it up.

   “Wow,” you laughed at Tony. “Get some better material Stark,”

   “Shuddup Y/n Clint needs to focus,” Tony tossed a scrunched up napkin at you.

The others all laughed as Clint stood before Mjolnir.

   “Y’know I’ve seen this before right?” he eyed Thor who nodded with a knowing grin.

Clint grunted as he tried to lift the hammer failing miserably.

Eventually he gave up with a laugh.

   “I still don’t know how you do it,” he chuckled and backed away.

   “Smell the silent judgement?” Tony sneered.

   “Please Stark,” Clint pointed from Tony to the hammer. “By all means,”

And with that the boys all took their turns trying to lift the hammer. Tony failed and went and got one of his gauntlets.

Rhodey got one of his too and they tried working together.

   “Are you even pulling?” Rhodey shouted over the whir of the gauntlets.

   “Are you on my team?” Tony asked him and they glared at each other.

   “Just represent, pull!” they both groaned as they struggled.

Next was Banner who mad a show of yelling and screaming as he stood on the table and pulled with all his might. He bared his teeth and stepped back roaring.

If you could call it roaring. He was faking a Hulk out and no one thought it was funny.

everyone just gave him a smile that said “nice try”

Steve stood next, rolling up his sleeves.

there were a few hoots and cheers from the team as he walked over to the hammer.

   “Go ahead Steve no pressure,” Tony mumbled. “Come on Cap,”

Steve positioned his grip and pulled. I thought maybe I saw Mjolnir budge a little.

Originally posted by whateverygirllove

Thor tensing by my side told me I was not seeing things.

Steve moved the hammer.

But he couldn’t lift it.

I was watching the fear in Thor’s eyes as he watched the slight movement Steve caused. 

When Steve gave up, the fear didn’t go away completely but Thor hid it well behind his big goofy smile.

   “Nothing,” he said between relived laughs.

Everyone turned to Nat and she just laughed and shook her head.

   “Oh no no that’s not a question I need answered,” she smiled before sipping her beer.

   “All deference to the Man Who Wouldn’t Be King, but it’s rigged,” Tony stated plainly.

   “Bet your ass,” Clint chuckled as he passed Tony.

   “Steve,” Maria called, pointing at Clint “He said a bad language word,”

   “Did you tell everyone about that?” Steve glared at Tony.

Tony didn’t look away from Thor however.

   “The handle’s imprinted right?” he suggested. “Like a security code. ‘Whosoever is carrying Thor’s fingerprints’ is I think the literal translation,”

   “Yes, well that’s a very, very, interesting theory,” Thor sighed as he stood up. “I have a simpler one,”

He picked up the hammer with ease and flipped it in his hand.

   “You’re all not worthy,” he finished.

   “Oh shut up,” you laughed standing up beside him. “Put it down,”

   “What?” he laughed at you as the others stared.

   “Put it down so I can lift it,” You instructed, crossing your arms.

   “Alright,” Thor half laughed half sighed as he placed Mjolnir back on the table.

The others and laughed at your attitude towards this.

   “Yeah sure she’ll get it,” Tony said in a mocking tone. “If Cap couldn’t do it, being the most righteous member of the team, I doubt you’re worthy Y/n,”

Without even responding to Tony’s stupid comment, you reached down, took a firm hold of Mjolnir’s handle, and gracefully lifted it from the table.

   “You were saying,” You looked straight at Tony with a proud smirk. “Who’s not worthy now asshat!”

You turned and handed the hammer to a very stunned looking Thor.

   “This mean’s I rule Asgard right?” you looked up at him.

He took the hammer from you and continued to stare at you in shock.

   “Uh-uhm-well,” he stammered. “Yes, that is how it works,”

   “Cool,” was all you said before walking away and leaving the room.

Before you were completely out of earshot you did hear the team talking about it.

   “How the hell did she do that?” Clint whined.

   “She’s clearly more worthy that you,” Bruce chuckled.

   “But Steve couldn’t either!”Clint protested.

They all began speaking over each other before Natasha’s voice broke the commotion.

   “Thor are you okay?”

anonymous asked:

I love thinking about tony and his relationship with his bots. Like I always imagine they know he is their creator (dad) and see him as their #1 person. And they do learn and habe at least a basic understanding of human relationships and feelings. And they see rhodey and pepper as I dunno aunt/uncle? Do you think they would consider Peter to be more in line with them or rhodey/pepper? How do they feel about vision? Bruce? The others? Did their opinions change after CW? Is the change obvious?

Somewhere, deep within Dum-E’s and U’s programming, a small file has been created by the program itself. It is regularly updated and regarded of highest importance to their general functionality, their ability to asses situations and subsequent behaviour. It has been re-written, as to be more easily understandable to people like me who can’t code to save their lives, by the ever so helpful JARVIS, and essentially amounts to this:

// Tony Stark
{ subject identification = first;
  added subject identification = creator + commander + father}
{ subject priority = first }
{ objective in relation to first = obey orders;
  added objective in relation to first = protect first’s life + improve quality of        first’s life + ensure first’s health + encourage positive emotional reactions by  first }

// Rhodey Rhodes 
{ subject identification = second;
  added subject identification = second in command + friend + uncle}
{ subject priority = second } 
{ objective in relation to second = obey orders if orders are not in conflict with    objective in relation to first; 
 added objective in relation to second = determine degree of threat towards first  + help second improve quality of first’s  life + help second ensure first’s health  + help second encourage positive  emotional reactions by first } 

// Pepper Potts 
{ subject identification = second_02;
  added subject identification =  business associate + friend + aunt}
{ subject priority = second } 
{ objective in relation to second_02 = obey orders if orders are not in conflict      with objective in relation to first and if orders are not in conflict with objective in  relation to second; 
 added objective in relation to second_02 = determine degree of threat towards  first + help second_02 improve quality of  first’s life + help second_02 ensure  first’s health + help second_02 encourage    positive emotional reactions by  first }

// Peter Parker
{ subject identification = second_03;
 added subject identification =  business associate + employee + intern + inconclusive}
{ subject priority = undetermined }
{ objective in relation to second_03 = obey orders if orders are not in conflict      with objective in relation to first and if orders are not in conflict with objective in  relation to second and if orders are not in conflict with objective in relation to  second_02;
 added objective in relation to second_03 = determine degree of threat towards  first }
{ observation = second_03 engages with self; 
  added observation = more information on activity “catch” needed + more      information on social custom “greeting” needed + more information on social custom “small talk” needed }

In short Dum-E and U are very confused by the way Peter interacts with them (he treats them like Tony treats them, which is a first). They haven’t yet made up their minds. I also suspect Pepper is about to be demoted to fourth_03 (behind Bruce and Vision, but before Natasha, Steve, Clint and Wanda) because causing Tony to show expressions of negative emotions is a sure way to get on their shit list. Which is better than Team Cap because they have been put straight onto the Black List.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing none of them have run into the bots yet…

Tony Padilla | First time (Pt 1)

Requested by anonymous
Tony Padilla X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of smut
Word Count: 1094

