Yes, it’s an ad campaign from a bank… but strangely it’s so much more.

If you are gay, queer, trans… whatever… please never let go. Have the courage to keep holding your loved one’s hand. It’s so easy to conform to the ideals of the hetero world and be afraid of judegement and ridicule. However we will never be able to break that barrier if we don’t show our relationships are as valid as anyone elses.

In the past I’ve let go before. I felt guilty and ashamed for forcing myself and my partner to break our physical bond in public, because I was afraid. These days though I refuse to give in!

And just to make sure this post still has my favourite Jedhans in it… This further underlines my previous post about the important presence of a strong, same-sex couple in the Star Wars galaxy!! Break those barriers and make the ‘abnormal’ normal!!

Imagine: Barba asking this due to the fact that he had to leave you, his ill wife, with your twin two year old daughters.

After the perp’s defense lawyer tried to make a case in front of  the judge, Barba and Liv, in an attempt to dismiss the case that they have against the defense’s client. 

“Why are we here?” Barba grumbles, with you being the only thing weighing heavily on his mind. 

“Mr. Barba is right. Your move to make this a mistrial has been denied. I will see all of you in court on Monday morning.” The judeg excused themselves, and the defense stormed away angrily, thinking for sure that would work. 

“You seem extra on edge today. What’s up?” Liv said, being able to tell from a mile away. “Ah Y/N got the girl’s flu, and she’s home with him. I hope my Mami got my text saying to take the girls for the day, because she apparently does not see them enough.” Barba sighed. 

“I’m sorry to hear that Y/N is sick. I’m glad the girls are feeling better. Why don’t you clock out and go home to Y/N. I’m sure she would want you there with her.” Liv suggested with a slight shrug. It did sound tempting but Barba remained silent. “It’s up to you though but I have to get going myself. Have a good weekend, Rafael.” Liv offered him a small smile and showed herself out. 

Barba tapped his foot against marble floor and made up his mind. He was going to leave work behind, and take care of something much more important to him than his cases. 


Mami texted Rafi a picture of Sofia and Camilla in her living room sitting in front of the T.V. that read: They are little angels. Y/N is pathetic looking and I told her myself to get back in the bed. Love you Rafi.” 

Barba grinned down at his phone and sent her a quick response, and also added to Carmen to clear his schedule for the rest of the day. “Yes, Mr. Barba. Send Y/N my best wishes.” Carmen peered up from her desk. 

“Thank you, Carmen.” 

When Barba unlocked your penthouse door, the house was very quiet. He shrugged his winter jacket off and hung it up. He made sure not to make too much noise. He didn’t see you laying on the couch so he assumed you were in the bed. 

Barba slowly crept down the hallway and stopped short in the doorway. He admired your sleeping figure. He could not make out but so much, but he saw your little chest rise up and down and you looked at peace. Which he was very glad for. 

Barba slipped his shoes off and changed his outfit, into something much more appropriate and climbed in the bed, bedside you. You felt the movement in the bed and stirred awake. When you cracked one of your eyes open and saw Rafael you were shocked. 

“Rafi is that you?” 

“Its me, carino.” Barba whispered, tenderly caressing your temples with his thumb. 

“It must be the fever. I’m suffering from hallucinations.” You stated in a raspy voice, right you hacked up a lung. 

“No, it’s really me. I’m home to take care of you.” Rafael chuckled. “That is so thoughtful of you, Rafi. I love you.” You smiled, also figuring he was also the one that got his Mami to take the girls. 

“I love you, mi amor. Now get some more sleep.” Barba encouraged, as you gratefully shut your eyes. 

The End! 

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And the next part is ready :’D ……
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The next one will also be the one, where I start coloring this animation xD~

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anonymous asked:

So, here's my frustration. I've recently come to terms with being bisexual. Perhaps, even pan. But definitely bi. So, upon entering certain groups in the hopes of finding a date im immediately judged because ive never been with a woman. I get asked, "so, why are you here." Or, "what made you change your preference." im like theres never been a preference. There has, however, been societal pressure and judegment. Now, that im 33 i realize certain things and dont care as much.

Yikes! Biphobia is alive and well and especially in the adult world. I, too, am an adult (though I’ve only been one for a few moons now) and I’ve definitely seen it. 

People in the LGBT+ community need to come to terms that biphobia is definitely real and we have to deal with it within our own community before we move forward as a united front against all discriminations facing us form cishet people. But that’s just my Onion.