Love - Messy yet beautiful // Fingerprint Collection - Hand drawn Typography

I’ve been in and out of love for quite a while now. Some have been tragic and some painful and then there were the times when it’s been so absolutely beautiful. Either way, being in love with someone is a whole new experience in itself and you learn so many new things been in one and you are opened up to more instances and opportunities in life that you would’ve never imagined, 

But Love without God contains no meaning and it legitimately cannot be called love in that case because God IS Love. I am so blessed to have someone as wonderful as Sarah and her love for God is amazing and is wonderful. I am looking forward to the future and my prayer today is that no matter how beautiful or messy love can be- I pray that God will lead myself and Sarah through it all and to let Him take control of our relationship and everything centered around it.


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The memories of you haven’t died and it still keeps me awake at night sometimes.

Sometimes I dream of you still waiting whilst you live your amazingly beautiful fairytale life. And here I am now…. thinking about you and writing about you. It’s raining like crazy outside and it’s oddly quiet inside. But the thought of you is still echoing inside of my head. It’s like this dull noise that’s all the way at the back. I haven’t been able to get it to quieten down for sometime now.

On a different note, just working at it today, it just popped into my head that there probably are so many secrets in the air and space that we walk through everyday. It inspires us all to do something. For some it inspires people towards change and good. And for others it fixes them for evil and chaos. Makes you wonder what exactly drives people to do their own thing.

Breaking out of my ponder, I want to get something new as my phone case. It’s been a while since it sported one and I want to get something great that speaks out something. And I’ve been thinking about this for the past two days or so. Sometimes I wish that it was a bit easier to decide and settle on something. But my mind is constantly racing and running, thinking, wondering, asking and doing that it’s too hard for me to settle.

Oh boy. And now I am hearing the noise of a flatline in my head…

So today I got this awesome card from Walk the Same for Christmas (it was from the free Christmas card giveaway), Jude sends out the Christmas cards from London, and he did something special for me and my card. 

He had placed a whole bunch of post it notes (in this order), on the inside of my Christmas card, and then asked me to be his girlfriend through it :)

He used the post it notes because when I sent him his birthday present in October, I placed a bunch of post it notes on the different items that I had given him, to explain what I was thinking when I bought them and what not. He said I was excessive on it, and decided to do the post it notes for me too :)

He’s sweet isn’t he?

(the picture that was at the end was two stick figures of myself and him with a turban - its a joke about how the only emoji on the iphone keyboard that looks similar to him is the man with the turban :) )

God is on our Team

God has never failed in any kind of face-off with someone else and what’s even better for us as Christians is that He is on our side. Take the story of David and Goliath for example. David was a skinny little kid at the time whilst Goliath was a full on giant with all the equipment he needed to finish David off in one blow. However, David had something that Goliath didn’t. David had God on his side. You know how the story ends.

No giant is too big for God and that includes all the giants that we have come across in our course of life. How assuring is it to know that we have a God who can tackle our giants and never leaves us alone in our journey to pursue Him.

Definitely something to be thankful today (and always).


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When will your Prince come?

Growing up with a (rather annoying) sister, I have come across those moments in her life where she devoted some of her time to wish upon a star for Mr. Right. And i am no stranger to seeing the ladies sigh in hope as they watch the movies or even read books, wondering when this kind of prince charming would step into their life. And I really do not have to go far find an example of a girl dreaming about her future husband. All I have to do is turn to tumblr and I would find scores of women making posts on their blogs, totally devoted to the men they would love to see come into their life.

But the restlessness in the girl doesn’t end there. I have seen women who still wonder even after a man does make his appearance in her life. “Is he the one? Is he the man to bring me happiness for the rest of my life?” is the most popular question that women wonder.

I don’t know about how you might think but when it comes to the whole dating thing, I always say that one should always pursue marriage and that should be the eventual goal in a relationship that you get yourself into. But to acquire that kind of mindset, you need to feel secure about the character of the man that comes into your life. By God’s good grace, he will be a person that lives and leads life with Christ-like qualities  but one thing that you ladies must remember is that he will be no god. That person is Jesus and no man can elevate himself to be a god. But if you find yourself in a situation where you are pursued by a man, you, as a sister and daughter in Christ, must take the time to evaluate the kind of person he is and the character that is embedded within him in order to come to that position where you are comfortable knowing that this is the guy would like to date and someday be married to.

As unromantic as this may sound to you, the most important thing that you must consider before entering marriage is- Is he a Man of God?

Being a man of God is such an important characteristic that every man should have and should also be considered as important by any girl in evaluating a man. Character reveals the true nature of someone as it is often said that character is the kind of person that you really are when no one is looking. As a girl/woman, you need to remember that God always watches your hearts and as a person, He wants you to lay down your heart with Him, in its raw and purest form. In doing that, you entrust yourself completely to God and He will reveal to you your character and through the Holy Spirit, guide you to evaluate the character of the man that you want to be with. 

