judgement seat of christ

Rogier van der Weyden (Tournai 1399/1400 - Brussels 1464); Beaune Altarpiece (or The Last Judgement polyptych), c. 1445-1450. Oil on oak, 548 x 220 cm, Hospices de Beaune.

Central panel, (upper register), Christ seated on a rainbow in judgement, His feet resting on a golden globe

Central panel, (lower register), the Archangel Michael holds scales as He weighs souls


“When in God’s name is the Church going to open her heart again and open her mind again and see again? And because there isn’t enough joy in the House of God, we need entertainment. Because entertainment is the Devil’s substitute for joy.
You’ll discover this, the men who have been most heroic for God have been the men with the greatest devotional life.” -Leonard Ravenhill