Tony and I had been dating for nearly half a year now. It had been the greatest months of my life so far, but I couldn’t help but feel scared now he stayed over more often and kisses became more intimate. I was horrified with what Tony might expect from me later on in our relationship and I had no idea when he wanted to go further than just snogging. I didn’t know how to bring up the subject and I was too scared of his judgement. Not that Tony was one to judge, the completely opposite was the truth, he never judged anyone, but still I was afraid that he would be disappointed with me. ‘Something on your mind, baby?’ I snapped out of my daydream, turning my gaze to the left to face Tony. His eyes were filled with concern as they flickered from the road in front of us to me. ‘No, nothing. Just… Things.’ ‘Things?’ ‘…Things.’ He pursed his lips, turning down the volume of the radio. The only sound that remained was the calming hum of the Mustangs engine. ‘Anything you want to talk about?’ I pushed a strand of my (h/c) hair from my face and shook my head. ‘I’m fine.’ ‘You don’t seem fine. Something is bothering you. I want to help, if I can.’ ‘I don’t think you can, Tony.’ ‘May I decide that by myself, please?’ It would’ve been a rude thing to say if it weren’t for his sincere tone, he meant it. I kept my mouth shut, staring out of the window. ‘(Y/n).’ Tony sounded strict. ‘It’s nothing to worry about, T.’ He sighed, turning his car towards a random driveway to turn the car around. ‘What are you doing?’ He kicked in the accelerator, driving the wrong way from where we were going. ‘Tony?’ He was chewing on his lip, ignoring me as he increased the speed of his car. ‘Tony!’ I started to panic, what was his plan? ‘Tony!!’ He didn’t speak, drove the car over some roads I did not know. ‘Are you angry with me now?’ The car drove through a few narrow streets. I swallowed, unsettled by Tony’s dark gaze. After a while, he parked the car. We seemed to be in the middle of a forest, far from the outside world. ‘Come on.’ Tony said, getting out of the Mustang. I did as he said, stepping out of the car and stretching my limbs. ‘Why are we here?’ He reached out for my hand, nodding towards the forest. ‘Come on.’ I hook his hand, his fingers entwining with mine immediately. We walked towards a sandy path, oaks surrounding it. It was just Tony and I now, aside from the birds which were chirping happily in the treetops. ‘It smells very fresh here.’ I said, inhaling the scent of fresh leaves and spruce. ‘It does. I come here often to clear my thoughts. Being in nature gets you more oxygen in your lungs, since trees do that cool thing called photosynthesis.’ He squeezed my hand. ‘Perhaps it helps you as well, with whatever is bothering you.’ ‘Thank you, Tony. I appreciate that.’ We walked on for a good ten minutes in silence, just enjoying each others presence and the warmth of the sun. ‘Shall we sit down here?’ Tony broke the silence. He gestured towards a fallen tree log that was laying next to us. I nodded. ‘Sure thing.’ We sat down, Tony putting an arm around me. ‘If you want to talk about it, go right ahead. If you don’t, then I am completely OK with it.’ I smiled at him as his eyes shimmered in the sunrays that leaked through the leaves. ‘I can’t tell you.’ ‘That’s alright.’ ‘No, it’s not, since it is something between you and me.’ He frowned. ‘You… You are not in love with me anymore?’ I shook my head frantically. ‘That’s not it! I am madly in love with you, Tony! That’s what makes this so difficult for me.’ His hand stroked my back soothingly, playing with my (h/c) locks as I scooted closer. ‘I… We have been in a relationship for six months now.’ He nodded, smiling. ‘Indeed, babygirl. What about it?’ I swallowed, standing up, turning my back towards him. I felt his eyes bore into my neck. ‘(Y/n)?’ ‘I am afraid you will be disappointed with me, that I can’t be what you want me to be.’ He jumped up from the log, taking my hands in his. as my gaze was fixed on the ground. ‘Baby, baby don’t say that! Why would I ever be disappointed with you?! I love you!’ I closed my eyes, shaking my head. ‘I can’t tell you, because you will judge me!’ ‘What is it, (Y/n)? Tell me… I promise I won’t judge you.’ His pupils were dilated as he looked at me with concern, cupping my face in his hands. ‘I… I am so afraid that you want to go further one day in this relationship…’ ‘You mean… Sex?’ I hummed in agreement. ‘If you aren’t comfortable with it, then we won’t do it.’ he said, pecking my lips. ‘No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean… I… I’ve never…’ ‘…Had sex before?’ I nodded, not daring to look him in the eye. ‘Oh babygirl, is that just it…’ He pulled me into a hug, burying his face in my hair. I wrapped my arms around him, a bit confused. ‘You’re not… mad?’ ‘Why would I be? Oh baby, did this make you afraid? Because you really don’t have to be. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I haven’t ever had sex either.’ I blinked a few times, pulling back from the hug. ‘You, Tony Padilla, are a virgin?’ He smiled and nodded. ‘I didn’t expect that.’ ‘Why not, (Y/n)?’ ‘You’re just so handsome and sweet, you must’ve gotten all the girls drooling over you in the past…’ Tony let out a chuckle. ‘You’re my first real girlfriend ever.’ ‘You’ve never had a girlfriend before me?!’ He shook his head as I looked at him confused. ‘Why?’ ‘No one was a good match for me, but you are.’ I smiled at him, kissing his lips for a second. ‘Now, boyfriend, would you like to explore this thing called… sex together then?’ He took my hand, a large grin on his face. ‘Gladly, girlfriend.’ He started to tug at my arm and I frowned. ‘Where are you going?’ Tony cheekily winked. ‘Want to have your first time in a red Mustang?’ 

Six Degrees Of Separation

This one’s for @ishipallthings. Screw you Jen, I love you too.

- - -

i. Tony knew that anybody who knew him would probably call this amicable; at least by his standards and the circumstances considered, it should be called amicable. They’d been adults about it, shaken hands, broken teams, and found homes.

He’d asked Steve if he’d be okay. Steve had lied that he was home.

Okay, so maybe Tony wasn’t the best judge of lies, but it had sounded like a lie. His eyes had averted, his hands were clasped behind his back and his brows had been mildly furrowing, and Tony had considered himself a reasonable judge of Steve’s body language. So it had looked like a lie. But again, Tony had laughed when he had brushed aside JARVIS’ death so really, he wasn’t probably the best authority on lies at the moment. Hidden truths were lies too, and Tony had learnt that a bit harder than anybody would have liked.

Considering all of that, the break-up was quite amicable. They’d dated for three months so that could be a reason, such a short time not really having much significance. Or maybe that was just Steve. Always ready to move on.

Tony took a sip of his seltzer and eyed the lime wedge, wondering if his heart was as bitter as it. Steve’s old paint-smeared sheets were stuffed in one of his closets and Tony knew that there was a handprint in them that matched his palm.

“Sir, Captain Rogers on the line,” Friday announced over the newly installed central intercom and Tony leaned back against his swiveling chair.


“He,” there was a pause and Tony waited for Friday to finish judging him, “he simply stated that he would like to speak with you, sir.”

Tony threw back the seltzer like it was vodka and rotated his neck to work out cricks. He placed the glass beside his coffee mug and leaned forward, flicking the paused hologram back to life.

“Tell him I’ll call back, Friday,” he said and detached Wilson’s old wings framework by parts on the screen, “And book my schedule for the day.”

“As you say, sir,” the judgement was pronounced and Tony crushed an old relay of the scattered framework, throwing it into the virtual trash.

“And Friday?”


“Don’t call me, sir”

The pause was longer this time but then an Irish voice flowed back through the speakers.

“Of course, boss.”

Throwing out old habits was a new hobby. Tony rubbed at his chest, mentally cataloguing any causes for indigestion, and went to work. Fixing broken things, as usual.

ii. The news headlines were getting less creative as days passed. Tony raised an eyebrow as a more conservative looking Christine primly read out a straight headline about some Scott Lang and didn’t even make a face as it read like a school essay.

He remembered her being much more creative with her words when she was thrusting a recorder in his face outside a casino. He wondered what made her more…fake.

His phone buzzed and he glanced down from his pasta to see Pepper’s photo flash, her face younger than she looked now but more harried and naïve. She was wearing a ponytail that was more of a mess.

Her hair was always perfect now. Tony had stopped running his fingers through them during the rare moments she leaned against his shoulder. She had stopped placing blunt nailed hands on his knee. They smiled more now. He knew she practiced just as well as he did nowadays.

Happy’s lingering looks lingered more nowadays. Nobody talked about it.

On the screen, Lang rambled something about stolen tech and mid-level morality. He didn’t sound half as bad as he should have. Christine’s face looked judgemental and Tony toasted his pasta fork to Lang on the screen.

“Boss, Rhodey on call,” Friday quipped and Tony dug his fork into a heap of pasta, nodding without looking away from the screen.

“Hey,” Rhodey sounded mildly breathless and Tony smiled into his pasta, “you about done with your latest upgrades?”

“Weren’t you supposed to check yesterday?” Tony spoke through a bite, “You’re slacking there, Colonel.”

“I’m WORKING here, rookie,” Rhodey shot back, swallowing something before he continued, “C'mon, you done or not?”

“Yeah, done,” Tony leaned forward and took a sip of his water, “I’ll drop by with uogrades for the others too. In about 4 hours?”

There was a minute pause and Tony caught it because Rhodey never paused. He didn’t pause unless it was an ending, a full stop.


“Nothing,” Rhodey said and sighed before relenting, “Look, I’m gonna just say it, okay? Don’t make it weird or awkward and -”


“I don’t think anyone needs upgrades right now, Tones,” Rhodey cut to the point and Tony’s fingers tightened on the fork, just a smidge, “Listen, it’s not anything, everyone just wanted to get used to what they have right now and work with it for a while. There’s nothing else.”

“Right, yeah,” Tony has had practice with an unwavering voice and he shoves more pasta into his mouth to muffle any hitches, “That’s good, less work for me, good news. I’ll just drop by and leave your upgrade.”


