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Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part IX

Immediately throwing her arms around her long time lover, (Y/N) felt tears quickly flood her vision as she clung on the frost spirit. Jack feeling relieved she accepted him, wrapped his arms around her figure, a bright smile on his face.

After all those years spent apart and not knowing, the feeling of her being in his arms was perfect. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. Judging by the way she was hugging him, she felt the same.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jack whispered soothingly into her ear, stroking her hair. “I’m here now. I’m not letting you disappear on me like that ever again, okay?”

“Okay…” was the muffled replied that came from his shoulder.

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Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)
Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)

Response and lyrics based to this post because I loved it but I don’t have a voice for sans so.


I didn’t know what I got into
Somehow I can’t go back even if I really wanted to
So what more can I do?
Here at the end, it’s just me and you

I never wanted to play by all the rules
A knife in hand, I’m playing out the part of the fool

So here we go, you can judge me thoroughly
It’s too late for apologies.

Go ahead and just hit me since you’re able
We know my determination is unstable
I’m not even mad because I keep on dying
But I don’t even know why I’m trying.

This isn’t what I want, yet it’s what I asked for
Curiosity over all my morals
I took away our perfect, happy ending
Resetting the world despite the warnings

Right now I’m made of LOVE ahh… of LOVE ahh…

I know who you are, you remember who I am
We knew that once in a timeline, we had grown to be good friends
And yet I killed your brother without giving him a chance
Every time you throw me down, I hope you kill me once again.

So go ahead and just hit me since you’re able
All the sin that I can feel is unbearable
If I could only hit you once it would be over
But the consequences last forever

The flowers are in bloom as the birds will tell
It’s a beautiful day to be burning in Hell
You gave me advice, I chose genocide,
But I know how to make it right.

I am made of LOVE ahh… but I’ll give up for you.

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Hey, Lauren! Could you help me understand something? What's people's problem with Karamel? He may have been an asshole in the past, but it was exactly his love for Kara that changed him! And they're perfect together! One is able to complete the other! Not to mention their chemistry, which obviously owes more to Melissa and Chris, which is amazing! What do people want? Who do they want Kara to date? I just can not understand the haters...

I can see several main reasons

1. they ship her with lena

2. they ship her with someone else

3. they judge him based off his first couple of episodes and ignore all character development!!!


“I know he’s not perfect. And I know he cuts corners. But you’re the one who made him this way. He idolizes you. He accepts you. He takes care of you. And all he ever wanted was your love and support. But all you’ve ever done is judge him. You never believed in him. You never wanted him to succeed. And you know what? I feel sorry for him. And I feel sorry for you.”

(Better Call Saul, S2 EP9)

At this point, I really want to remind everyone that, Yixing is human. And despite the perfect image we have of him, we have to accept the fact that the true “him” which he shows his members, closer friends, and family might not be as positive and flawless as we perceive him to be. However, I want us to always remember that despite all the flaws he might or might now have, that he’ll always be the caring, loving, dedicated, hard-working, respectful, and talented. I just hope that one day if we see a different side of him, that we just remember what an amazing person he is. 

Dangerous (Ashton Irwin Smut)

Requested? no.

So this might have several parts idk, but i got this idea because I actually had a dream about something like this. Weird I know don’t judge me.This took me about  3 hours to write. There is a little smut, but ill probably do a part 2 with more smut and intensity. But here is a little bit of bad boy Ashton for ya 8). Hope you enjoy! 

She sat in her empty bed, thoughts running rapid through her head. His words repeated over and over in her mind.

‘I need to leave here, but I’m not leaving without you.’

She couldn’t just leave her family, friends, and school all behind for a boy, or could she? Of course her boyfriend Ashton wasn’t necessarily the perfect boy that you would want to bring home to your parents, but she was in love with him. He had flaws, more than any normal human being to be honest.

Ashton was in a gang. The leader of his own actually. It was a very long story on how she ended up getting involved with him, but Ashton loved her more than he has ever loved anything else. He was never one to give in to the whole 'in love’ thing, but Y/N was different. He would do anything for her. Anything. Ashton’s main priority was to keep her safe and out of harm’s way, which was difficult, considering that many people were out to get him and anybody he loved. That was part of the reason he had to leave town as soon as possible.

Y/N was startled when she heard her bedroom window open, but quickly calmed after she saw her boyfriend’s buff figure climb through.

“Y/N, we need to leave, right now. I can’t leave without you, and they’re coming,” Ashton explained, panic dripping from his words.

She had no choice. She knew how much danger she would be put in if she stayed, and Ashton wasn’t really going to let her stay.

She began to pack a bag, putting all of her clothes and toiletries in it. It was a small bag, it couldn’t fit her whole wardrobe, but Ashton assured her that he would buy her new clothes. 

