So I am absolutely fuming. A few weeks ago, I was called to the dean’s office to discuss the antisemitic bullying I’ve been enduring since freshman year (I’m a senior now). Here’s a brief run down of some of what I’ve had to suffer through these last three years (this doesn’t even scratch the surface):

• A swastika carved into my desk, along with the words “ich haße juden” ie “I hate Jews” in German
• Intentionally spit on, usually accompanied by the word k*ke, the most vile word a Jewish person can be called
• Pushed into lockers/to the ground
• Called a “dirty Jew” more times than I can count, usually once a day

I identified the main perpetrator by name. There is proof he is a Nazi as he has a fucking swastika tattoo on his arm for everyone to see. Close after I went to the dean, the boy I accused was called to the dean. He denied everything, and received NO punishment.

I have several witnesses to these events, he is very vocal about being a Nazi, and he is the head of a neo-Nazi gang that is very active on campus. And the administration did NOTHING. I want everyone to know that antisemitism is alive and thriving, and affects Jews everywhere every day, and the world does not care. The world remains silent.


The Kathy Griffin episode of the last week has been a great example of a popular leftist tactic that has been widely used for the last three or four decades.

Her flailing rhetoric has deep roots in collectivist movements across history.

This isn’t just pathetic on the part of Griffin. It’s a window into how collectivists see the world. How their disingenuous cults of personality attempt to manipulate the masses, and how a target group is often blamed for personal failures.

When enough of the population adopts these beliefs society has manifest the catalyst to atrocity.

Her strategy is succinctly described as “they cry out in agony as they strike you”.

This aggressive-passive-aggressive reaction to the consequence of self-inflicted disaster preys on sympathies in collectivists already indoctrinated and attempts to sow confusion in the broader audience.

It is the appeal to the cult of victimhood that the left has so carefully cultivated. She’s pleading with them to circle the wagons around the latest self-anointed victim and giving them the Pavlovian call to do so.

In Kathy’s world the public role-play of an ISIS style beheading of a sitting president by a b-list celebrity has little to do with her predicament.

She reflexively retreats to the collectivist dogma and is depending on a prevailing orthodoxy to save her. Simultaneously she attempts to rehabilitate her image with a ledger of past actions.

There were two appeals that stuck out. She “entertained the troops” and is therefore a patriotic American. Fair enough, some good old fashioned jingoism to try and peel off some of the nationalists that are likely dogging her.

But it turned more pernicious when she pivoted away from trump to a broader negative appeal. It’s the “old white men” who are at fault. She’s “fought them her entire life.”

In her words Trump the individual person became secondary. This was beyond him. He became an avatar for the ultimate evil. He is the mere conceptualization of cisgender old white maleness. He’s the Everyman of a race. We’re seeing beyond humanity now and casting it aside. “JUDEN” you might say.

And for that she can rot. If her face is any indication she’s well down that road already.

It is rather surprising, is it not, that whichever way you turn to trace the harmful streams of influence that flow through society, you come upon a group of Jews?

In sports corruption, a group of Jews.
In exploitative finance, a group of Jews.
In theatrical degeneracy, a group of Jews.
In liquor propaganda, a group of Jews.
In control of national war policies, a group of Jews.
Absolutely dominating the wireless communications of the world, a group of Jews.
The menace of the movies, a group of Jews.
In control of the Press through business and financial pressure, a group of Jews.
War profiteers, 80 per cent of them, Jews.
Organizers of active opposition to Christian laws and customs: Jews.
And now, in this miasma of so-called popular music, which combines weak-mindedness with every suggestion of lewdness, again Jews.

It is now time to show that the cry of “bigot!” is raised mostly by bigots. There is a religious prejudice in this country; there is, indeed, a religious persecution, there is a forcible shoving aside of the religious liberties of the majority of the people, and this prejudice and persecution and use of force is Jewish and nothing but Jewish.

- Henry Ford, The International Jew

Wenn es dem internationalen Finanzjudentum in und außerhalb Europas gelingen sollte, die Völker noch einmal in einen Weltkrieg zu stürzen, dann wird das Ergebnis nicht der Sieg des Judentums sein, sondern die Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa!
Wir sind uns im klaren, daß dieser Krieg ja nur damit enden könnte, daß entweder die germanischen Völker ausgerottet werden, oder das Judentum aus Europa verschwindet. Ich habe am 1. September 1939 [sic] im Deutschen Reichstag es schon ausgesprochen… daß dieser Krieg nicht so ausgehen wird, wie die Juden sich es vorstellen, nämlich daß die europäischen arischen Völker ausgerottet werden, sondern daß das Ergebnis dieses Krieges die Vernichtung des Judentums ist. Zum erstenmal werden nicht andere allein verbluten, sondern zum erstenmal wird diesesmal das echt altjüdische Gesetz angewendet: Aug’ um Aug’, Zahn um Zahn! 


Denver International Airport secrets:

Apocalyptic murals, a secret underground facility, masonic symbolism, and more - for several reasons, the Denver International Airport has been the target of speculation. 