“Hey, I’m busy, eating,” Tony must have ordered the spicier variety because his tongue burns and his eyes water, “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“You do that,” Rhodey sounds pointed, like Tony won’t call. Tony almost waves for Friday to cut the connection but Rhodey adds quietly, “I’ll let everyone know you’re stopping by, man.”

Tony hums and cuts the line. He doesn’t need to say anything for Rhodey to know that he can catch hints.

He doesn’t understand why being avoided is a big deal. Rejection isn’t new. He’s had exposure to it from childhood.

His tongue burns and he wonders if this was how Happy felt when he’d seen Pepper back with Tony. He watches Scott Lang smear his name and bites at his food harder.

At least someone was still bothered to talk about him.

iii. He got the report an hour back and it still hurts his head. The words are formal and dry but Tony knows how the Captain writes to avoid discussion.

He can read between the neatly typed lines.

Rhodey had been stonily silent ever since the team had come back from Lagos and he had found out about the disaster. Tony doesn’t ask him anything. He has heard enough to put together that Rhodey had recommended Vision to go along with the team. Steve had refused.

Steve had screwed up. Steve had refused to suspend Wanda or give a statement himself. Steve was going to blow up when Tony reached the Compound with his guest.

Tony rubbed at his temple and let his head fall back against the seat as Happy turned right. Happy didn’t ask him if everything was alright. During his most stressed moments Tony liked to think that it was because he was glad that Pepper had left him again. After those moments Tony would remember Happy’s near attack and curse himself some more.

He never claimed to like himself but there were days when he could break the dislike meter.

He fiddled with the sunglasses in his pocket and wondered if Steve hated himself for Lagos right now. He breathed out and let the thought die. He wasn’t Charles Spencer’s mother. He had nothing to lose, nothing to blame on Steve.

He put the tinted blue glasses on and looked out the window as they rolled into the campus, eyeing the building he had built for the team he had quit.

He wasn’t an Avenger and yet here he was, trying to champion causes for them.

Steve explodes just as he predicted, muted and righteous. Tony watches the man walk away after a phone call and wonders if the cracks in the air are as pronounced as in the team.

He doesn’t tell Steve about Wanda’s suspension and waits for the cracks to deepen as he knows they will. It is inevitable. Walls don’t survive repeated blows on cracks, no matter how necessary they are.

Steve doesn’t come back and Tony signs the Accords as Steve mourns a dead girlfriend.

And then Tony mourns his dead parents as Steve signs his own fugitive notice.

The walls crumble and a bunker collapses.

iv. Peter was loitering by the office and Tony let him stew for a whole minute before looking up.

“Your training is with Vision, if I’m not wrong,” he drawled, looking back down at the reports he was signing for SHIELD.

“Yeah, I know,” Peter cleared his throat and Tony bit back a smile, knowing the faint flush of red that would be staining the boy’s neck. Nervousness was an unbreakable trait of Spiderman, no matter how brazen his mentor had been called.

“You got something to say, Pete?” Tony frowned at the details of the new recruit program and added a comment for further discussion.

“I didn’t know it was an original,” Peter said, flustered in every syllable, “I mean, Friday did say that it was unique but I didn’t know - it wasn’t placed in your safe or wherever you should probably keep such things.”

“You mean in my room?” Tony hummed under his breath as he let the pointed silence stretch before glancing up to see Peter glaring down at his shoes.

“I’ll - I’ll get it cleaned up?” Peter said, knowing that any cleaner would only ruin the painting now. There was only so much webbing you could remove from a canvas without damaging it.

Tony opened his mouth to tell him to try it. To tell him to not take dares from Rhodey again. To not shoot webs in other rooms of the Compound.

“It’s okay,” he says instead and pauses, registers the words and confirms, “It wasn’t important anyway.”

“But it’s Cap’s -”

“It’s okay, Pete,” Tony repeats and looks calmly at the kid he had dragged into the world of Avengers. The one who had destroyed Steve’s painting of the Avengers.

Peter eyed Tony like there was a catch but then his expression cleared and he nodded.

“I’ll get back then,” he pointed to the door behind him and Tony turned his attention back to his work, waving a distracted hand at Peter.

“Yeah, yeah, go fix your things,” he said and didn’t think about any paintings for tge rest of the evening.

The dancing monkey pasted on the window beside his chair looked on as Tony fixed errors in the work he had taken up.

v. They don’t kiss but Tony doesn’t miss the way Sharon’s eyes linger on Steve’s face, how she angles towards the now scruffy Captain, the drag of her feet as she walks away from hugging him.

To Steve’s left, Sam looks a little confused but not the way a friend would at seeing a new relationship. He looks like someone who doesn’t understand why an old one isn’t continuing in full swing.

Steve’s eyes move suddenly and he’s staring at Tony, across the room and the people crammed in it. The blue eyes look tired and Tony doesn’t pull his faceplate down immediately. He remembers Pepper’s last glance before she had driven to LA. There had been no ring on her finger and a sad smile on her lips.

She had promised to keep things safe on her front. It hadn’t been a goodbye.

Tony doesn’t look away from Steve for a minute and knows that Sharon’s look hadn’t been one too. It hadn’t been a hello either though.

He nods at Steve and turns away when Strange calls for him. He hears Sharon call for Steve and focuses on Strange’s plan to kill themselves more imaginatively.

His chest doesn’t ache but his stomach does roll. He blames it on Thanos, what with the ongoing theme.

He shoots Sharon a nod before leaving but she simply stares back.

He remembers Pepper doing the same to Steve once.

They go to die and he doesn’t think of memories anymore.

vi. The worst thing about surviving an alien invasion is the paperwork. Natasha would disagree and point to the UN rebuilding efforts. Sam would mutter about alien tech. Thor would go silent and not mention lost brothers.

But Tony would call the paperwork his worst. The lists of dead, damaged, distributed things were endless and unending in depression. The names starting with A ran more than the alphabet would permit and Tony had almost torn the entire G file.

Someone knocked on the door and Tony looked up to see Steve standing with two mugs of coffee.

“Want a break?” the new Commander of the New Avengers asked, now clean shaven and unsnapped neck.

“Yeah, break sounds good,” Tony said and stretched mildly, groaning as his back popped, “Not a word.”

“Have I ever said anything?” Steve asked rhetorically and Tony rolled his eyes as he took a mug from him, “You almost done?”

“That’s a wish,” Tony scoffed and took a large sip of coffee, sighing deeply, “It’s like fuck-ups of all times are popping up now.”

“Mistakes can always be fixed,” Steve shrugged and Tony didn’t shoot him a look but he continued, “You do like fixing thing, so it should be good.”

“You can shut up now,” Tony snorted and Steve took a pointed sip of his coffee.

They hadn’t talked about anything other than fixing the world recently. Ever since Tony had raised the Infinity Gauntlet and stunned the world by not changing anything. Ever since Steve had come back from the dead. Ever since the war that had broken more than they seemed to be able to fix.

But it was calmer now. Like a storm had passed.

They had moved into Tony’s old family home for temporary use. Steve had not said anything but Tony had heard enough nagging from Clint. Steve had not mentioned anything about anything.

Tony didn’t want to say he was grateful but he probably was, more than anybody realized.

They didn’t know where they stood anymore but the bitterness had passed. The silence and the sourness and the stifling awkwardness had gone somewhere they didn’t know. Steve didn’t talk about Sharon but Tony knew that she was dating or at least sleeping with Maria Hill. Tony hadn’t told Steve about Pepper and Happy’s engagement but the press had done it well enough for him.

They didn’t talk about it. They talked more though, about everything else. About themselves. About the stress and the ugly parts of their work. The things they never spoke into pillows before.

Tony hadn’t known it could be like this. It was strangely amicable.

“You ever think we’re good at fixing because we’re better at fucking up?” he asked as he took a sip of his coffee, made exactly the way he liked.

Steve didn’t reply for a while, contently sipping his coffee. He turned and leaned over, pulling half the sheets off Tony’s pile towards himself and shot Tony a wry smile.

“I don’t know,” he said as his lips quirked, a small but real grin, “but I’m sure it’s better to have realized your fuck-ups than to ignore them forever.”

Tony narrowed his eyes in mock suspicion at Steve before rolling his eyes. Sitting on either side of a table, separate from each other, they worked together in silence.

It was either the most amicable beginning or ending, both of a familiar story.


The party was winding down, and the team are the only people left in the building. The drinks had slowed and everyone is getting tired. Clint starts asking Thor about Mjolnir, and how she works.

“It’s a trick, right?” Clint asks, spinning a drumstick between his fingers.

