As part of my Nostalgic Summer, I was rewatching a show I used to watched called Wild Kratts, which has the main protagonist of the old kids show Zaboomafo (which I also watched as a kid), and I remebered how much I loved this nerd 

and still I do…don’t judge me


Yes, it’s an ad campaign from a bank… but strangely it’s so much more.

If you are gay, queer, trans… whatever… please never let go. Have the courage to keep holding your loved one’s hand. It’s so easy to conform to the ideals of the hetero world and be afraid of judegement and ridicule. However we will never be able to break that barrier if we don’t show our relationships are as valid as anyone elses.

In the past I’ve let go before. I felt guilty and ashamed for forcing myself and my partner to break our physical bond in public, because I was afraid. These days though I refuse to give in!

And just to make sure this post still has my favourite Jedhans in it… This further underlines my previous post about the important presence of a strong, same-sex couple in the Star Wars galaxy!! Break those barriers and make the ‘abnormal’ normal!!

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I was just thinking about the lyrics in 'You Are In Love' and the lyrics, "and you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars" stood out. I'd always thought that was a kinda weird lyric if it was inspired by Lena and Jack, but in the context of Gaylor Swift it might mean the love she shares with Karlie made her realise why people have fought for the right to marry (and love without judegment) for so long, and so hard depsite the pain and how people keep pushing it back.

Wow that’s a really good point! I honestly hadn’t thought of it. If that really is the meaning of the lyric, it would make a ton of sense, though.

I don’t believe for a second that YAIL was written about Lena and Jack.. It just makes no sense. So many things just don’t add up, and her not knowing about it was the nail in the coffin for me. 


And the next part is ready :’D ……
Phew ~
The next one will also be the one, where I start coloring this animation xD~

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So, here's my frustration. I've recently come to terms with being bisexual. Perhaps, even pan. But definitely bi. So, upon entering certain groups in the hopes of finding a date im immediately judged because ive never been with a woman. I get asked, "so, why are you here." Or, "what made you change your preference." im like theres never been a preference. There has, however, been societal pressure and judegment. Now, that im 33 i realize certain things and dont care as much.

Yikes! Biphobia is alive and well and especially in the adult world. I, too, am an adult (though I’ve only been one for a few moons now) and I’ve definitely seen it. 

People in the LGBT+ community need to come to terms that biphobia is definitely real and we have to deal with it within our own community before we move forward as a united front against all discriminations facing us form cishet people. But that’s just my Onion.

Name: Haylee
Gender: female
Age: 18
Language(s): English
Location: US, Oregon
Interest: piercings, tattoos music, bobs burgers rick and morty, food, social media
Likes (in a friend): Is able to talk throughout the day will give me advice open minded can video chat or use Snapchat or iMessage
Dislikes (in a friend): someone who ignores you close minded doesn’t care about your problems won’t be there for you judeges you
Age Range Preference: 16-24
How to Contact Me: Tumblr: trippyxbaby
Twitter: trippyxbaby
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I get these NaruHina/SasuSaku fans asking me why am I being ‘Salty’ or 'Butt Hurt’ over how Naruto has ended. That I am mad that my ship did not become canon.

First of all my anger isn’t just directed towards the pairings, it is directed toward piss poor judegment, lack of resolution, OBVIOUS CHARACTER ASSIMALATION, and blatant fan service.

For 15 years we were brought up upon the notion of bonds, friendship, and hardwork. We first met this boy, Naruto…the boy, the loud mouth, hyperactive knuckle head ninja. Prankster of Konoha! Jinchuriki of the kyuubi striving to get the recognition he wanted. We watched him grow and grow and grow for 15 years! We’ve been through the darker and lighter times with this guy I can’t even begin to count! Skip to the time skip and he still never changed! He was still the same old hyperactive ninja we all knew and love.

Now we get to the END? I could barely recognize the man in the hokage robes! A man who doesn’t admire his sons own prank? A prank that he has done countless times when he was younger? His own son thinks he is being a shit dad, this isn’t the Naruto I know. Naruto cherished all and anything. This was someone who cared more about his job then his family.

Then we get too Sakura Haruno, part one? She was really insufferable a fan girl for a guy who was never interested in her, but even though she was agonizingly annoying in the beginning, you grew too like her. Once Sasuke leaves and she wanted training from Tsunade you could tell things were only looking up for her character! Head in to part two of Naruto, two years time, and she had evolved from that weak fan girl, to the girl who now risked her life for her comrades, ready to take on a new challenge, ready to protect those precious to her. Her character progress had sky rockets high and I couldn’t be any more happy.

