judge dredd crossovers

so it’s come up a few times, the idea of the Matt the Radar Technician/Clan Techie from Dredd crossover; and when it was being discussed i mentioned that i had a secret notepad in my phone full of headcanon… which was then requested to be revealed… and that… (o __o) is terrifying. you’re all so good at putting your thoughts into words! i’m just… not brave enough to! my language is broken (T AT) but i will draw them out! HAHAH! XD

so these are the super rough layouts for twelves pages of my headcanon! there will, of course, be words and sounds and tones and shading and stuff in the end ~ but i thought i’d just share the fact that i’m writing it! (-^ _^-) This goes from the point in the movie Dredd where Anderson let the techie go free, up until the moment he runs into Matt for the first time.

It wont go on being written out neatly in chronological order (unless i can string together all my ideas nicely, but that’s very unlikely) still, this first bit will probably be a full chapter long (aka: about 30 pages) But we’ll see!

I hope this will actually be interesting for some of you! hahahaha! XD i mean, i’m gonna do it for my own self-satisfaction anyway - but, hopefully you’ll all get some amusement out of it too! HUZZA! more to come! <3