Thor laughs, the deep baritone rumbling through his chest as you recline against him. You’d felt exhausted up until a minute ago, but now you’re waking up again. You love it whenever the team talk about Mjolnir, as none of them know your secret…

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Nothing like Home: Chapter 7 (Steve x Reader)

Chapter 7 (Nothing Like Home)

Steve x Reader x (Angsty Steve Rogers!)

Summary: Takes place a year after The Winter Soldier, before the emergence of Ultron. Steve is struggling with the notion of not being able to find Bucky. Reader tries to get Steve out of his depression and help him find Bucky. It doesn’t go well. Events of Ultron will feature.

 A/N: Feedback is welcomed! 😊 (this chapter is a little long, had to cut it short) 

 Word Count: 2641

 Warnings: none


You sat on the edge of your bed, looking at your phone screen intently. There was a single message from an encrypted number. In Romanian it read ‘Wish you never left’. you didn’t have to think twice about who it was from, you already knew. Your heart was hammering in your chest as you looked at the message, you never expected Bucky to make any sort of contact, you gave him your number with the hopes that if he were ever in trouble he could find you or reach you. But here you sat, with a message from the Winter Soldier.

You couldn’t reply, because it was encrypted and you guessed that’s how he wanted to keep it. He knew the position he was putting you in by asking you to lie to everyone. The less contact you had with him the better.

There was a knock on the door, shaking you from your deep train of thought. “Y/N” said Steve from the other side, “Are you ready?”,

“Uh, just a moment” you call out, quickly putting your phone in the bed side draw and locking it. You smooth your dress and pull on your shoes then hurriedly opened the door.

Steve stood in the doorway looking dashing in a blue shirt and black pants, the color of his shirt brought out his already incredibly blue eyes. As much as you appreciated Steve in his Cap suit, Steve in civilian clothes still got you every time.

“Well, don’t you look dashing,” you say walking out of your room,

Steve smiled, “You don’t look so bad yourself” he said, “Buy I have to keep up with the rest of you, I am almost a hundred”

You laugh, “You don’t look a day over thirty Cap”

“Y/N, I have been meaning to ask…” before Steve could finish Bruce came walking up to them, nervously rubbing his hands together.

“Did you see how many people Tony invited?” he asked them, “It’s like half of New York is here”

You exchanged a glance with Steve, Bruce was always nervous around crowds of people, worried if anything happens and the other guy comes out it would be disastrous.

“I’m sure it will be fine Banner,” Steve said, “Let’s go in and have a good time.”

You nodded in agreement taking Bruce’s arm and linking it with yours, “Don’t worry, I’ll be your wing woman to night” you said with a wink, this made Bruce smile and the three of you walked to the living room where the party was being hosted.

The party was in full swing when you walked in, there was easily over a hundred people here. You scanned the room looking for some of your team members, Bruce still beside you. You saw Clint and Natasha laughing at the bar, Thor was entertaining some old army veterans, Tony and Rhodey were with Helen Cho deep in conversation most likely about their suits and Sam was walking up the stairs towards them.

“Hey, look at you three, you clean up good!” said Sam cheerily coming over and giving you a peck on the cheek.

After exchanging greetings with Sam, he asked to borrow Steve, as he put it they were on the hunt for some strange. You couldn’t help but pull a face at the thought of that. You and Bruce headed to the bar to get drink, Nat was behind the bar making a cosmopolitan.

“How’d a nice girl like you end up working in a dump like this?” Bruce said sweetly, taking off his glasses.

“Fella done me wrong,” Nat replied flirtatiously

“You got lousy taste in med, kid” he responded with a smile, as she placed a glass on the counter and poured him a drink. You stood there watching this unfold, wishing you had a camera to film this.

“He’s not so bad” Natasha said, “He has a temper, but deep down he is all fluff” they both pause and take a sip of their drinks,

“Fact is he is not like anybody I have ever known; all my friends are fighters and here comes this guy spends his life avoiding the fight because he knows he’ll win.”

“Sounds amazing” Bruce said shyly,

“He’s also a huge dork, chicks dig that” Nat adds for good measure,

You reach over the bar and grab a beer, the two of them still not noticing you standing there watching them.

“So what do you think? Should I fight this? Or run with it?” Natasha says, batting her eyelashes at Bruce,

“R-run with it right?” Bruce said hesitantly, “Or did he… Was he… what did he do that was wrong to you?”

“Not a damn thing, but never say never” she smirked and picked up her drink walking away.

Steve appeared at the bar a few seconds earlier, he smiled at you and you motioned for him to be quiet and listen to Nat and Bruce. You were grinning widely as you saw Steve’s expression.

“That’s nice.” Steve said to Bruce, who it seems came back down to reality and looked over the Captain confused, “What? What is?” he said,

“You and Romanoff” Steve nodded,

“No, we haven’t. that wasn’t” Bruce said quickly trying to cover his tracks,

You laughed at him, “Ah, Doctor Banner” you say placing an arm over his shoulders, “You are such a dork.”

Steve laughed, “It’s okay, no one’s breaking any bylaws. It’s just, she’s not the most open person in the world but with you she seems very relaxed.”

“Noo Natasha, she likes to flirt” Bruce said brushing it off, but his face was turning red,

You couldn’t help but laugh again, Bruce was feeling so self-conscious and you and Steve weren’t letting it go. “Why are you turning red Doctor Banner?” you probe playfully,

Steve chuckled, “I have seen her flirt, up close “he said and reached for a beer over the bar “This ain’t that”

Bruce just shook his head,

“Look, as maybe the world’s leading authority on waiting too long, Don’t.” Steve said patting Bruce on the shoulder, “You both deserve a win.”

“He has a point,” you point out then as you and Steve began to walk away you hear Bruce say,

“What do you mean up close?” Bruce calls out after the two of you.

You and Steve look at each other and laughed as you walk away.

The night wore on and the party died down, the team was now lounging around on the couches chatting casually amongst themselves. Until Clint and Thor got into the conversation about Thors hammer.

Thor walked over and placed his hammer on the coffee table, “Whom so ever, be he worthy, shall haveth the power, whatever man, it’s a trick” Said Clint sarcastically,

“It is much more than that my friend, please be my guest” Thor chuckled passing Steve a flask of whatever alcohol it contained, clearly not from this world and pointed to the hammer for Barton to pick up.

Clint stood up cockily, and walked over to the hammer with a grin on his face. “Clint, you have had a tough week we won’t hold it against you if you can’t get it up” said Tony, making everyone chuckle.

“You know I have seen this before right,” he said looking at Thor and then tried to lift the hammer, he struggled against it then stopped and tugged again, “Still don’t know how you do it”  he laughed,

“Smell the silent judgement?” Said Tony,

“Please Stark, by all means” Clint replied, gesturing him toward the hammer,

Tony stood up, opening his suit jacket button, “Never been one to shy away from on honest challenge,” he said walking over to the hammer proudly, “It’s physics, So if I lift it then I rule Asgard?”  he looked at Thor who nodded, “I will be reinstituting Prima Nocta” Tony said then pulled on the hammer with all his might. It didn’t budge, he looked around at the faces of the Avengers then said, “Be right back,” he rushed off to get the hand of his ironman suit.

Rhodey even joined in to help him try and lift the hammer not wanting to give up. “Are you even pulling?” asked Rhodey almost out of breath, Tony looked at him incredulously “Are you on my team?”  “Just represent, pull!” the Colonel replied.

Next up was Bruce, he tried to make a joke of it by pretending to turn into the hulk but you all just sat in awkward silence, looking at him.

Lastly was Steve, he got up proudly and rolled up his sleeves. “Come on Cap,” Sam said,

“He has to be worthy!” you said clapping,

Steve walked over to the hammer and placed his hands around it, his forearm muscles bulging as he did. Then he pulled, and the hammer shifted ever so slightly. You saw it and looked at Thor, your eyes met for a moment, the worry evident on Thor’s face. Steve tugged at the jammer again but this time it didn’t move, and he raised his hands in surrender,

“Nothing,” Thor laughed seeming relieved,

Bruce looked at you and Natasha,

“Oh no that’s not a question I need answered.” Natasha said shaking her head,

But you wanted to give it a try so you stood up and walked over to the hammer. “Fifty bucks says she can lift it,” said Sam,

“eighty says she won’t,” Steve replied,

“I’ll take that action,” Clint added, Bruce raised his hand too.

You looked around at the Avengers, “I’m ready to be the ruler of Asgard,” you joke and grabbed the handle and gave it a tug, it didn’t move. Not wanting to further humiliate yourself you stepped away “Guess I am not” you laughed,

“The handles imprinted!” exclaimed Tony, “Whosoever is carrying Thor’s finger print is I think the literal translation.”

