judgemental tony

Infinity War Predictions:

  • one of the guardians makes some kind of condescending remark re: tony’s tech vs their level of advanced alien tech
  • someone is like “okay well if you’ve known about this since 2012 why haven’t you done anything to prepare for this major threat” 
    • bonus points: an avenger is like “okay well if you’ve known about this since 2012 why haven’t you done anything to prepare for this major threat”. tony literally bursts into flames on the spot out of sheer frustration
  • absolutely nothing up to this point has been the avengers’ fault
    • it Extra Super Duper hasn’t been wanda’s fault 
    • If by some miracle it has been the avengers’ fault, someone (steve? steve) makes pointed judgemental eye-contact with tony to show that he personally blames exclusively him for this thing
  • someone rolls their eyes while tony is making a serious and valid point relating to his own traumatic experiences
    • bonus points: it’s about new york
    • extra bonus points: no one but tony seems to actually remember what happened in new york
  • someone chokes tony (because this has happened in most if not all of the other movies he has been in and is apparently mandatory at this point)
  • someone makes a comment about how tony knowingly sold weapons to terrorists because even the writers haven’t seen IM1 
  • no one puts any faith in tony’s ability to help save the world while simultaneously fully expecting him to singlehandedly fix all of their problems and also save the world while simultaneously judging him for having not yet planned out how to save the world while simultaneously not acknowledging that they have been shooting him down every time he has suggested that they plan out how to save the world while simultaneousl

So no one wants to mention how both Tony and Natasha view situations as matters of grey instead of black and white? Or how they struggle with trust but they’re learning how to be a friend and to accept friends? How about the time they both gave Congress similar speeches and told the government to kiss their asses, but signed the Accords partially because they have guilt issues and are trying to make amends?

How about both of them having lost their lovers, and last heard, were searching to get them back? How about them fighting to keep the Avengers together because that’s all they have, and how they lost, or almost lost, everyone close to them by the end of Civil War? How about the time they chose to go against the government when they realized they’ve made a wrong judgement? 

How about Tony getting upset that Natasha let Steve go, but then warns her that they’re coming for her and lets her go? Nobody wants to talk about how both of them let someone they care about escape while wanted by the government?