I get these NaruHina/SasuSaku fans asking me why am I being ‘Salty’ or 'Butt Hurt’ over how Naruto has ended. That I am mad that my ship did not become canon.

First of all my anger isn’t just directed towards the pairings, it is directed toward piss poor judegment, lack of resolution, OBVIOUS CHARACTER ASSIMALATION, and blatant fan service.

For 15 years we were brought up upon the notion of bonds, friendship, and hardwork. We first met this boy, Naruto…the boy, the loud mouth, hyperactive knuckle head ninja. Prankster of Konoha! Jinchuriki of the kyuubi striving to get the recognition he wanted. We watched him grow and grow and grow for 15 years! We’ve been through the darker and lighter times with this guy I can’t even begin to count! Skip to the time skip and he still never changed! He was still the same old hyperactive ninja we all knew and love.

Now we get to the END? I could barely recognize the man in the hokage robes! A man who doesn’t admire his sons own prank? A prank that he has done countless times when he was younger? His own son thinks he is being a shit dad, this isn’t the Naruto I know. Naruto cherished all and anything. This was someone who cared more about his job then his family.

Then we get too Sakura Haruno, part one? She was really insufferable a fan girl for a guy who was never interested in her, but even though she was agonizingly annoying in the beginning, you grew too like her. Once Sasuke leaves and she wanted training from Tsunade you could tell things were only looking up for her character! Head in to part two of Naruto, two years time, and she had evolved from that weak fan girl, to the girl who now risked her life for her comrades, ready to take on a new challenge, ready to protect those precious to her. Her character progress had sky rockets high and I couldn’t be any more happy.

Now we get to the end, and her character was shafted. Everything about her had changed. Wrapped once again around Sasuke’s finger with a half assed apology from Sasuke and a 'meh okay I’ll forgive you for multiple attempts on my life, all those times you neglected me, called me weak ad useless" it was like nothing happened between you too! Her decimation continued by not only the fact that has chosen to ignore those mis deeds, but she resorted to stumble back to that insufferable child back in part one. To just give up on everything to go with Sasuke?
This wasn’t the Sakura who willing would help anyone, who willing challenges herself to catch up to that gap that was between Naruto and Sasuke. The Sakura at the end was a complete opposite. I can’t stand to see that.

Then there is Sasuke…I can’t begin to go where this truly fucked up.

The end wasn’t about bonds, friendship, and hardwork.

This end was selfish, unhappy, a resounding slap to the face of true fans, who understood what was going on who knew what this story was all about. This ending was a travesty. Plot holes forever to remain plot holes.

Now my 2nd gripe will be the pairings. Congrats to the NaruHina and SasuSaku fandom you guys become canon but you guys did it through OOC, through plot holes that would never be resolved and things that SHOULD HAVE BEEN covered. Nope. Gone they were.

Your damn right I’m gonna be hurt. I’m gonna be blunt about it, this ending hurt. It hit me and many of the fans in the gut as this was just a flakey attempt to end and start a new with the new kids.

I cannot accept that.

It’s an ending to appease the majority.

A bought ending.

Not like the built ending that I know…I believe that Kishimoto was gonna give us. A PROPER end.

But that will remain out of grasp.

We’re stuck with this buyable ending.