Thor stood up, “Yes Uh, that’s a very interesting theory. I have a simpler one” he grabbed the hammer and lifted it with ease “You’re all not worthy”.

There were boos and groans as Thor said that, then suddenly there was a loud piercing sound that echoes through the tower and everyone paused looking around at what just happened.

A figure walked into the room one of the iron legion, broken and falling apart, they all turned to it.

“No…How could you be worthy? You’re all killers.” Said the raspy mechanical voice.

“Startk” Steve said,

“Jarvis,” Tony pulled out his phone,

“I am sorry” the machine said, “I was asleep, or a-dream.”

“Reboot legionnaire OS. We have a buggy suit” tony said quietly to the U.I.

“There was a terribe noise and I was tangled in strings. I had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy” the voice rasped,

You moved slowly towards Steve, who put his hand out in front of you protectively. “You killed someone?” he asked the rogue Iron legion robot.

“Wouldn’t have been my first call, but down in the real world, we are faced with ugly choices” it replied,

“Who sent you?” asked Thor,

The robot played back a voice clip, it was Tony’s. “I see a suit of armor around the world”

Bruce looked over at Tony shocked. “Ultron!” he said.

“In the flesh. Well no not yet, not this chrysalis. But I am ready I am on mission” it said,

“What mission?” Natasha asked,

“Peace of our time” Ultron replied and then suddenly two of the iron legion came exploding through the walls, ready to attack the team. Steve shoves you out of the way as he kicks one of the tables up to use as a shield before getting knocked down by the robot.

More of the iron legion swarmed in, attacked all of you relentlessly. In all the pandemonium Steve came toward you and grabbed your arm almost dragging you away from the conflict. “Go with Natasha and get Bruce out of here!” he exclaimed, pushing you towards the safety of the bar as one of the iron legion fired a shot towards you.

You nodded and ran to the bar, jumping over it agilely and landing next to Natasha and Bruce, “Don’t turn green!” you hear her tell him, “I won’t” was his reply before you both grabbed a gun from beneath the bar and started running to the stairs.

Steve smashed the last iron legion with his shield. And Ultron turned around “That was dramatic.” He said “I’m sorry I know you mean well, you just didn’t think it through. You want to protect the world but you don’t want it to change. How is humanity saved, if its not allowed to evolve? With these?” Ultron picked up the head of one of the now dead iron legion and crushed it “These puppets. There is only one path to peace.” Ultron paused.

“The Avengers extinction.” And then suddenly Thor threw his hammer at the robot and smashed it to pieces.

(A couple of hours later)

You lay awake in your bed, after the events of that evening there was no sleep happening for anyone. Bruce and Tony had been arguing for over an hour before you walked away and decided you need some quiet. The whole team was fighting. The arguments went back and forth between the team and no one was listening to anyone’s opinions at that point.

As much as you knew the team was right about Tony experimenting with the scepter, you understood why he did what he did. It had always been on Tony’s shoulders, the burden that the Chitauri had brought and you could see it.

You close your eyes, trying to shut out the noise in the tower. You could still hear Thor and Tony arguing down the hall, and you assumed the others were all there voicing their opinions as well. A day that was supposed to be about celebration had turned so sour in a matter of minutes.

There was a knock on your door, you sat up in the darkness of you room and looked at the clock beside you. It was well past midnight, “Come in,” you called, half expecting it to be Natasha but to your surprise it was Steve.

“Hey, oh, sorry I didn’t know you were asleep” he said, pausing in the doorway.

“No, it’s okay, I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to” you replied turning on the side lap, “What’s wrong?”

“Can I sit?” he asks, gesturing at the bed.

You nod and move up so Steve could join you. He seemed so calm in the face of this situation, sometimes you wondered how he did it.

“How are things out there?” you ask him

Steve sighed, “Not great, we are going to regroup in the morning figure out a plan of attack then. I think everyone is a little exhausted and its hindering their thinking.”

You looked at him, in the pale glow of your side light Steve looked so incredibly handsome. He had dirt smudges on his face and shards of something in his hair from fighting the legionnaire, you absentmindedly reached up and brushed the dirt from his hair, your hand trailing down to the smudge on his jawline. Your hand lingered a little longer than it should have on his face and your eyes met, Steve was about to say something but then he stopped himself and just leaned in closer till your faces were inches away from each other.

Your heart was racing, you were pretty sure he could hear it at this point, it was so loud. What the hell is happening you thought, your hand dropped down into his muscular chest, you could feel his hammering heartbeat beneath his ribcage and then in a moment that felt like an eternity, Steve leaned in closer and softly placed his lips onto yours.

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someone help me and my dumb ass out. i’m rewatching age of ultron and i don’t understand why tony allegedly used to say “keep your friends rich and your enemies rich, and wait to find out which is which” to ulysses, cause that is suggesting that tony was dealing under the table (like, dude, nooo?? Iron Man 1??? that was Bald Eagle™, remember?? the dude who also tried to have tony killed like three fucking times???) and literally in the scene right before this, tony caught Stephanie The Judgemental Grandma’s™ Judgemental Look when tony claimed to know who ulysses was and he had to instantly defend himself with “there are conventions, you meet people. i never sold him anything” like, the fuck??? i love the movie, but joss whedon ya fucked up. what even is that Fake™ juxtaposition between these two scenes?? 

So no one wants to mention how both Tony and Natasha view situations as matters of grey instead of black and white? Or how they struggle with trust but they’re learning how to be a friend and to accept friends? How about the time they both gave Congress similar speeches and told the government to kiss their asses, but signed the Accords partially because they have guilt issues and are trying to make amends?

How about both of them having lost their lovers, and last heard, were searching to get them back? How about them fighting to keep the Avengers together because that’s all they have, and how they lost, or almost lost, everyone close to them by the end of Civil War? How about the time they chose to go against the government when they realized they’ve made a wrong judgement? 

How about Tony getting upset that Natasha let Steve go, but then warns her that they’re coming for her and lets her go? Nobody wants to talk about how both of them let someone they care about escape while wanted by the government?

Why Does Love Always Feel Like A Battlefield?

Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this, I hope I did your idea justice and I really hope you enjoy! And thank you to my brother for helping me when I was genuinely stuck on where to go!

If you, like the lovely anon above would like to request a fic, requests are OPEN so please do not be shy!

Title comes from this song- Battlefield-Jordin Sparks -as there were some lyrics that I felt definitely suited this story. Mainly the lines:

- ‘I’m out here without a shield, can’t go back, now’ -Geddit? Shield?

- ‘I never meant to start a war/You know, I never wanna hurt you.’

- ‘I never meant to start a war/Don’t even know what we’re fighting for.’

Request: Please can you write a fanfic based on Civil War? So here is the idea. Reader and Steve are best friends and she dates w/ Tony and she picks his side but also she knows Bucky killed his family but didn’t tell Tony, when Tony finds out they get into a big fight and he fires her from the tower. End is up to you write whatever you want :D

Warnings: Angst between Reader and Tony, they kind of verbally kick each other’s butts here. Potential fluff at the end I don’t know, you’ll have to find out! *insert evil laugh here*

Words: 1,502

When Tony stumbled through the entry of the kitchen you were immediately sweeping him into your arms, tears of relief threatening to spill from your eyes. You were whispering “thank God, oh thank God,” as you held him to you.

When you pulled away to examine his battered face, he was staring back at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite make out.

“Did you know?” he asked, voice emotionless and his eyes were expressionless and dead.

You felt your heart begin to hammer as your throat went dry. Tony removed your hands from his body and repeated, enunciating clearly as though you were stupid.

“Did you know about my parents y/n?”

You swallowed hard, heart dropping into your stomach as you nodded slowly.

The look of shock and hurt that crossed Tony’s face was nothing to the betrayal laced in the tone of his voice.

“And you didn’t think to tell me? You of all people y/n.”

You felt so ashamed of yourself in that moment and a single tear of shame slipped down your cheek before you rubbed it away furiously.

“I was afraid to tell you,” you admitted honestly, voice tiny. “I thought if I told you, you would kill Bucky.”

“Well there’s a novel idea y/n,” he mocked “Who would figure I might have wanted to kill the man who killed my parents.”

“But it wasn’t him,” you pleaded and Tony whirled on you shouting “Don’t!”

When you backed away slightly frightened, he flinched a little but continued “I saw it with my own eyes, it was him.”

You remained silent, staring at your feet before he lowered his tone approaching you slowly, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I was so afraid Tony. I was still hoping you and Steve could work this out. But I knew once you knew about Bucky it could only end with you killing him, or getting yourself killed in the process. Isn’t that why we’re in this mess in the first place, because of people getting killed?”

