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hECK OK,,,,
I’ve got my passed dog as my lockscreen, digimon tri as my homescreen, listening to s i m p s o n w a v e hAHA & there is mine ugly faceeeeeE

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other ppl: the black has rlly deep important symbolism!! it’s abt his rebirth and character development after the end of cacw, it’s the ultimate symbol of his Grief but also his reinvention + moving past cacw
me: it looks hot, literally the armor is sexy af in black that’s p much all i got

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hey there! i was wondering if you could rec me some good 2jae smut fics? For *coughs* research...

research papers for school are getting weirder and weirder these days….

anyways make sure to read tags and warnings before reading anything bc honestly i read anything when it comes to smut (but i don’t read problematic stuff like non-con so u don’t have to worry about that)

C = chaptered ; O = One shot 
all my 2jae fic rec❤  
fics under the cut ✨

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MarkInMyheart doesn’t like Haechan bcs she knows that Markhyuck is real and she is jealous.


THIS UNI SESSION IS FINALLY OVER!!! 💕 which means i can post some of my final projects!!

i had the luck to have a class where we had a free subject so i decided to be super self-indulgent with it and made some boards about my boy 93!.. the story is a little disjointed because its a part of a bigger thing going on between him and @dinqo​‘s Junjie, but im super proud of how it all turned out still and i hope its at least enjoyable to look at!! 🤖

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

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Can u please quickly expand on what nanaba was actually saying and why she said it as she died? idk if this is the type of thing u want to be responding to, judging by how unimpressed u were by its addition to the anime, but I'm a little confused as a viewer as to what exactly it was insinuating? It was so odd I originally thought it was some weird Japanese idiom or a mistranslation. (Off topic, but I do love ur meta , it sates my undying love for erwin even though he is gone)

Nanaba’s words as she was in excruciating pain from having her limbs ripped from her body were “No! No! Father stop! Father! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Father! No!”.  

I believe it is implying that Nanaba suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her father. However, I’ve seen posts by others who read the scene differently - one that she was calling out to her father in distress and two that she was delusional and her hallucinations were causing the titan to resemble her dad. 

The majority of the fandom seems to be embracing this as more character development, thus a good thing for Nanaba, but if you’ve read my posts, you know where I stand. I hated it. I thought it added nothing to her character and was just a cheap shot of added and unnecessary angst. A post by @teetanjaeger sees something even more harmful, a reinforcement of  negative gender tropes against woman.

(also thank you anon for your nice words!)

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any sugamon headcanons? ::hopeful look:: i loved your minjoon one so much

don’t play me like this , ,,,, my heart is Weak wtf

  • namjoon spends the first year of their friendship crying in taehyung’s bed abt how cute yoongi is, and yoongi, respectively, does it at 2seok’s place asldkhgasg what NERDS
  • namjoon loves kissing yoongi’s jawline idk he finds it really hot
  • yoongi always falls asleep w his head on namjoon’s shoulder and their hands tangled together …. in the car, on the train, at the apartment, sitting on the couch, watching a movie, u name it
  • and whenever he’s stressed namjoon tangles their fingers 2gether and he feels better immediately rip
  • um yoongi is also a hoe for namjoon hugs tbh who wouldn’t be??
  • yoongi: [talks]
    namjoon: nods his head w/o hearing what his bf is saying bc he’s too busy thinking about at how pretty he is
  • yoongi’s seat is automatically namjoon’s lap he doesn’t give a great goddamn if there’s an entire auditorium’s worth of chairs in the room he will Sit and u can judge all u want he doesn’t have time for u
  • namjoon doesn’t even react when it happens now ,,just keeps talking even as yoongi leans against his chest n tilts his head back until it’s resting on namjoon’s shoulder
  • yoongi loves taking pics of namjoon he can’t get enough omf
  • namjoon breaks things in their apartment a lot and yoongi always grouches but goes and fixes it anyway because namjoon looks so sad and forlorn and yoongi hates it when namjoon looks sad????he Really hates it when namjoon looks sad
  • he’s usually terrible w emotions and comforting people but when namjoon is crying and trying to pretend this he Isn’t while also dying of embarrassment and hiding his face in his hands yoongi has to peel them from his face Softly n Delicately and then kiss away his tears and pulls him close and tells namjoon how much he loves & believes in him and that’s it’s going to be okay whose ass does he have to kick now UASHDGASGD
  • namjoon thinks yoongi looks really hot when he’s playing the piano……like…….really……………hot……………..
  • yoongi doesn’t always say when he’s feeling down but namjoon knows all his tells and lets yoongi cuddle for as long as he wants ?? he’ll drop everything when he sees yoongi’s sad little expression upon entering their apartment so they can curl up in bed together w yoongi’s face mashed against his shoulder it’s so gross but they’re so in love
  • they get into fights on a semi frequent basis when they’re both high strung and stressed out and don’t really know how to deal w emotions and namjoon always ends up on seokjin’s doormat while crying abt how much he fucked up and is so scared he’s gonna lose yoongi ajshfkfh
  • yoongi just shuts himself up and doesn’t speak to anyone and eventually leaves the studio to apologize to namjoon after like a week of sleeping on hoseok’s couch and his office chair on alternating nights bc he hates the silence and also because he feels bad
  • he’ll climb into namjoon’s lap n press their foreheads together and they just breathe for a while w their eyes closed with namjoon’s hand slipping up the back of his shirt until yoongi says “sorry” in a tiny ass little voice and then they talk it out w minimal tears but lots of kissing idk
  • yoongi hates it when people tease him about dating namjoon bc he knows everything they’re saying is true so he buries his face in namjoon’s neck and pretends he doesn’t exist lol
  • they’re literally married???
  • like……yoongi hates getting up so it’s namjoon’s job to put the coffee on and turn off the alarm and they bicker over stupid things like where to put the salt and why yoongi’s sitting on the washing machine stealing kisses from his bf instead of helping namjoon do the laundry or yoongi yelling about namjoon cleaning up after himself again goddamn it this is the 800000000th time he’s had to do this he’s so tired of nagging or yoongi getting back late and namjoon’s already asleep so he showers and gets into bed and presses a kiss to the corner of namjoon’s mouth or namjoon giving lots of forehead kisses to his bf or namjoon always fixing yoongi’s beanie for him and brushing hair away from his eyes w the most tender soft n gay expression on his face or the two of them having conversations w only their eyes and mild eyebrow twitching im emo and tired god @sugamon can y’all chill what the fuck i have a family 2 support,, a 4.0 to maintain ,,,

