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Make a list of 'mclennon' the beatles/solo career songs

All you need is love

Hey Jude

I want to hold your hand

she loves you

Get back

and I love her

In my life

Nowhere man

Here, there and everywhere

You’ve got to hide your love away

Baby you’re a rich man


If I fell

It’s only love

Let it be


Real love

Till there was you

You never give me your money

Jealous Guy

Just like Startin over

How do you sleep

Mind Games

Free as as bird

Now and Then

Forgive me my little flower princess

I know

Dear Friend

Here Today

Silly love songs

Early days

The lovers that never were

Too many people

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Can you write fanfics about Jude listening to Connor sleeptalk, Connor walking in on Jude changing, Jude and Connor going camping again and sharing a tent, Jude and Connor sleeping together and talking about their relationship and things they want to do, thanks!

The sleep talking and changing ones are here! http://its-war-paint.tumblr.com/post/123064117241/write-fanfics-about-if-connor-walked-in-on-jude

I think I’m gonna combine the last two, if that’s cool! :)

To Do List-a Jonnor fanfic by its-war-paint

“You know what’s cool about being gay?” Connor asked, slipping into the tent next to Jude and zipping the door shut. Jude rolled his eyes.

“What, Connor?”

“We get to share a tent, because no one’s afraid we’re gonna get each other pregnant.” Connor smirked, laughed at himself. Jude shoved him.

“You’re such an idiot, Connor.” He tried not to laugh, but he let out a giggle. Connor’s incessant goofiness was one of his favorite things. “Come on. I want t go fishing before it gets dark.” Connor rolled his eyes and dragged his feet as he trudged after Jude. 

“Why do you like fishing so much? It’s SO boring. I can think of a million things I would rather do with you.”

“Fishing is NOT boring. It’s serene, and calm, and relaxing,” Jude insisted. When they reached the lake, Brandon, Callie and AJ were already in and swimming. Mariana had headphones in and lay on a towel by the side, tanning. while moms were probably back at the camp site. He baited his pole and cast his line, a ways away from where his siblings swam. “But you can tell me the things you would rather do, if you want.”

“Well, I mean, we could go to the tent and-”

“As long as they don’t have anything to do with the tent,” Jude added. “My siblings are here.”

“Fine,” Connor sighed. “I want to go to an amusement park with you one day.”
“Why?” Jude asked.

“Why? Uh, cause it’s awesome. We can go on rides and stuff, and I can force you to go on rollercoasters even though you’re a scaredy cat.”

“What?! I am not a scaredy cat! How would you even know that, Connor?”
“You make us sleep with the door open at my house?”

“Just so I can see if I get up to go to the bathroom.”

“Yeah, okay. Whatever. I also want us to go ice skating.”

“I like ice skating,” Jude replied, reeling his pole in and casting it again. “We will sometime.”

“And I want us to go to a Bastille concert!” Connor shouted. “Wouldn’t that be sick?” Jude smiled. Concerts gave him major anxiety, but Connor seemed so excited. Maybe if he went to a concert with the strong, confident Connor, he wouldn’t be so anxious.

“Sure, we can try.” Jude felt a tug on his pole. “CONNOR!” He yelled. “I feel something! A fish!” He tried to reel it in, steady, slowly, like Mike had taught him. the line finally emerged from the water, and he saw a small, grey fish on the end. “YESSS,” he muttered to himself. He pulled…it came closer…closer…

“Good job, Jude.” Connor said. The fish slipped from the line and splashed back into the water. Jude whipped around to face Connor, his face shocked and angry. Connor started laughing, because Jude looked really cute and really pissed off. 

“I’m sorry!” Connor yelped.

“That was your fault,” Jude said. Connor laughed. 

“What?! How?”

“You…you jinxed it. You broke my concentration.” Connor laughed again, which made Jude angrier. 

“sorry dude.”

“You try fishing sometime. It’s hard.” Jude dropped his pole and sat down next to Connor, arms crossed, pouting. 

“Are you serious?” Connor asked. “You want me to fish?”

“yes,” Jude said. And they just stared at each other for a moment. Finally, Connor shook his head, stood up, grabbed the pole, baited it, cast the line. 
“So talk to me,” he said to Jude. “Tell me what you want to do in the future.”

Jude looked up at the sun. He hadn’t thought about it as much as Connor apparently had. “I want to read a book together,” he said finally.

“A book?” Connor replied.

“Yeah. Like we both read it on our own and then talk about it. Or I could read to you? Or you to me?” Jude expected Connor to laugh and reject his idea, but instead, he nodded.

“That would be cool.” Jude went on.

“I want you to teach me how to skateboard.”

“Sure!” Connor said. And then he paused. “A bite,” he said, “I think.”

“Oh come on Connor. It’s been like one minute. And you’ve never been fishing before, so-” Jude stopped. Connor had a huge orange fish on the end of his line, and in seconds, he had it in his hand. Jude just stared.

“Sorry?” Connor said.

“That is so not fair!” Jude yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Callie called from the distance. Jude shook his head, brushed the dirt off himself, followed Connor.


“Shut up,” Jude replied.

“Why is he jealous? Are you gonna date the fish?” AJ asked. Jude rolled his eyes. That was a horrible joke.
“Yes, in fact, I am” Connor replied, looking at Jude. He mimicked kissing the fish. Angrily, Jude grabbed the fish with one hand and shoved Connor into the water with his other. Connor made a giant splash, then scrambled to get out of the water. “FISH STEALER!” he yelled. Soaking wet, he chased a giggling Jude back towards camp.

“Whoa, what’s all the yelling about?” Lena asked as the boys ran by her. They didn’t fill her in, Jude just laughed hysterically as Connor snatched the fish from his hands and went to hide it.

“Seriously, what is so funny?” Stef asked, but Jude was too busy laughing to answer. 

When everyone got back from the lake, they changed clothes and ate hot dogs and roasted marshmallows and Brandon told stupid stories from Idyllwild and Mariana talked about her favorite reality show and Callie talked about the kids at the center and AJ told them the latest on the search for his brother and Connor called Jude Fish Stealer all night. After a few hours of talking, and Brandon and Callie playing some songs for them, they retreated to the tents.

“We’re letting you guys share a tent,” Lena said, “but don’t do anything weird. Get right to sleep,” she said.

“Of course, Mom.” Jude replied. He went in first, Connor followed. Connor leaned against the wall of the tent. Jude leaned against Connor. Connor put his fingers through Jude’s soft hair. They sat comfortably, listening to crickets and the wind and Mariana and Callie bickering in the other tent.

“You know what else I have always wanted to do with you?” connor said.
“What?” Jude asked, playing with Connor’s free hand, the one not in his hair. 

“Fall asleep with you in my arms,” he whispered.

So they did.