“I’m sorry, and correct me if I’m wrong, but are we not Avengers, is not our job to ‘avenge’ when innocent people have been hurt, like my parents?”

“There is a difference between avenging and revenge Tony.”

“Oh, is it revenge now to want to want to apprehend those who commit crime, or murder?”

“Absolutely not, if they are responsible for those crimes, but you and I both know Bucky is not responsible for the Winter Soldier’s actions. Just like Clint wasn’t responsible for Loki’s and Bruce isn’t for the Hulk’s.”

“That’s different and you know it!”

“Why? Because they didn’t kill people you were related to? Look, I understand that they were your parents, but you’re letting your personal feelings cloud your rational judgement here.”

Tony huffed incredulously “And your best friend isn’t?”

“Whatever stupid things Steve has done trying to protect Bucky at least he can see that Bucky is an innocent victim in all of this too,” Tony looked like he was about to argue but you cut him off, “Look this all boils down to you and Steve, and we all had to choose a side, even if we didn’t want to, and I was afraid telling you would ruin any chances of ending this peacefully because deep down I knew this is how you would react to finding out!”

“I’m sorry you’ve been so inconvenienced,” he mocked “But then again, how do we know which side you were really on, I mean that’s your thing isn’t it double agenting and switching sides? I mean you did leave with Steve, your ‘best friend.’ Suspicious how you returned here with his secrets and kept them from me, your ‘boyfriend’.”

Tears were now flowing freely down your face. A throwback to your days of being a Hydra agent was the cruellest thing Tony could have thrown at you and he knew it, and to make it worse you knew he was only doing it because he knew you were right, he had no more logical arguments to use against what you were saying, so he turned to trying to hurt you instead.

“Maybe deep down I knew you would react like this. I mean you basically dragged us into a war because you couldn’t deal with your own guilt over what happened in Sokovia. It wasn’t all of us that needed to sign those accords, you directed all the regulations you felt you needed yourself towards us, but we didn’t create Ultron Tony. You did, and no amount of punishing Steve, or Bucky, or me will change that. You let your guilt cloud your judgement and Steve let his need to protect Bucky cloud his. But did either of you stop to consider the rest of us for a moment? Neither you, or Steve, could see just what you were doing to the rest of us. You separated Wanda from Vision, you split Nat and Clint, who, might I add is now a fugitive while Laura and the kids are without him, and my best friend and boyfriend, the two people I love the most in the world made me choose between them and basically tried to kill each other, all because both of them were too damn stubborn to recognise what they were doing.”

Tony turned away from you and folded his arms across his chest.

“You should go. Pack your things and leave, you’re just as bad as them in my eyes and I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again.”

“Tony!” you cried.

“Get out y/n!” he shouted spinning to face you, “We’re over, and you’re no longer a member of this team. You’re not welcome here and I don’t want to see you again.”

You both stood glaring at each other for an eternity before you broke the silence, “Tony you don’t mean this, I know you’re angry and I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear it! I just want you to leave. Now.”

You climbed the steps to your apartment building, your arms loaded with groceries and smiled thankfully when your neighbour held the door to the lobby open for you to pass through, but you could have cried when the sign saying out of order remained pinned to the elevator door and you began the seven flight climb to your apartment.

As soon as you reached your door, you had to juggle your groceries with fumbling for your key and once you finally located it you wrestled your way indoors. You sighed leaning with your back against the door, eyes closed, mustering up the strength to walk into your empty apartment, where you would start to make dinner alone for one.

Walking you into your living room you must almost jumped out of your skin to find the two figures of Steve and Bucky sat on your sofa and Tony stood with his back to you staring out your window at the New York skyline in front of him.

“How did you get in here?” you asked unsure and Tony turned to face you with a look that resembled a “Bitch please,” look.

Originally posted by 32-aprilie

“Ok, let me rephrase, why are you here?”

“And over to you Cap,” Tony directed your attention to Steve and took the groceries out of your arms, carrying them into the kitchen, returning with a nervous smile.

“Well,” Steve began, scratching the back of his neck, a long pause following as he tried to figure out what to say.

“Both of them are idiots who want to apologise for the way they’ve treated you. This one should never have made you choose between him or Tony,” Bucky interrupted, pointing towards Steve “and this one,” he continued, pointing at Tony “should never have pushed you away and taken it out on you because he was hurting, and I’m sorry that I seem to be inadvertently behind it all. Does that cover everything?” he sassed looking between Steve and Tony like they were bumbling idiots.

Both of whom were mumbling along the lines of “yep pretty much,” “yep think so,” and “that’ll do.”

You huffed a laugh and Bucky smirked at your reaction, clearly pleased with himself.

“I love you,” you told Tony honestly, “and I love you,” you told Steve, “so please never put me in a position like that again or I’ll bang your two heads together.”

“We won’t!” they promised in unison and Steve rose up to give you a hug, but Tony darted in front of him, knocking him out of the way “nu-uh, she’s my girlfriend, I get the first hug thank you very much.”

Steve’s laugh rang out through your apartment as Tony pulled you into a hug, “I’m sorry baby,” he told you honestly and you laughed “can I get that in writing.”

“And you ruined it! Alright capsicle you can have her now,” he joked but looked at you so fondly you heart skipped a few beats, before Steve was pulling you into a bear hug.

Avengers AOU (part 2/7)

A/N: Another chapter up yay!! I actually wrote part 1 and 2 beforehand, I have not started on part 3 so there’s that. Sigh. Oh well, I really enjoy writing this so it’s okay. I hope you guys like it as well, I placed the link for the first part below so you can check it out😊 Y’all can also leave your suggestions on what you want to see next!! Anyways, enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,344

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five//Part six//Part seven

“Are you sure he’s gonna be okay?” Nat asked Dr Cho as she looked at his wound.

You glanced down at Clint before looking at both Helen and Nat, smiling slightly. “Pretending to need this guy really brings the team together.”

“There’s no possibility of deterioration. The nano-molecular functionality is instantaneous. His cells don’t know they’re bonding with simulacra,” Helen replied Nat’s question, tapping a few buttons on the machine.

“She’s creating tissue,” Bruce explained.

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Lego House || Sam & Tony

In all honesty, Tony had no idea what had possessed him to say yes to playing with legos with Sam. He hadn’t touched the things in years, and he didn’t really have any nostalgic attachment to them. Yet, the way Sam had asked… no, the look Sam had on his face when he asked made it hard to say anything but yes. Although, now that Tony was thinking about it, that had just been Sam’s normal face. His stupid normal face that Tony would never admit he had missed while he was at that car convention. So that’s why, against his better judgement, Tony had sat down on the floor of the living room, their living room, still in his pajamas, and stared at the box of legos with a giant red car on the front. He turned away to look at Sam and said  “Well, it’s your toy. Why don’t you do the honors and open it up so we can find the directions?“


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But also Like Imagine Persephone Tony and son to Demeter Steve and Tony while mad for flowers growing bored of being seen as lesser to Steve. And then he finds Bucky and oh the god of the underworld is compelling and quiet, but firey ad sassy when provoked. Tony wants to spend all his time here and so he eats the Blueberries of the underworld and spits half out do guilt of Steves judgemental gaze. And Tony FEARED Queen of the World is just as amazing as Hades Tony okay.

Being the child of two big gods? Sucks, a lot. His “sire” was too busy fucking everything that picked his hyperactive fancy and his father carried him along throughout the Harvest and the many festivals in his name. Tony was…bored, he was bored, bored, fucking absolutely bored and done with frolicking and dancing in fields. Tony, eternally seen as just the progeny of him and Steve. Sucked!

Then, there’s a path of clarity and a half cocked plan, Pepper and Rhodey would disapprove but they knew of Tony’s willfulness, they saw him and in the end that’s all he could ask for. Tony sees the god; the quiet, broody Lord of the Underworld about to leave the above and just like that his decision is made. Tony jumps on the moving chariot, surprising Bucky, and just a tad too late to do anything but take Tony down with him.

Bucky lets go of him once they have crossed the Styx, growling “Follow me.” Before moving through the endless halls.

Tony feels only a little bad for forcing himself on the god, but at least he wasn’t kicked back out after their arrival. Bucky points at things as they go along: “Don’t eat” or “Don’t touch” and “Don’t even think about dipping a toe in there.” Tony looks at everything, at the flowers and fruits and the massive 3 headed dog taking a nap in the middle of one of the hallways. “Dum Dum, Gabe, Falsworth. Move fellas.” 