I know that most women consider their men and have them short-listed into their group of husband material in terms of how physically attractive he may be, whether he is financially stable and can provide for you now and in the years to come, whether your likes, interests, hobbies and everything else in between are almost similar to one another, and/or whether if he has a great sense of humor. These are some of the considerations made by most women and a positive response for all of them would most likely seal the deal for you but I ask you today - are they really and truly deal breakers? I really doubt so.

Today I would like to share with you some considerations which essentially should be the deal breakers if you cannot confidently answer them.

  1. Is he a Man of God? - A man of God always and will forever pursue Jesus. For him, there is no one higher in His life than Jesus and in His yearning to pursue Him, he will always take the time to pray and study the word of God. Because he always pursues God, his character becomes so full of Jesus and he will be strong in heart and spirit. He will be the kind of individual who isn’t afraid to lead and in his obsession for God, he will always lead you towards Christ as well.
  2. Does he love Jesus more than he loves you? - As strange as this may sound, this is a characteristic that you should always look for in a man. Why? Because as a man - he is so full of limitations, but Christ is someone with an unlimited supply of everything that you can dream of. When he loves Christ more than he loves you, he will be able to love you so purely and freely and that love, he has for you, will only keep on growing stronger by the day.
  3. Does he love you more than he loves himself? - Selflessness is always better than selfishness. He will always be the kind of person to lift you up and make sure that you are safe and happy even at a cost to himself.
  4. Follow the leader. Who is His leader? - “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?” (Luke 6:39). Who does he follow? Does he follow Jesus who is always steady and secure in his ways or does he follow a god that will lead him to a pit? To be in submission to Christ, He will always place himself under authority of Christ, the church and other godly people who are there to look after him, encourage and lift him up. If a man has no authority over him, he is most likely to be a dangerous person.
  5. What is it that ticks him off and makes him angry? - Any man may be stirred to a point of anger, but as a man of God it would either be anger for the righteous thing and if not, he will have the grace to repent of his outburst. A man who always ends up being angry over the littlest of things should raise a red flag in you. 
  6. Is he a humble person? - Humility is such a wonderful characteristic and it will always be there to serve Christ and you well for as long as he lives. 
  7. What are his fears? - Fear is something that is present in all men and if there is a man who claims that he does not fear anything then he isn’t a man of character. It is the humble response to fear that makes a man want to trust in God all the more and in that, He will always have the strength and courage to lead himself and you in the most fearful episodes in your life.
  8. Repentance is golden - No man is perfect except for God and a man of true character will never be perfect. Rather he will be someone who will come forward and admit that he isn’t perfect. This act of repentance and courage is something that builds up the character of a man. 

Nothing of this world stays forever. Job security is never truly secure, the smooth and glowing skin you have will end up wrinkled and coarse and the romance may fade over time but a man of God will always be a steady man of character who will always pursue God for the rest of his life and will hold his hands with you in that journey and lead you to God as well. If you, as a sister in Christ, can be confident of the above in a man, then you have found yourself a treasure to cherish. 

Ladies! Nothing should be more attractive to you in a man than His earnest love for Christ. 

Many Blessings,

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True Christianity

Christ showed us all by example what it meant to be a Christian. Regardless of the fact that a whole bunch of people nailed Him to the cross and our sinful nature, He forgave us and gave us redemption and bridged the broken gap that existed between us and the Father. We are where we are right now because of His mercy and forgiveness.

Would you call yourself a Christian?

(*Lettered from a quote by C.S Lewis)


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In the Aftermath

In that moment of glorious surrender
Was the moment You broke the chains in me
Lifted out of the ashes
I am found in the aftermath

(Aftermath, Hillsong United)


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Typography // You may Have Life

Inspired from John 10:10The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full

So this is one of the many pictures that I was so fortunate to capture whilst in Dorset and I just knew that I had to pair it up with John 10:10 cuz it seemed just so appropriate and so here it is. Just a glimpse of how awesome of a God we have.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday.



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Speak Up (Proverbs 31:8)

So many people exist in our world where their voices are unheard of. They either are unable to speak up for themselves or they are not given the right to speak. As Christians, we are called to be part of community which also includes helping those who need our help in speaking out. 

Let us be part of this great movement and speak out in one voice for what is righteous and true in the eyes of God.


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“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do i do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15)

We don’t have to stay in that trap of discouragement. To paraphrase Paul as he writes in Romans 8, the key is to stop focusing on the law and start focusing on Jesus. We can’t do anything about our sinfulness in our own strength. The answer is not “try harder to be good at keeping the rules.” Instead, we must focus on the One who shows us mercy and cooperate with the Spirit who changes us.

When we focus on the law, we are constantly reminded that we’ll never be good enough to deserve God’s grace. But when we focus on Jesus, we become more like Him. —Randy Kilgore
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