Now we get to the end, and her character was shafted. Everything about her had changed. Wrapped once again around Sasuke’s finger with a half assed apology from Sasuke and a 'meh okay I’ll forgive you for multiple attempts on my life, all those times you neglected me, called me weak ad useless" it was like nothing happened between you too! Her decimation continued by not only the fact that has chosen to ignore those mis deeds, but she resorted to stumble back to that insufferable child back in part one. To just give up on everything to go with Sasuke?
This wasn’t the Sakura who willing would help anyone, who willing challenges herself to catch up to that gap that was between Naruto and Sasuke. The Sakura at the end was a complete opposite. I can’t stand to see that.

Then there is Sasuke…I can’t begin to go where this truly fucked up.

The end wasn’t about bonds, friendship, and hardwork.

This end was selfish, unhappy, a resounding slap to the face of true fans, who understood what was going on who knew what this story was all about. This ending was a travesty. Plot holes forever to remain plot holes.

Now my 2nd gripe will be the pairings. Congrats to the NaruHina and SasuSaku fandom you guys become canon but you guys did it through OOC, through plot holes that would never be resolved and things that SHOULD HAVE BEEN covered. Nope. Gone they were.

Your damn right I’m gonna be hurt. I’m gonna be blunt about it, this ending hurt. It hit me and many of the fans in the gut as this was just a flakey attempt to end and start a new with the new kids.

I cannot accept that.

It’s an ending to appease the majority.

A bought ending.

Not like the built ending that I know…I believe that Kishimoto was gonna give us. A PROPER end.

But that will remain out of grasp.

We’re stuck with this buyable ending.

the heart rate of a bagel: a ryden fic written by perksofbeingaweeaboo

Ryan was sitting alone in his moat thinking about gay things and cats when Brendon fell from the sky.

“SUP FAGGOT” he screamed, landing perfectly on the ground with his roller blades. “how’s the music career going? Oh yeah nonexistent.”

Brendon laughed to himself until he snorted, reminding ryan coldly of his cocaine days. He was fully recovered now and the only thing he snorted was dry brownie mix.

“What are u doing here, brendon boyd urie???”

Brendon scoffed (rudely) and sat down beside ryan. It was a good thing that it hadn’t rained in a while, or else they’d be drenched in the moat.Well, ryan does like being drenched (xD). “I came to see you, loser. I wanna say that im sorry for marrying that girl.”

“OH.” Ryan muttered bitterly. “youre here to talk about her.”

“do u not like sarah urie?”

“why are you saying sarah urie?”

Brendon smirked with his large soup-cooler, black girl lips. “because I know it boils your tea. In a bad way.”

Ryan began to think about tea and then he began to think about harry Tomlinson by English extension.

“what r u thinking about bby?”

He rolled his eyes. “I told you to call me bae, you undignified cowhouse.”

“youre thinking about harry malik aren’t you.”

“but how did you know?”

Brendon grinned again. “your face lights up like whenever you pull fresh cookies out of the oven or pet dogs-”

“oh bae ur so sweet and observant”

“-or when you do crack cocaine.”

Ryan didn’t like talking about drugs with brendon. He knew that it was a struggle for him, yet he still mentioned it constantly. Just like he still mentions ryan’s little obsession with the spice girls and llamas (no connection between the two obsessions, yet ryan would’ve swallowed an entrie rhubarb pie to see ginger spice on a llama) when he was sixteen.

“ok listen i don’t do drugs anymore.”

“youre clean?” brendon asked suddenly, chewing a bagel randomly.

“well no I haven’t showered in a while actually. I saw a spider near the bottle of shampoo and im too scared to go near it ok.”

Brendon looked at ryan with a face that screamed concern and judegement. The same face he made at sarah when she agreed to marry him. “maybe u should shower, ryro.”

“uhhhhhHHH it’s pree obvious that youre just saying that to get me naked in the shower with you, brendon. U know that im not somehomewrecker, ok, I’m a classy boy get outta here.”

“wowee, ry, you’re not rlly accepting this whole separation thing well, are you?”

Ryan thought about the end of their relationship, full of pain and misery. It involved a lot of cinnamon toast crunch and Gilmore girls reruns, but he inevitably got through it. Dan (his lil giant) kept trying to get him to feel better, but he mostly just made him worse. Ryan was short and tbh dan and his collassol height just terrified him a lot.

“Brenny, I need u to leave, ok. You just bring back really bad memories and u smell like homo bagels.”

Brenny left, crying with fear, and ryan sat in his moat the rest of the week, thinking about cats. The next day, there was a single gallon of milk awaiting on his doorstep. To be continued.