judge me but i am kind of proud of this


“They’re just a band” – That is a statement that I have heard non stop for the past 4 and a half years. To some people, they are just a band. But to a lot of people (including me) they were the people we relied on to make us smile everyday. These boys have taught me more about myself and about life in general than any teacher or parent ever could. Harry specifically has taught me a lot in these past few years. He has taught me how to love myself. He has taught me how to love others unconditionally even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. He is kind. He is humble. He is genuine. He is everything I want this world to be and more. So, people can laugh and judge all they want. I don’t really care. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that Harry Styles has made an impact on my life and has actually helped me become the person I am today. He is somebody that I am proud to say I look up to and he will always be that person. 1dtattoos