Yes, it’s an ad campaign from a bank… but strangely it’s so much more.

If you are gay, queer, trans… whatever… please never let go. Have the courage to keep holding your loved one’s hand. It’s so easy to conform to the ideals of the hetero world and be afraid of judegement and ridicule. However we will never be able to break that barrier if we don’t show our relationships are as valid as anyone elses.

In the past I’ve let go before. I felt guilty and ashamed for forcing myself and my partner to break our physical bond in public, because I was afraid. These days though I refuse to give in!

And just to make sure this post still has my favourite Jedhans in it… This further underlines my previous post about the important presence of a strong, same-sex couple in the Star Wars galaxy!! Break those barriers and make the ‘abnormal’ normal!!

anonymous asked:

I was just thinking about the lyrics in 'You Are In Love' and the lyrics, "and you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars" stood out. I'd always thought that was a kinda weird lyric if it was inspired by Lena and Jack, but in the context of Gaylor Swift it might mean the love she shares with Karlie made her realise why people have fought for the right to marry (and love without judegment) for so long, and so hard depsite the pain and how people keep pushing it back.

Wow that’s a really good point! I honestly hadn’t thought of it. If that really is the meaning of the lyric, it would make a ton of sense, though.

I don’t believe for a second that YAIL was written about Lena and Jack.. It just makes no sense. So many things just don’t add up, and her not knowing about it was the nail in the coffin for me. 


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The next one will also be the one, where I start coloring this animation xD~

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