judge your drawing

“Isn’t it pretty?” // “Yeah…”

translation found via @todomomo

I originally planned to do a mini comic of the festival scene but then I got carried away. go figure.


undertale belongs to toby fox

when you find out about your friends weird egg hobbies

ask-teenage-luka  asked:

"Wow! You two look so pretty! I hope the ball treats you well. It's been pretty hectic!"

SU; “Ahaha, thank you.. I really like your dress”

YY;How has the ball been for you two?”


“What would you have done?” I asked

Achilles tapped a finger against the branch he sat on. “I don’t know. I can’t imagine it. The way the boy spoke to you.” He shrugged. “No one has ever tried to take something from me.”

“Never?” I could not believe it. A life without such things seemed impossible.

“Never.” He was silent a moment, thinking. “I don’t know,” he repeated finally. “I think I would be angry.” He closed his eyes and rested his head back against a branch. The green oak leaves crowded around his hair, like a crown.


Saw the birb fandom trying their hand at this meme and had to try it for myself, with my own little twist for my personal fav OT3

They like to wear skirts and makeup together sometimes (*´▽`*)

i bet hide’s the kind of bf who would pin and tickle kaneki out of the blue simply because he thinks he needs to laugh and kaneki would just lay there helplessly laughing despite actually being stronger to stop him wow they’re so adorable in my head it’s gross

I’m laughing like…way too hard at this. Seung-gil, Otabek, and Yurio are my trifecta brot3 because honestly all I can picture is them being salty and judgy as fuck. Nobody knows who’s getting grilled at any given moment because they’ve always got sunglasses on, but guaranteed if JJ is there it’s literally always him.

Totally, unabashedly inspired by this post from @istehlurvz because it’s been weeks and I still laugh about it regularly and cry daily over her beautiful art


TAKE THEM!! Ive done a lot of art and havent uploaded ANY of it so here. **Hands you a stack of art**

Altertale! Judge — Altertale by @friisans
Snazzy Code — Code!Sans by @c0de-sans
Ninjatore’s Error!Sans — Error by @loverofpiggies​ at @askerrorsans​ played by @ninjatore​ 
And CPAU! Judge – seriously judge…what are you doing…you arent even really a sans…why are you there? —CPAU by @loverofpiggies


Introducing … the HsMafia Palette Art Competition and Ranked Tournament!

Here’s how it goes. We’ve got some neat little prizes to give to you and some really simple ways to earn them. 

1. Epicmafia Tournament 

  • If you haven’t made an epicmafia account already, you’ll need one to participate!
  • send your epicmafia username to the tumblr and say youd like to enter!
  • if you already have points, send a screenshot of your initial point amount
  • keep an eye out for ranked or competitive games posted on this tumblr to earn points
  • the person who earns the most points in two weeks wins!


  • 20 epicmafia tokens
  • your choice of any homestuck patch or pin
  • first pick of custom art from either @chaos7 or @prospt

2. Palette Art Contest

  • consider playing a game of mafia with us! we’re always looking for new people to play with
  • draw a homestuck themed piece of art using any of the palettes shown above
  • tag it #hsmafiart and send an ask to this blog to submit it
  • @chaos7 @prospt and @purplecalamity will judge your drawings based on palette usage, execution, concept, and creativity!
  • the winner will be chosen two weeks from now


  • 20 epicmafia tokens
  • your choice of any homestuck patch or pin
  • second pick of custom art from either @chaos7​ or @prospt