Cool Cosplay: C2E2 '15 Edition Part 3

Cool Cosplay: C2E2 ’15 Edition Part 3

C2E2 ’15 took place in Chicago, IL this weekend and cosplay was front and center everywhere. Check it out.

Special thank you to Spock Vegas, Ted Ruler, and Nicole Salera Cosplay

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Yeah, Deadpool goes all Steampunk with his lady Cotton Candy. Windsor was relieved Deadpool never gave us a look beneath the mask. If you know anything about Deadpool, then you know why.

Looks like Judge Dredd has found Windsor guilty of “Excessive Grumpiness.”

Windsor asks if he can borrow a (Star)buck from this Battlestar Galactica cosplayer.

This cosplay was anything but sithy. Although, Windsor seems to feel a bit differently about that.

Does Windsor approve of this Star Wars cosplay? Yes, your Highnessness.

First contact between Windsor and these Klingons didn’t go so well. And they even speak the same language: Grump-ese

Windsor approves of this lady’s t-shirt.

Even Windsor had to love this cosplay from the folks at Pixel Who.

Not surprisingly, Windsor got along with the Dalek much better than the two fellows with her.

That’s my son, doing his best impression of The Doctor (the David Tennant version, of course). Allons-y! Grumpy Dragon didn’t get any kisses from this batch of cosplayers at RavenCon, but he was threatened…a lot.