Tony notices how they lazily open one eye and glower a bit as they scoot to the side. “This are your quarters, Peggy will fetch you for supper.”

Just like that, Tony is by himself in the realm of the Dead. He can’t help but smile.

He starts poking and prodding Bucky, who to the amusement of Peggy and the furies gave him the task of carrying the curses of the Living upon the souls of the Dead, since “They’re running behind  and you insist in wanting to earn your food and lodge, whatever that means.” 

“It means that I don’t wanna be your kept god, just something pretty to look at, honeysuckle.”

Tony finds that he has a knack for it, Bucky hides his satisfaction behind his luscious locks. The first buds of belladonna sprout after Tony witnesses Bucky’s fiery disposition at news from the above. 

“I guess if Howard stopped thinking with his dick for a minute, half the issues wouldn’t be so.” He spits, sprawled on his throne as Peggy relays the list of complains. Bucky deadpans, “That’s on Natasha, she keeps fucking Bruce inside the volcano.”

After that first taste, Tony wants more, so he steals the god from his throne just to go for walks, weaves him flower wreaths and makes him wear them; the kicker? Bucky does, always with a small smile on his face. Everything was going swimmingly until Rumlow happened.

A rogue soul trying to escape his punishment by trying to derogate a god, with a list of curses the length of Tony’s arm and all around bastard. Tony had arrived in a flurry after Dottie screamed about her “Master” and “danger” her claws at ready to render anyone who stood in her way to pieces. Bucky, dressed in his black chiton and nothing else, as he grappled with Rumlow at the edge of the Lethe. “Look at you, my King.” Taunted Rumlow, “Desperate to find Steve and Howard’s little bastard. Brought to your knees by a powerless god.”

“Bucky!” Tony panted, struck by terror as he noticed a shard of his sire’s bolt in Rumlow’s hand. “Watch out!”

The King stumbled and almost took a dip in the river of forgetfulness for his slight, only the bottom of his chiton getting wet at last moment when he turned, falling onto one knee and kicking out his other leg, striking Rumlow and making the soul lose the shard.

Before Bucky could do much else, or the furies could close in on the dead man, Tony strode over and stepped on his chest. Rumlow’s eyes full of hatred and contempt. “You think I’m the only soul here that’s willing use you to get him?”

Tony smile was sharp as Natasha’s sword. He had seen them all hiding in the shadows, waiting for their moment. Titans have tried and failed miserably before them, what makes them think…

“No, but I’ll make an example out of you.” Tony whistled and threw Rumlow at Dum Dum’s head. “Don’t chew him up, I’ve got plans for him.”

Tony without an ounce of hesitation, grabbed the dead warrior’s robes and said, “I really, really hate when other’s touch what’s mine. And Bucky. Is. Mine.” Afterwards, he cheerily waved at a screaming Rumlow from the shore of the river of pain.

No god, goddess or mortal had elicit such kind of vicious reaction from Tony before, not even Pepper and Rhodey. The young god strides into Bucky’s chambers and finds him undoing his robes. “Bucky…do you-”

“Are you alright, Tony?” 

“Oh sweet nectar!” Tony sighs as he moves towards Bucky, touching the naked chest like a worshiper and feeling the ripple of a shiver under his fingertips. Tony raised his gaze to find Bucky looking at him with the same enrapture. “Bucky?”

“That was very foolish thing you did, Tony.” Bucky whispers, as his fingers curve around Tony’s nape.

“What, drag Rumlow to the Acheron?” Tony asks, hands up Bucky’s shoulder and around his waist. “I couldn’t let him escape punishment, that’s my designated area.”

The rumbling of Bucky’s chuckle makes Tony’s body heat up. “Hijacking my chariot, coming home with me, seeing me.”

Tony’s smile is equal parts impish and shy. “Just like you see me. You see me, right, Bucky?”

When Bucky kisses him, Tony feels aflame, as if he’d gotten too close to Sam but it doesn’t hurt at all and his skin is buzzing. Tony pulls at Bucky’s chiton until it finally falls away, leaving Bucky completely naked for Tony to see. He moans in appreciation at the sight; no words could describe the King of the Dead, no words could do him justice.

“Like what you see, godling?” Bucky voice nothing but smooth heady murmur that echoed through Tony. 

Instead of wasting words, Tony used his mouth to paint Bucky with marks and kisses, to moan and grunt as they devoured each other in the best possible way. 

Much later as they laid sated, Tony weaved buds of the flowers that sprouted from their union into Bucky’s hair. “What would the damned say about their Lord wearing flowers in his hair?”

“Maybe their Lord should remind the damned who weaved the flowers into his locks.” Bucky’s answer was to laugh against Tony’s shoulder.

He proudly wore his hair full of forget-me-nots from then on. The Underworld’s oppressive atmosphere seem to weigh less in Tony’s company; his “Queen” was ruthless in the best way, dragging from the shadowed corners those who’d conspired to overthrow his ruling and delivering swift, just and merciless punishment, and pulling him away from his work when Bucky became consumed by it. 

Tony was sitting in Bucky’s lap, sharing ambrosia and kisses with his husband when Steve stormed into the throne room. They have talked about this just once before, about the inevitability of Tony’s return to the above: “Do you want me to leave?!” - “Tony, I know your father. He must be tearing the above looking for you.”- “That is not an answer to my question; Do you want me to return above?”- “No! Tony, I don’t want you to leave. Ever.”- “That’s settled then.”

The fierce anger in Steve’s body was warring with relief and something akin to disapproval. “Bucky.”


Tony sighed and stood, facing his father, every bit of Ruler, husband and god into his posture. “Father.”

“How could you be this irresponsible, Bucky? Bringing my child to consort with the dead.” Steve’s voice is like a slap to the face, the disappointment booms. “Do you get how worried I was when couldn’t find him? When my summons went unanswered, do you?!”

“It’ll be best if we have a calm talk…” 

“We won’t talk about anything!” Steve shouts, which makes Tony grind his teeth. “Tony and I will return above and the order of things will be restored.”

“Why? Because you say so or because he does?” Tony’s voice is colder than the Underworld’s temp, but Bucky sees him: the slight tremble of vulnerability on the tip of his fingers. “Because you want your powerless godling with you or because he is trying to pull my strings? Why, father?!”

Steve’s momentary silence is taken in the worse way possible, Tony quick as a heartbeat grabs a fistful of blueberries, eyes incandescent as he puts them in his mouth and starts to swallow.

“Mortals are dying!” Steve reacts, and moves forward, trying to stop his son from becoming a permanent tenant among the dead. “You were gone and I couldn’t find you…the cold had frozen the crops and the world above is dying.”

Bucky loves Steve, they used to be close as brothers before Bucky had become a King below and Steve’s life above got too busy to catch up. The thing is, Bucky knows what Steve is not saying: “You are throwing a tantrum and neglecting your duties. That’s what’s happening, Stevie!”

Tony eats a few more berries and there’s a part of Bucky wants him to stop chaining himself to this place. “He was gone! My child, gone from my side like never before. I’ve scouted the Earth, going as far as the edges of the North.”

“Nothing new is blossoming, nothing is sprouting from the ground or the trees. The beasts have gone to sleep and the mortals are dying be it from starvation or this manifestation of my grief.”

There’s a mouthful left and Tony looks ill at the sadness in his father’s voice, sick at the prospect of being guilty of his father’s pain. “Then I hear whispers of the Lord of the Underworld wearing flowers in his hair and his savage “Queen” that agreed to let a crafty mortal take his lover back to the above. I know my son’s work when I see it.” His father looked worse than Bucky did when he first arrived and the god was nothing but a brooding work automaton. “Tony…”

Tony’s shoulders slump slightly and spits the quite delicious berries. This was the parent he did love, and apparently his powers laid in the fruits and flowers of the above, who knew? His husband, his beautiful love, looked defeated but resigned and that wouldn’t do at all. Walking into Bucky’s space, Tony pulled the locks gently and weaved him a lovely crown of forget-me-nots while peppering his face with kisses.

“I’ll come back.” Tony promised, voice thick with emotion. “I’ll always come back home to you.” 

Bucky just nodded, laying a kiss on his hair, down his forehead to the tip of his nose and lastly his lips. “I’ll be waiting. We will miss you.”

“And I, you.” He confessed, the words etched into Bucky’s mouth like a prayer for only them. 

They turned to find Steve trying his best to give them some privacy, his ears were flushed but Steve was the god of Harvest and Fertility so he wasn’t easily–Bucky’s eyes cut to where Steve gaze wanders every few moments, where Peggy is sitting sifting through her list…Oh. Oh!

