judgement of the light

Choosing the angel or the devil sat on your shoulders can be difficult, can vary from moment to moment, and I think most of us fall somewhere in-between. I wanted to write about how the angel and devil may manifest in the archetypes.

The Aries angel would speak of protecting others, of acting from the heart, or seeking adventure and wisdom from these adventures, of leaving baggage behind and exploring the world with an open mind.

The Aries devil would speak of impulsive delights, tempers and short-term goals, of never saying sorry and thinking in black and white.

The Taurus angel would speak of sustaining space for others, loyalty and care. It would also speak of happy indulgence and creativity, exploring the finer side of life.

The Taurus devil would speak of possessiveness and material needs only, of jealousy and failing to see the value of those things that cannot be held in your hands.

The Gemini angel would speak of teaching, being a messenger, everything from little lessons to profound wisdom. It would speak of making others laugh when life seems that bit too heavy for them.

The Gemini devil would speak of mischief, not the harmless kind, but deception, making people believe that up is down and down is up. They would encourage flightiness, leaving things behind on a whim.

The Cancer angel would speak of mothering something or someone, of cradling it until it is ready to take flight, even an idea. They would also speak of emotional intuition and compassion for the circumstances of others.

The Cancer devil would speak of playing the victim, of gaining insincere sympathies with turbulent actions. They would speak of building cages around yourself and those you wish to keep.

The Leo angel would speak of shining joys and theatrical humour, of devotion and gift giving. They would also speak of adhering to a higher sense of justice, a universal right and wrong that does not limit, but enhances the joys of life.

The Leo devil would speak of personal gain over others, of petty arguments to ease the ego, of crowns that place you higher than the rest.

The Virgo angel would speak of heartfelt duties and devotions, for caring in little practicalities, especially when it comes to the Earth and animals. 

The Virgo devil would speak of damning criticisms, for you and for others. They would encourage pettiness and prickliness, pushing others away with an air of intellectual superiority. 

The Libra angel would speak of connection and conversation, of creating space and time for those that may lack confidence themselves, especially socially. They would encourage harmony in action, of finding balance between taking and giving.

The Libra devil would speak of manipulations and gossip, knowing the juicy details that should never be leaked. They would speak of attaching self-worth with the attitudes of the people around you.

The Scorpio angel would speak of liberating peoples shames and sense of darkness, of bringing them into the light without judgement. They would also speak of emotional intelligence and empathy.

The Scorpio devil would speak of exploiting peoples fears and saving the pains of their own and others. They would also speak of jealousy and the unwillingness to enjoy the frivolous and harmless in life.

The Sagittarius angel would speak of being inspiring, telling stories and myths, of finding wisdom in humour and the lighter side of life. They would also speak of healthy scepticism and exploring belief.

The Sagittarius devil would speak of laughing in the face of seriousness, of insensitivity, of embracing the delicate with bluntness and dismissiveness.

The Capricorn angel would speak of achievement, of a sense of fulfilment in life, of seeing the progress from the time of then verses now. They would also speak of dry humour and subtle charm.

The Capricorn devil would encourage business over emotion, of seeing the world in numbers and clockwork over nuances and the “feel” of things.

The Aquarius angel would speak of self-acceptance and embracing the individual within us. Also, the exploration of ideas and originality, of seeking progress for the betterment of all of us.

The Aquarius devil would encourage mental superiority, of the unwillingness to see others as also special and individuals, rather than one outdoing the many.

The Pisces angel would speak of accepting how you feel in the moment as valid, of seeking higher truths through creativity and compassion. They would speak of bringing healing in the form of patience and time for others.

The Pisces devil would encourage deception and passive-aggression. They would also encourage the idea that others can overshadow you, take your space for there own without consequence, of powerlessness.


If you’ve never read my initial theory post, please do yourself a favor and check that shit out. It is a foundation for the theory that, regrettably, was missing a lot of information that I wasn’t able to get to until I was able to do a reread of the series, plus I wanted to wait for the series to develop a little further. The original post was made right after “Deku vs Kacchan 2” was released, so we’ve had about 30 chapters of development. You might be wondering how on earth 3k words isn’t enough to make my point the first time, but here I am yet again! 

I might sound crazy, but believe me when I say… I am the MOST serious. 

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A Six Word Story Inspired by The Tarot.

This challenge is to collectively create a six word story for each card within the tarot deck.

The Major Arcana.

