So I am absolutely fuming. A few weeks ago, I was called to the dean’s office to discuss the antisemitic bullying I’ve been enduring since freshman year (I’m a senior now). Here’s a brief run down of some of what I’ve had to suffer through these last three years (this doesn’t even scratch the surface):

• A swastika carved into my desk, along with the words “ich haße juden” ie “I hate Jews” in German
• Intentionally spit on, usually accompanied by the word k*ke, the most vile word a Jewish person can be called
• Pushed into lockers/to the ground
• Called a “dirty Jew” more times than I can count, usually once a day

I identified the main perpetrator by name. There is proof he is a Nazi as he has a fucking swastika tattoo on his arm for everyone to see. Close after I went to the dean, the boy I accused was called to the dean. He denied everything, and received NO punishment.

I have several witnesses to these events, he is very vocal about being a Nazi, and he is the head of a neo-Nazi gang that is very active on campus. And the administration did NOTHING. I want everyone to know that antisemitism is alive and thriving, and affects Jews everywhere every day, and the world does not care. The world remains silent.


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The Jew remains a Jew but without a corrupt, inept, and
decadent ruling establishment, he has nowhere to peddle
his goods. A healthy state will expel - or kill - the Jew; a
decadent one will take him to its bosom. The Jew corrupts
the nation. He buys his way into opinion-forming and
taste-making media, feeds the gullible masses his poisonous,
liberal garbage; this in turn gets sounded back
onto gutless opportunistic politicians in the “democratic
process”; finally the very fabric of the nation is a tangle of
perverted legislated Talmudic euphemisms. This is how an
originally Puritan state becomes Sodom inside fifty years
—  James Mason - SIEGE

Die Bitte an die jungen Menschen lautet: Lassen Sie sich nicht hineintreiben in Feindschaft und Haß gegen andere Menschen, gegen Russen oder Amerikaner, gegen Juden oder Türken, gegen Alternative oder Konservative, gegen Schwarz oder Weiß. Lernen Sie, miteinander zu leben, nicht gegeneinander.
(Richard von Weizsäcker)

Israel räumte den Südlibanon und hat Hisbollah Raketen geerntet. Den Gazastreifen geräumt, dafür Hamas Raketen bekommen. Israel beliefert den Gazastreifen nicht wie Ägypten, mit Lebensmittel und Medizin und geht nicht wie Ägypten in den Dialog. Israel hat alleine in der Militäroperation: “Protective Edge” 7 Friedensverträge durch Qatar zugestimmt, die die Hamas aber mal wieder doch nicht unterschreiben wollte. Israel ist das einzigste Land auf dieser Erde, das die Rechte von Trans*HomoIntersex-Menschen beinah fast alle umgesetzt hat.

Doch auch abgesehen davon, ist das Existenzrecht Israels, ein muss. Wer nachdem letztrigen Angriffen gegenüber Jüd_innen auch nach Auschwitz und Triblinka etwas anderes behauptet, ist und bleibt Antisemit_in.