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I do have to give it to Judge Samour for this statement. Judges don’t usually make statements like this.

“You can’t claim there was no justice because it wasn’t the outcome you expected,” Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said in an unusual speech from the bench during Holmes’ formal sentencing hearing for the 2012 attack.

Why the trial did NOT begin today, 2/3/14

I know there has been some confusion today and some thought that the trial was supposed to begin this morning for James Holmes vs The People of the State of Colorado but it was postponed.  Trial was indeed supposed to begin this day, February 4th 2014, but because of the Prosecution challenging and requesting a new partial exam on James by one of their chosen examiners.  Their arguments regarding this were heard last week in hearings that were closed to the public and media.  It appears that each party questioned two witnesses, but those witnesses were not named.  Also at the hearing was a representative from CMHIP.  CMHIP is the facility James was sent to originally for his first evaluation that was required for his NGRI plea.  James Holmes and his defense team have not withdrawn his plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity at this time.  The Prosecution also has requested a second exam to be done on Holmes.  There is no way that the State would request ANOTHER exam and risk a different result if the evaluation turned out in their favor, showing James SANE at the time of the horrible tragedy on June 20th 2012.  These two things are indication that James was found to be mentally ill “insane” at the time of the shooting.  When a case has a NGRI plea, the results of the exam have almost always been what the jury ends up deciding and sentencing the defendant with.  In other words, if the mental exam shows the defendant insane, in past cases, the verdict almost always ends up being the same as what the state evaluation found, not guilty by reason of insanity.  
The trial has been postponed indefinitely because Judge Samour still has not given his ruling on whether or not he is going to allow the Prosecution to go forth with a partial second mental examination of James.  Until then we will not have a definite trial start date.  Samour has said that he will be ready to rule on this request in the next few weeks.  I hope this helped those that were disappointed by today understand what is going on, why it’s delayed and the status of the case. I looove all your questions and comments so please feel free to reply or message me with anything :)  Even if there’s something you might have a hard time comprehending or not really sure what something means just Inbox me and I will help you understand it in layman’s terms to the best of my ability.  xoxoxoxxxxK

Judge Samour GRANTS Extension

Judge Samour has granted James Holmes defense team their 5 day extension to file their Capital Motion replies to documents D-165, D-175, D-176, D-177 and D-181.
Samour doesn’t see how this short extension to next Wednesday would have an effect or delay on the trial and proceedings scheduled for December 2013 and February 2014.
In addition his honor states that November 22nd will be the day in which it will be determined what Capital Motions warrant a hearing.
Filed today, 11/14 by Judge Samour.
Original Granted Order Below: