Nygmobblepot Wedding AU: I have no real caption for this one, guys I just really want these two idiots to get married. Requested by Jude (@guiltyphandiot​ ) on her Oswald RP blog ( @featheredfiend​) for her friend Edrev ( @dappercobblepot​ ). Enjoy the nuptials, everyone, and keep going with that ~Nygmobblepositivity~. Hell yes.

I obviously didn’t ask for Vortigern feelings but here I am crying on another fictional character who deserved all the shit he went through but managed somehow to break my heart anyway AND THERE’S NOT EVEN A FANDOM I CAN CRY WITH


[Edward Nygma, Genius, The Riddler]

Another character study! This one is more for myself and how I interpret Edward Nygma and the Riddler, but it’s all just my opinion! I love what Cory is doing with the character and I can’t wait to see him grow even more (and hopefully be with oswald in the interim know what I’m saying?) Anyway, Jude (@guiltyphandiot​) inspires me as always!

 EDIT: This is a redo of a previous aesthetic that I wasn’t satisfied with >.< It happens sometimes, alas. Hope you guys enjoy this one more, I know I do!!