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I just got the most awful random idea.

What if the Waynes adopted Jon like, before they die? Like someone with half a brainstem calls child services on Jon’s grandmother and the Waynes decide to foster a kid (like they want Bruce to have a brother of something, I dunno), and they’re introduced to Jon who isn’t very social but he’s polite and quiet and he’ll do so they adopt him.

Like besides the obviousness that Jon would take on the Scarecrow persona to help Batman as a hero, not a villain.

Jon would have motivation to help because the Waynes took him in and cared about him when he thought no one did.

Jon basically being Oracle and scolding Bruce over a radio in the most monotone voice ever.

Jon taunting Bruce with random things while he’s working like food and stuff.

We’d all know where Jon got his dry sense of humor and sarcasm he was raised by Alfred and probably picked it up.

The goddamn look on little newly adopted Jon’s face at the sight of the Wayne family library (as an added bonus, him falling asleep in the library and having to be carried to his room because evidently he is a log).

Just general sibling banter between Bruce and Jon.

Oh I dunno, Bruce having some semblance of a family left from before his parents died?

Just consider the idea guys I’m not saying it’s good I’m saying it’s an idea.


Katrina, Abraham and Ichabod: Beneath the Pretenses/Modern Interpretation or How I Use Sleepy Hollow to Amuse Myself

Nymeria, named after a Queen, is ruling a super pack, using strategy, leadership and ruthlessness (she would kill any male wolf who tried to mate with her). Dominating both man and beast. Although, its intetesting to note: The only wolf Nymeria ever followed was Ghost. Nymeria is also the most human-like, the only wolf named after a real person:

Arya’s direwolf was named after a ruling Queen.

Nymeria was not a warrior despite being remembered as such. She was a leader and a commander much in the way Tywin Lannister was during wartime - despite Nymeria being known as the Warrior Queen, she never fought in battle.

The Queen Arya’s direwolf is named after saved her people from Valyrian forces who wanted to conquer her Kingdom and previously failed. During the last major battle, her people killed 2 dragons. In retaliation, the Valyrians sent 300 dragons to wipe out the Rhoyne. But Nym survived and lead her people to safety.

How does this impact Arya’s wider story?

The Kindly Man is No One or something more powerful training a weapon. He is wearing Jaqen’s face, someone familiar to Arya so he can win her trust. There are theories that argue the Kindly Man is something else, more higher up in the order, possibly the MFG himself.

The actor that plays Jaqen proposed that the FM are interested in the IT. Interesting timing, now that a dragon is on her way.

Arya’s time with the FM, her judging Lady Crane innocent and not worthy of death; choosing to kill Trant over the insurance man. Carrying out her list, adding and removing names, choosing who lives or dies - like the MFG himself - Deciding over death and life in a feudal world is often the job of a ruler.

There is a great theory that the first FM’s prayers were answered and they were given the magic to change faces by the CotF. That the FM are actually working with Bloodraven. The weirwood that Bran uses to see into the past is also found in the House of Black and White. The door Arya walks through is entirely half weirwood. The long chairs the FM sit on are made of weirwood. So during meetings a certain Raven can listen in and whisper. The 3eR lured Bran North to train him while Jaqen has Arya going East to the FM. Two Stark children, the most magically inclined, the warging coming from the blood of the first men manifests strongest in Bran & Arya. Of all of Ned’s children, Arya is the most traditionally Stark. Next season, Arya will likely meet Nymeria again and her warging potential will be at its strongest.

I Love You, Professor

Original Imagine: Could you write a reader insert with the imagine: scarecrow being your professor, whom you have a crush on?

My first Jonathan Crane oneshot. I’m going more by Comic!Crane more so than Cillian Murphy since we never seen him as a professor in the movies thus not giving me the background knowledge I need to write him correctly. Not sure if there are any warnings so enjoy!

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