There’s nothing wrong w/ who you want to be.

Too short, too tall, too fat, too small, religious, not religious, we’re constantly being told what we are too much of and not enough of. Day in and day out being judged by other’s who don’t categorize themselves in the same group so to speak. Isn’t that just a load of bullshit though, I mean think about it, some of us are scrutinized for such petty things that shouldn’t rule us out as ‘good’ people.  For example recently I was told I had a one way ticket to Hell because I’m not religious now who the fuck are you to tell me how that makes me less of a person? I guess it’s just the self righteousness speaking at that point.  Regardless it’s not just the religious people around that throw out all the judgment, all though they’ve thrown a few fucking snarky remarks my way. We’re living in the glorious 21st  century why can’t we just express ourselves freely and still be accepted in society for whomever or whatever we want to be.  Now what really gets me is there are so many people out there afraid to express themselves, or explore deeper in interest just because they feel little to no support from everyone around.  Growing up I wouldn’t say I was an outcast of my family, but I always thought differently and pushed boundaries often enough it was almost a daily basis I was being yelled at for going left instead of right metaphorically speaking. Even now I’m consistently pushing boundaries, not to hurt my loved ones but because I’m not going to settle for things that don’t seem right for me and who I want to be.  My point is it’s so fucking unfortunate to know there are so many people who are just trying to fit in amongst a ‘cool’ group in society and others who feel they have to stick to the same beliefs, thoughts, and ideas of their families. Overall fuck anyone who ever makes you feel looked down upon for who you are, and regardless how creepy, cool, rad, or even fucking weird the things your into are. They make you who your suppose to be and it’s true being yourself gets you way farther in life then pretending to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Embrace your interest and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the new people that come into your life as well as the pure bliss from just being able to be you. Always remember we may never understand why people act certain ways or say certain things, but think twice before you pass along judgement without knowing the reasoning behind why someone is the way they are. 

The Judger’s Pride

Let every man deem, let every man decide,

What is worthy without, what is esteemed inside,

Let all works compete, let all deeds deride,

What is lacking in quality, overt or implied

Let each eye discern, let each hand divide,

The exalted from the shameful, the idle from the applied,

For the Judger’s the Generator,

The Source and Swallower of all Pride.

Try This: Sit in Public & Don’t Judge Anything You See

This is something I like to do when I am out or even when I am at home but it’s definitely more challenging when being in public. Here it is.. you sit and observe everything around you. The environment you are in, the people, the sounds, the smells, everything! While you are doing it try to just observe it. Don’t classify, categorize or judge any of it. Even go beyond the name of something you are looking at. ex. a tree. Don’t see the tree and say “OK there is a tree and it has leaves on it. It’s brown and green and tilts slightly to the side. Oh there’s a squirrel on the tree! He just jumped from one branch to the other! Oh geez the squirrel almost just fell, crazy squirrel.” Instead, just look at the tree and see it as simply something that is there.

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Before getting mad at somebody for their closed mind, take a minute and appreciate and be grateful for the open mind that you have.
—  Life tip for dealing with judgemental, close minded people by Nicole.