“no matter how clever he is, he still needs an exit visa. or i should say, two.”
“why two?”
“he is traveling with a lady.”
“he’ll take one.”
“i think not. i have seen the lady. and if he did not leave her in marseilles, or in oran, he certainly won’t leave her in casablanca.”
“maybe he’s not quite as romantic as you are.”
“it doesn’t matter. there is no exit visa for him.”
“whatever gave you the impression that i might be interested in helping him escape?”
because, my dear, i suspect that under that cynical shell you’re at heart a sentimentalist. oh, laugh if you will, but i happen to be familiar with your record. let me point out just two items: in 1935, you ran guns to ethiopia; in 1936, you fought in spain on the loyalist side.”
“and got well paid for it on both accounts.”
“the winning side would have paid you much better.”

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no.13 karamatsu

Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?

I’ve always headcanon Karamatsu as either Bi or Pan. because he sees no gender, he only sees *holy shit somebody actually likes me like that?* and it’s on board

and what? what he thinks of sexual orientations?
he probably doesnt have a problem with any of them cuz “heh, all forms of love are beautiful, a sinful man like me is not one to judge, You should all love what u want to love dont let anything stop you” or somethin like that

The Zodiac Signs as Hunter X Hunter characters
  • Aries: Gon
  • Taurus: Ikalgo
  • Gemini: Hisoka
  • Cancer: Senritsu
  • Leo: Biscuit
  • Virgo: Kurapika
  • Libra: Kaito
  • Scorpio: Killua
  • Sagittarius: Leorio
  • Capricorn: Cheadle
  • Aquarius: Meruem
  • Pisces: Komugi
real life advice for incoming high school freshmen

•don’t be scared. it’s not really that different from middle school. there’s gonna be stuff u don’t understand, but every other freshman is in the same position. chill.
•do ur goddamn homework. ppl think it’s cool to hang with friends and just not do their shit. don’t do that.
•don’t let ur friends get in the way of ur academics. you’ll probably lose touch with most of them when u graduate, but those grades affect ur future. don’t throw that away.
•don’t use after school activities as an excuse to not get shit done. if u can’t balance extracurriculars with ur classes, ur classes come first. sorry.
•don’t date seniors. just don’t. they’re gonna graduate and ur gonna be super upset. besides, if no one in their grade or the grade below them wants to date them something is wrong. don’t fuck w that.
•if u find the answers to ur homework online (which is super easy; google the title of the worksheet and it’s probably online somewhere. also there’s calculators for everything lmao) FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE ANSWERS. don’t just copy it. cheating on ur homework isn’t gonna help u on ur tests.
•don’t be afraid to ask for help holy shit. if u don’t understand the topic, go to ur teacher and ask for help. if ur teacher sucks, there’s probably some tutoring thing in your school done by students. nobody is gonna fucking judge u for wanting help.
•if u do something stupid, no one is gonna remember. if u wear an ugly outfit, no one is gonna care. everyone is paying attention to themselves. if someone in the hallway is like “omg ew look at her hair” they’re not gonna recognize u if you have a class together next semester.
•missing a day won’t kill you. I take a mental health day each semester. if u have an appointment coming up, tell ur teachers in advance so u can get the work before u miss school, not after. you don’t want two days of homework to do in one night.
•don’t act like you know more than you do.
•ur gonna do stupid things.
•no one is gonna care.
•the end.

I’m tired of people being like “we’re here for the music” biCTH WHAT MUSIC????????? we haven’t had any new music from 5sos for monTHS!!!!!! what do you mean you’re here for the music when there is nONE????? I understand not wanting to get involved in their private lives I get that it’s chill, but you have to understand when you’re invested in the band it’s not just about the music… people stan 5sos as people, not just musicians and I think that’s very important to remember. You’re not weird or abnormal for being interested in your idols life and it’s ok to be upset about something they’ve done or who they’re dating, the only thing that’s not okay is when you start sending hate to the people in your idols life or your idol

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long; The beta kids’ aspects! Don’t they look so pretty all together like that?!

(if you like this, I’m stitching all the other aspects too so follow me maybe?)