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To Mark, Wade, muyskerm, pewdiepie , Jack, and many others

Thank you for giving me the joy of donating and knowing I’m making a difference. On the day of Mark’s last stream this was delivered. I still donated but per my new years resolution I decided to donate every month as I made a  donation 2 weeks ago. So even it is only a little I know it still helps. I also know that the small things can make a difference . Mark’s stream proved that. 

So thank you for inspiring me to do more. and encouraging others give back more. 

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that others do good when it is given, encouraged and shared. 

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anonymous asked:

random cooper and jimmy facts?

  • cooper is an embassador specifically engineered by their species to study, befriend, and initiate first contact with other races. as a result, they are endlessly curious and friendly.
  • cooper is extremely adaptable; upon arriving on a new planet, their outward appearance and much of their biology changes for the purpose of prolonged survival and blending in.
  • jimmy has written five books on paranormal studies, all of which have been rejected by numerous publishers. he posts them on his blog in pdf form.
  • jimmy named cooper; a cop stopped them and asked for their names, and jimmy just gave the first thing that came to his mind (the mystery of d.b. cooper and the famous hill abduction). cooper’s real name can’t be pronounced by humans.
  • cooper has limited telepathy and telekinesis. 
  • cooper’s blood is green.
  • jimmy found cooper while ufo-watching. cooper’s ship crashed about 20 feet from his car and nearly killed him.

‘Thinking back to that day at the clinic, I remember trying to look in Lon’s eyes to see if I could even begin to understand what she was going through, and how she wouldn’t look at me. And I think I knew then. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. So classically … I said nothing.’