He nudges Tony to look at them and going by the smile on his husband’s face, Bucky bets the Underworld is about the get another unlikely pair. He can’t wait!

Anamnesis: Part One

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Author’s Note: This is the beginning of a series I am creating. I wanted to do this before CACW came out, but time flew by and here we are. I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know if I should continue this, because I have other ideas for different series. Also, I cannot write battle scenes for the life of me, so I collaborated with the lovely @meganlpie​. She wrote the whole beginning, and she is just pure perfection. Go check her blog out, because this wouldn’t be possible without her.

Summary: Based on this.

Words: 1513

Pairings: Avengers x Reader

Your (e/c) eyes scanned the base for any sign of your targets. Your mission? To eradicate the Avengers, one Captain America in particular. Your superiors expected you to succeed where your predecessor had failed. In your earpiece, you heard an agent call in a sighting. The Avengers were coming. You readjusted the mask that covered the lower half of your face and placed your thick black glasses over your eyes before readying your weapon.

Your instructions were simple. Take out as many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as you could with your rifle then take out the Avengers up close and personal. As soon as you saw the first agents running up the hill, you took your shot. You didn’t have to look to know the agent was dead. You never missed your target. You fired shot after shot and the agents kept coming. Your colleagues continued to fire as you ran out of ammunition.

You threw your rifle to the side before grabbing your handguns and launching yourself from the window. The snow on the ground was stained red with the blood of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA agents. You pulled the triggers again and again until your intended targets came into view. As your guns ran out of bullets, you threw them into the crimson snow and reached for your next weapon. Your knife. Up close, personal.

The first Avenger you got close to was Romanoff. She had apparently used all her ammo as well since she immediately went for your legs. You jumped over her kick and jabbed at her with your knife hand. From the corner of your eye, you saw her leg coming toward your stomach. You caught her leg just before she made contact and stabbed her thigh with your knife, causing the redhead to curse in pain. You used the hilt of the knife to knock her out and moved on to your next target.

You heard his arrow coming before you saw it and moved out of the way. You threw your knife at the man and got him in the arm, but before you could make your way over to finish the job, you were tackled to the ground by none other than Captain America himself. Your glasses fell from your face and you glared at the super soldier.

“Stay down, kid,” he threatened, tightening his grip on your wrists. You swept his feet out from under him before getting up and reaching for your other knife in your boot. He blocked your first blow with his shield but left himself opened for you to get close enough to wrap your arms around his throat. He tried to throw you off, but you held fast. That is until you were suddenly pulled off him, and you were flying in the sky.

You looked up and saw that you were being held up by Iron Man. He was flying a good twenty feet above the ground toward the base. You quickly used the taser that you had hidden in your glove to stun the hero, causing him to drop you to the ground. You landed right in front of the base and thought you were lucky, but in this case, what you didn’t know did hurt you.

You felt yourself suddenly blasted backward as the base exploded. The shock from the blast sent you hurdling toward Captain America. Your body hit the vibranium at full force, with your head hitting first. The last thing you saw before you lost consciousness was the blurred face of the Captain standing over you.

Steve looked up from your body to see the HYDRA base now in flames. He was so close that he felt the heat surrounding him like a blanket. He weighed his options on what to do with you. His mission was never to kill. He only did so when necessary. He could either leave you or bring you to the Avengers Tower for questioning, which wasn’t always the best option with the type of torture methods the government holds.

A sudden explosion from inside the building reminded Steve that more likely HYDRA would think that their asset was dead, so if he left you, it would be more like leaving you there to die. Steve looked down at you again, this time with detailed observation. This was the first time that he got to see you without your mask. There was no SHIELD record of you, but the Avengers have encountered you before in earlier missions.

Steve noticed you were just a young adult. Your face was relaxed, not holding the usual tense features that clouded your face. Like he said earlier, you were just a kid. More likely, you didn’t know anything but HYDRA. With that in mind, he placed his shield on his back before picking you up bridal style and walking back to the quinjet.

The quinjet was a mile away from the HYDRA base for protocol reasons, which gave Steve to really think if he was making the best decision. As time passed, he was coming up with the conclusion that bringing you to SHIELD would be the best option for you right now.

Steve walked onto the quinjet to see Clint stitching Natasha’s leg up. Clint already had his stab wound wrapped, his blood staining the white clothing. Tony was observing his helmet, rubbing the newfound dent on it. All eyes were on him as Steve entered the room with you in his arms.

“Whatcha you got there Steve?” Clint wondered with questioning eyes, before returning to his task at hand.

“Is that the asset?” Natasha asked before Steve could answer.

Steve nodded. He said, “The explosion knocked her off of her feet, and she hit her head on my shield.”

“And you decided to bring the assassin who’s been trying to kill us for the past few months just because?” Clint remarked, finishing off Natasha’s leg.

Steve gave Clint a look before setting you down on one of the gurneys. He should be the one to talk. Clint was the one who brought in not just one Russian assassin but two HYDRA mutants as well. Steve informed, “Is was that or leave her out there to die.” Steve handcuffed you to the gurney, not knowing when you would come to it.

“She won’t be that helpful when we put her in questioning. She’s been in HYDRA her whole life, so she’s been trained,” Natasha said, jumping down from her seat to observe you herself.

“I trust your guys’ judgement by now,” Tony stated with a dismissive wave of a hand. “Twenty minutes ‘til we land.”

Once the quinjet landed, you and the other four Avengers walked to the medical bay, part of mission protocol. Once Natasha, Clint, Steve, and Tony were all cleared, they joined you in your medical room.

The doctors already had you hooked up to a IV, and you were left in a black tank top and leggings, which was supposedly under your tactical gear. You laid underneath the hospital bed covers. You looked so innocent and young, not the assassin who managed to take down four Avengers. Surprisingly, you weren’t handcuffed or restricted.

“FRIDAY, give me the diagnostics,” Tony commanded, walking over to your side to read the clipboard left on the table.

FRIDAY explained, “The head trauma knocked her out. She won’t be up for next 24 hours at the least. That and the anesthesia should help.”

“That explains the lack of security on her,” Natasha added.

“No major injuries on her. She’s pretty lucky with how hard she hit Cap’s shield. There is a chance of amnesia, but we won’t know for sure until she wakes up,” Tony informed, reading off the clipboard.

“What are we going to do with her? The classic bring-an-assassin-off-the-streets protocol?” Clint joked, tightening his bandage on his arm.

“We have been doing that a lot lately,” Tony added, placing the clipboard down.

“I don’t know,” Steve said with a sigh. “The girl was born and raised in the hands of HYDRA. She doesn’t know any better.”

“Let’s just hope we don’t make the wrong choice,” Tony stated. “because-”

Tony stopped short when you started shuffling. They watched in silence as you rolled to your side, not expecting you to wake up yet. You tried to hug your pillow when your IV caught you. They watched you slowly open your eyes, fully alert if you decide to attack.

When your eyes landed on them, they tensed. But their stature abruptly changed when they realized how lost you looked. You looked like a scared animal. You sat up from your bed and asked, “Where am I?”

They drew a blank for this was the first time they heard you speak. Your voice was so gentle, so pure. Not at all what they expected from you, and you had amnesia. This was going to be interesting.

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Olllld but it shows up when I forget to add the # in the search. Note to others and self, just searching "anti tony stark" does not filter enough, remember the # lol. bitterfriends(.)tumblr(.)com/post/160564325599/one-piece-of-harry-thealextheshipper


wow, with the usernames in the url i was surprised at how little character bashing, disguised as ridiculously bad character interpretation, there was

tho this made me lol

“I would just like to add that the God-Complex thing is hilarious to me. The superhero genre in general was basically created as a way for readers to self-insert into the heroes and feel powerful and righteous. But seriously no one could do that with Tony Stark MCU. Along with being blamed for everything under the sun he is self-loathing and constantly questions his judgement. Tony Stark established himself as one of the most relatable heroes with demon in a bottle and the MCU did a great job making him have very human reactions. Honestly I think the guy who believes his opinion is superior to 117 countries has more of a God-complex…”

tony is blamed for everything under the sun,,, and has self-esteem issues so he can’t have a god complex or be a narcissist, btw steve thinks his opinion is superior to 117 countries,,,, just bein honest

the last post just being someone saying “honestly and steve surprisingly enough is more of a narcissist” is so funny to me because you just. you know they were just regurgitating things they’d seen other tony stans say that they decided to believe despite everything shown in canon lol

something about the ‘surprisingly enough’ thing just cracks me up, like they’re saying some ~shocking but true~ thing