The Fool - Chasing butterflies named Cause and Effect. @xdreadkittenx

The Magician - His eyes revealed a forgotten truth. @tarot-dreams

The High Priestess - The veil that hides spirit murmurs. @leelahel

The Empress - Within her womb life’s beauty resides. @intuitive-rose

The Emperor - Security and structure requires strong leadership. @agents-of-fortune

The Hierophant - Alone in silence, growth in spirit. @callmenull

The Lovers - An embrace heals wounds, for awhile. @alethiomancer

The Chariot - Hands on the reins of destiny. @witchketa

Strength - The grace of mind shall persevere. @crescentdiviner

The Hermit - Wisdom will always come from within. @odettestarotbliss

Wheel of Fortune - Every pattern holds a delicious treasure. @witchmoonwings

Justice - Honesty opens and closes many doors. @torque-witch

The Hanged Man - Open mindedness means having different perspectives. @afrocentric-divination

Death - Mystery of life carved from eternity. @haitred

Temperance - Flourish with patience and emotional balance. @luzklarita

The Devil - Terrible magnetic power enthralls us all. @damekitty

The Tower - Chaos and destruction allows for rebirth. @theearthisawitch

The Star - Even in the darkest nights, hope shines. @tarot-cards-and-tea

The Moon - The darkest mysteries have come alive. @allthequeenstarot

The Sun - Beautiful joy within the bright rays. @waywardzephyr

Judgement - All will be brought to light. @inaybele

The World - Somehow, everything fell cleanly into place. @will-o-the-witch

Reblog this post and add your story, then tag someone who you’d like to see create a six word story for the next card. Or message me your story for a card within the Minor Arcana and I will add them to the list.


They paint the world full of shadows and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgements. Because in the darkness, there’d be dragons. But it isn’t true. We can prove that it isn’t true. In the dark there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark, once someone has illuminated it.

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Part 4: Rumor Spreads (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Best Friend Series Masterlist

Originally posted by myworldxedits

Author Note: Here you guys are! Hopefully you all like it! Let me know what you guys think! I’m always open to suggestions for next parts or ways to improve!

Whispers filled the hallway. Harsh words and lies traded between people. All about one girl who never deserved it. The one with the bright (e/c) eyes that seemed oh so innocent, yet these words they spread like viruses. They speak of a darker side of her.

They’re eyes narrowed in disgust when she began to make her way to her locker. Her skin crawling uneasily as she glanced around curiously. Was everyone looking at her? No that couldn’t be it. She bit her lip nervously and glanced around curiously. Her eyes scanning the crowd for a familiar head of hair. However, they were no where in sight making her sigh.

She made her way through the crowd. The whispers making her shudder an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. She slipped through the crowds mumbling apologies under her breath relieved to find her locker. However, she froze. Her breath caught in her throat by the large red letters splattered across it.

Byers Whore.

That was what someone had written across her locker. Her bottom lip trembled as she stepped back. Her eyes frantically looking around finally noticing. That yes they were looking at her. Each judgemental stare aimed right at her. Her body quivered and she suddenly felt light headed. Like she could pass out at any moment. (Y/n) turned around and pushed through the crowd. Her eyes burning with tears.


Jonathan’s voice rang out through the hallway. His footsteps sounding closer and he was suddenly standing in front of the girl. A wide grin splattered across his face, but it fell very quickly. “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” He asked quickly.

(Y/n) wiped at her eyes trying her best to keep calm, but she was suddenly very paranoid. Her sense reminding her of all the eyes pointed towards her like daggers. Waiting to draw the first blood. “He saw us…”

Jonathan frowned and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. He glanced around before tugging her along towards their class. His eyes narrowed slightly. “Who saw us?”

(Y/n)’s legs quivered as her heart suddenly ached. “Steve.”

Jonathan was beyond mad. He couldn’t explain it, but he truly wanted to bash the prick’s head in. He could handle the stares the looks of disgust, but how dare Steve mess with her.

(Y/n) had seemed so upset and so scared. Jonathan had offered her a ride, but she quickly declined and made her way home. Here he stood though waiting for basketball to end. His eyes locked on the gym doors waiting for just the slightest movement.

Steve stepped out. Unaware of the boy just a few feet down waiting for him. Steve looked around and froze a scowl forming on his face as he noticed Jonathan. “What are you doing here freak?” Steve called out.

Jonathan only huffed and made his way over to Steve. “Your an asshole… You know that right?”

Steve rolled his eyes and snapped, “What the hell are you babbling about Byers?”

Jonathan crossed his arms. His eyes flaring with anger. “Don’t act innocent I saw what you and your gang sprawled out on (Y/n)’s locker. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Steve rolled his eyes scoffing slightly. “Oh upset I messed with your whore Byers? Did I make her cry?”

Jonathan’s blood boiled and he couldn’t stop himself. He swung at Steve. His fist painfully connecting with Steve’s jaw. “Shut your mouth Harrington! Your just upset she got tired of your bull Crap!”

It was a blurr for the two of them. Both unsure of who struck first after that, but it ended fairly quickly. Depsite getting in some punches Steve was practically being pummled by Byers. His face bloodied and mangled.


The world was going hazy as a girl shoved Jonathan off. She leaned over but her face was blurred. “Steve?”