Curiosity filled her mind as to where they were going, but she knew that there would be time to ask questions later on. A few tears escaped her eyes, as she knew that this would be the last time for a long time that she would be in this house. Grabbing all of her chattels, she turned to face Ashton, wiping the tears from her cheeks. Ashton had a soft spot for Y/N, and couldn’t stand to see the girl of his dreams hurt.

His hard eyes softened as she looked up to him, more tears threatening to spill. He pulled her into a warm embrace, her sobs muffled by the material of his shirt.

Running his fingers through her hair, attempting to soothe her. He grabbed her cheeks and kissed her hard, leaving them both breathless.

“Everything is going to alright baby. I’m not going to let anything happen to you okay? I promise,” he pleaded, looking straight into her big eyes. She nodded her head, and he kissed once more. He nodded at her as to tell her that they needed to leave. She grabbed her cellphone and slipped it in the back pocket of her denim jeans. 

Ashton climbed out of the window first, so he could make sure she climbed out without getting hurt.

They ran to his car which was parked about a block down from her house. Adrenaline and sadness pumped through her veins as she ran in the cold night air. Finally reaching the car, they got in, Ashton immediately starting the car and driving away. 

“This is insane,” Y/N commented, rubbing her face. Never in her life would she expect to abandon everything, just to be safe.

“I know, but we got each other and you’re safe and that is what is most important right now,” Ashton said, grabbing her hand, interlocking his fingers with hers.

Ashton pulled up to a train station, and confusion washed over Y/N. 

“We have to take the train, because they think that we will be driving. The rest of the boys will have everything we need when we get there,” he explained to her.

“Where exactly are we going?” she asked. 

“We have to go to Seattle, the gang has everything set up there, and it’s a safe place for a while. Trust me okay? I’m not going to let you get hurt.”

The couple made their way to the train, quickly giving their tickets to the man then boarding the train. Finally finding the room that they would sleep in for the next two days, since they were only coming from L.A.

She set her bag down and plopped down on the small futon, running her fingers through her hair. She didn’t know exactly what to feel. She was more than happy that she was with one of the most important people in her life, but her chest was heavy with sadness knowing that she was basically having to start a new life.

“Cheer up pretty girl,” Ashton said softly to her, moving her hair out of her face. He grabbed her hands and pulled her from her sitting position, so that she was standing up. He gave her a small smile and she returned one, although it was the least bit real. He kissed her lips softly, her hands finding their way in his hair.

Ashton gripped her hips and pulled her even closer to him. The kiss that they shared began to get rough as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. He grabbed her thighs, lifting her so that her legs were wrapped around his waist. Something in Ashton sparked, the soft, caring side to his personality disappearing for a brief moment, something that would always happen when he was taking part in a sexual activity. He made sure to be gentle with Y/N though, he knew her limits and she knew his. 

Ashton roughly pushed her up against the wall, beginning to suck harshly on her neck, leaving dark purple marks. She roughly unbuttoned his flannel, feeling up and down his toned stomach. Y/N removed her shirt, leaving her only in her bra and jeans. He still pressed her back against the wall, roughly kissing her plump lips.

One of his hands played with the button of her jeans. He knew having sex with her right now wasn’t a smart idea, but he felt as if he needed to pleasure her to make up for making her leave everything behind.

His long digits slipped under her jeans, and the hem of her panties, pressing against her heat, making her moan in his mouth. Fingers beginning to rub slowly, in patterns of figure eights, whimpers escaped from the back of Y/N’s throat. He entered one single digit inside of her, then a second one. She groaned at the feeling, pulling a bit at Ashton’s matted hair. He pumped his digits at a fast pace, and she pulled away from the kiss, resting her forehead against his, as he continued to pleasure.

Whimpers and profanities flowed out of her mouth like a small waterfall, as she felt the familiar small knot in her stomach begin to form.

No words were spoken as she hit her high. She rested her head on his shoulder as he pulled his fingers out of her, setting her feet back on the ground. Trying to regain her breath, Ashton kissed her forehead.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Ashton.”

The two changed into their sleep clothes, and pulled the futon out so that it was a bed. The two of them barely fit on it, considering it was only a twin size. He played with her hair, something that he always did when he was pondering on something.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked quietly, snuggling closer to him.

“How in the hell did I end up with you?” he said with a chuckle and she laughed.

Little did she know that Ashton asked himself that question everyday. When Ashton met Y/N, he was a heartless killer. Money and drugs were the most important things in his life at the time. He killed many people. His heart was cold and bitter. Something about Y/N made Ashton want to be a better person. He couldn’t stay away from her. It was like he was addicted to her, or maybe the way she would look at him. She made him a better person, and that’s why he hated lying to her like this. Of course he would keep her safe, but she honestly had no idea what was in store for her, and neither did he.