@White People

- Stop telling me your opinion of my hair. I didn’t ask.

- Stop asking me how hard it is to manage my hair. I’m not going to tell you that I hate my hair. And stop trying to touch it.

- Stop asserting your white opinion on people who didn’t request it.

- Stop calling out black spaces for not including white ppl. You have plenty of white dominant spaces to feel warm and cozy. If you aren’t as outraged when you see all white spaces that lack diversity (I.e. Tv shows), don’t complain when black people have our own.

- Stop saying “I don’t understand why black people …” and proceed to pass judgement. If you don’t understand ASK. If you don’t understand, you don’t have an opinion.

- Stop using your black friends as an accessory.

- Stop getting in your feelings when ppl are talking about shitty things that other white ppl do. If it doesn’t apply to you, then keep it moving. Just because you “aren’t racist” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

- Stop defending evil white people. You defending their bull shit is why people group you all together.

- Stop saying “not all white people” when you never take a moment to say “not all black people”.

- Stop deflecting when someone is calling out something that white ppl do wrong. Take some responsibility and listen.

- STOP TRYING TO SHARE BLACK OPPRESSION. You are privileged. Most ppl are in some way. That’s not what makes some of you suck. It’s your refusal to acknowledge your privilege and use it for good (or at least not for bad).

- Stop saying all lives matter. Especially if you also use blue lives matter. By now you should understand why ‘black lives matter’ is not an attack on anyone. Just like saying ‘blue lives matter’ doesn’t mean fuck all teachers, lawyers, and nurses, 'black lives matter’ doesn’t mean fuck the whites. It’s boring at this point.

- For fucks sake stop speaking for black ppl. Learn what an ally is and support us. Or at the very least shut up and listen