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anonymous asked:

Hi! I really like your blog! And I request if that's okay! Can you write the reactions that the RFA would have when they see that MC doesn't have a limbs. And mc never told them because "you guys never asked". Thank you!!

I’m not too sure what you mean by “doesn’t have a limbs” (any limbs? a limb?) so I’m just going to go with amputee MC who’s missing an arm ^^; Note: MC’s prosthetic is smth like Kaitlyn Dobrow’s if you’re wondering. Her channel is rad as heck so check iT OUT


The moment he set eyes on you, he tears up and you’re like “??!!??”

“I didn’t know… But it’s okay!!! I think you’re still really pretty. And your arm looks cool…” A sniffle, then: “Did you not tell us because… you felt self-conscious…?” 

In truth, he usually feels pretty damn insecure about himself after hanging around wealthy, talented and attractive people all day. His insecurities suddenly looks super small compared to what you must have to deal with, though. So he prepares this entire speech inside his head and you’re like:

“Oh it just didn’t occur to me to tell you guys. You never asked haha.” And goes on smiling, radiating confidence and beauty and grace and boi he’s smi t t en. He goes on crying, the speech turning into some babble about his fears and how he admires your ability to go through life being chill af. You hug him lots tbh pls hug him lots he trie s  hi s  b est


She doesn’t comment on it at first, trying to Play It Cool. But you can tell she has questions and often acts awkwardly because she isn’t sure how to approach it. So you casually bring it up in a joking manner.

“Can you open the jam jar for me? Metal hands sucks at lids.” 

She rushes over immediately and the moment the jar lid pops open, the questions comes flowing. “Does it hurt? What happened? If you don’t mind me asking!! You don’t have to reply, of course… Is it alright if I hug you like this? How about like this? Does it get in the way when I do this?” Jaehee pls how are you gonna reply if she doesn’t stop talki n g

She listens to your answers with no judgement, only curiosity. Her eyes lights up with love and adoration with every passing moment as she grows to understand you more. There’s still some sadness in her though, wishing that she could do more for you even after you reassures her that you are mostly content with how things are. 


He smiles naturally when he greets you and treats you like a princess. Sweet words and pet names flow like honey from his lips and you soak it all up. For the first time, you feel truly precious, though you do wonder if he’s only so calm because he’s an actor.

The first comment he makes on your arm is: “Can I sign my name on it?”

It’s followed by a bit of flustered rambling. “Y’know, like, with a sharpie? When I had a cast on my leg a lot of people wanted to sign it— of course, I’m not saying that it’s the same thing I just… Is this a dumb question?” You manage to assure him that he’s fine, and laughed. A lot. Poor boy doesn’t know what to do with himself. You ask him why he doesn’t seem surprised with your arm even though you forgot to tell everyone and he blushed.

“It’s not that… I am surprised. And I want to ask you a lot of questions but I don’t want it to get in the way of our first meeting, you know? I wanted this to be perfect.” 


He does know quite a lot about disabilities, given that his best friend is currently blind and he has had experience with customers/clients/employees who are disabled before. So there isn’t any awkwardness when you two meet, and you soon realise that his protectiveness has nothing to do with your missing arm.

“Jumin, It’s fine. I’m safe. I’ll call you as soon as I get home, alright?” It’s only then that he glances at your prosthetic.

“Alright. However, I do wish you’d wear the dress for the party. You’d look stunning in it. And…” He pulls out a box, opens it and presents it to you. In it is an arm that ooks like it has been meticulously designed by a team of artists, not a hospital. A piece of royalty— emerald green highlighted by gold, carved into the shape of a shoulder guard that looks like it should belong to a medieval armour. And, you’d later find, it fits you perfectly.

“I contacted your doctor for guidance.” He says with a light shrug, cheeks dusted a light pink. He luvs u lots


O boi he does n o t get a nice reveal.

You have been using one of your more realistic prosthetics so he never noticed from the cameras. And he mostly stays out of your medical documents out of respect for your privacy, only paying attention to your criminal records and schooling when doing your background check. His reveal comes midway through your scuffle with Unknown— a sharp yank and a faulty clasp results in your arm literally ripping off your body.

You’ve never seen someone so shocked and genuinely horrified before.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He jumps straight to the point after the danger has passed and you could see leftover panic shaking his entire frame. Your reason dies in your throat— you’ve honestly just forgotten and scared him half to death because of it. Tears started to fall from under his glasses, thoughts racing faster than his heartbeat of what he could’ve and should’ve done, but never did to ensure your safety. “Do you know how much danger you were in? If he had known before I did, he could have taken advantage of that. He c-could have taken you.

“I—… I’m so sorry.” o no ur crying too :c

He halts in his pacing, stuttering breaths calming down as he looks at you. No, the only one to blame is him and his incompetence. “I’m sorry I—” He wilts. “I shouldn’t have yelled. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”