For one thing, there was a perfectly good airport closer to the city of Denver, which DIA needlessly replaced on 34,000 acres inconveniently placed way outside the city of Denver. The initial cost of DIA was to be 1.7 billion, but it ran 3.1 billion over budget costing a total of 4.8 billion to construct (and its anyone’s guess what the extra money went into). 

Lead observers and enginers as well as workers reported that different contractors were hired to build sections of the airport (including a massive underground facility) then fired after completing only pieces, so that no one company could get a big picture of the entirety of this project. No one company even completed an entire tunnel before getting laid off. Stew Webb, a federal whistle blower worked on the project, drew a diagram of some of the tunnels and buildings (parts he knew of) 75-100 feet beneath the surface, with tunnels 12 feet tall and 16 feet wide, large enough for buses to drive through, and leading to five buildings. The five massive buildings were further connected by intersecting tunnels. 

The workers were lied to, told that the underground system would be for water and sewage, yet they could see that they were not the right type of facility for water and sewer, not constructed to hold water, and having no water stops, teflon coating, or rebar. Nearby, Webb observed massive amounts of dirt hills being piled up (110 million cubic yards of earth), even though this is located in the planes where everything is flat, so they were obviously constructing more buildings and tunnels for the underground facility. Jesse Ventura did an episode of his conspiracy theory show on DIA, and while they were filming, they saw concrete tunnels waiting to be placed underground, and more massive piles of dirt being displaced.

5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison). And the fueling system can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport. Granite was imported from all over the world even though the project was already grossly over budget.

The words “new world” also appear in the freemason capstone, though the company that its supposedly talking about doesn’t even exist. Theres also a freemason time capsule that no ones allowed to open for decades. 

The murals in the airport which anyone can photograph, depict an apocalypse scenario, and then the remaining survivors uniting under the new world order. One of the pieces of art mentions peace and harmony with nature, much like the Georgia Guidestones which call for depopulation of earth.

The city in the background of the scorched earth apocalypse painting has been retouched and painted over many times during the years, as if it represents something important for the creators. It seems surrounded by an ill colored haze, as if it was attacked by a bio-chemical weapon. 

One of the children in the murals holds a Mayan tablet. At the bottom of this peaceful painting, we see three open-caskets containing dead girls from different cultures. Why are they laying there with the other animals?

The girl on the right holds a Bible and a yellow “Juden” star used by the Nazi to identify jews. It seems to symbolize the death of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The group at the origin of the imagery of this airport are definitively NOT Christian or Jewish. Secret societies have their own belief system. Caskets however are an important part of masonic symbolism. Tombs are also a big part of the Skull and Bones’ rituals. 

One of the murals obviously represents countries of the world giving up their military might and their national identity for “the common good”. Another reference to a New World order, with one government and one army.

The creepy horse statue outside also reeks of apocalypse symbolism: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”. -Revelation 6:7-8

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with every passing day more and more people are waking up to israeli kike bullshit. and figuring out just mow much of an enemy tothe west you juden truly are. enjoy it while it lasts little rat. youre time will come

My time has come! I’m having a wonderful life and am rather successful on the metrics that matter to me personally.  On the other hand, you are a shiftless degenerate who will likely die miserably wallowing in your own inadequacy.

I wish you a wonderful day of trying to not use any of the things that Jews have provided the West.

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Hast du das Buch 'Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion und die jüdische Weltpolitik' gelesen? Wenn ja was hälst du davon? Wenn nicht dann würde ich mich sehr darüber freuen wenn du es lesen würdest. Du kannst es als pdf aus dem Internet runterlasen und dann in iBooks auf deinem Handy lesen. Sofern du ein iPhone hast, weiß nicht wo es bei anderen Marken zu finden ist. Oder was hälst du so allgemein von juden und Illuminaten. Nein bin kein nazi oder so aber finde dieses Thema sehr interessant.

Ich hab diese Nachricht schon länger in meiner Box und mich gefragt wie ich auch diese Scheiße antworte. Es ist einfach so viel Dreck, dass ich einfach nicht mal wüsste wo ich da anfangen soll, deshalb habe ich mich wieder einmal für die gefühlsvolle verständliche Art entschieden.

“Nein bin kein nazi oder so…” Halt dein Maul und zieh schnell ab. Wenn du doch unbedingt über dieses oder jede Themata reden willst, können wir uns gerne persönlich zusammenschreiben und ich zeig dir was ich davon halte. 
“Diskutieren mit Antisemiten? Ich bevorzuge den Baseballschläger!” - Allen

Gulag Witze - Ja Nein?

Des öfteren bekomme ich mit (privat wie auch hier) wie gerade linke Menschen Witze bringen wie “du kommst ins Gulag, wenn…/alle Hater in den Gulag/ab mit ihm*ihr* in den Gulag../”. Und oft habe ich mich gefragt ob Mensch da tatsächlich Witze drüber machen kann. Denn es ändert nichts an der Tatsache dass damals auch unschuldige Menschen in die sogenannten Arbeitslager gesteckt worden sind. “Politische Gegner”, Juden*innen, und und und…
Ist es ethisch vertretbar darüber Witze zu machen?