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tbh sometimes the only thing that gets me outa bed in the morning is remembering that uve ran so much that ur accumulative miles add up to the distance to ur school. u r an inspiration, chrissy. i cant get myself to try even half as hard as u do, but heck u actually motivate me to try. thank u for existing.

Annony-non, I’m gonna tell you a secret:

I suck at running.

I suck at sports! I suck at anything that requires the coordinated movement of body parts. I’m all the Bella Swan you can handle without any of the Mary Sue redeeming qualities. I suck. I don’t run well, and I don’t run fast.

The thing I do have going for me? A ridiculous drive to stay committed.

This whole running thing started pretty much with me just bullying myself. There was no enjoyable aspect to it , but I told myself I was gonna do it, so by gumminy i was gonna do it

And it did get easier, and more manageable, and fun even. It’s the best thing I ever bullied myself into doing. Now it’s mostly just me zoning out for an hour or more at a time, imagining friggin fanfiction. The whole time. I’ll have people who’re seriously like “Wow, did you just run for an hour straight? No breaks?” and I just kinda laugh it off while internally I’m just “You do not understand what if Papyrus doesn’t know about Sans’ powers and they get ambushed one day and PapyrsuthinkshehastodefendthembutSans….”

-I’ve run 10 straight miles deeply immersed in mental Underatle fanfiction
-I’ve run 13 straight miles (half marathon) thinking about Danny Phantom
-I’ve run 15 straight miles while literally watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood AMVs on my iPad. You gonna judge the gal on the treadmill next to you when her mile counter is at fucking 15 miles? I don’t think so. I’mma watch my damn fucking anime.

It’s…it’s a good situation, and I never needed to be good at running to do it. That’s my secret. I’m not good at it…I just did it anyway

detective-pookie-dixon said: I received an anon accusing me of twisting the truth and believing Norman said a Caryl spoiler when all I said was It gives me confidence that Norman asked about a Caryl shirt and said we will love this season. I can’t believe how they’re twisting it

It’s because they are projecting their fears into it.  What some folks are coming up with is just….amazing.

Wow!  Norman shared spoilers??? Where?  I didn’t see that!

Norman confirmed Caryl will be canon. Holy shit!!! Where!!!?? I want to see THAT!

All Normie said was that we Carylers will be happy..and judging from the spoilers this gal will be very happy.  Our babies are together fighting side by side again. Sharing screen time. YES!!!

I also love how they are saying I said that no Be*hyler had a positive experience with NR.  Um WRONG. I said Norman hasn’t fawned over the B ship like he has at least three times with Carylers.  I did hear when a fan told him they shipped the B, he said “This season will be mind blowing” or some such thing.  No pictures snapped for EK.  No asking more about it. 

Yes. I feel Norman ships Caryl. Remember, all three times it was NORMAN that brought up Caryl.  Not us.   Hell, he turned me to get a better look at my shirt, twice.

October is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for some of the fandom based on what spoilers we have including, but not limited to:

Daryl and Carol get reunited extremely early on

Daryl and Carol are sticking tight together and kicking some ass and B*th is not with them.  And no, to my knowledge Daryl and Carol are NOT looking for her. They are probably focusing on keeping their asses alive.

EK hasn’t been seen (note:  seen, she could be in a studio somewhere) filming since MSF, and even that wasn’t 100% confirmed.  She’s pretty blatant about NOT being in GA and pretty blatant about her music stuff. It’s not a big secret.

I also find it funny that at the MCC EK and NR were on separate floors, during the photo op they were separated, there was no B*thyl photo op, and EK’s panel was canceled. If Be@h is such a big deal, why was the panel canceled? I’d love to know what the attendance was at that panel as it was canceled 15 min before it was to start.

I believe to casual viewers, those outside of Tumblr, they couldn’t really care where the blonde babysitter went.  TPTB tried to pump up what little interest there was for B and it seems to have puttered out.  The onslaught of pure Caryl goodness in the promo pics alludes to that.

Anyway.  If you hate Caryl so much, stay outta the tag. Step away from the fandom if it pisses you off so much.  Take a page out of Norman’s book and go pet a kitten and please stop harassing folks on Tumblr that had a great experience.