I have to say that Jude and Noah are such bad potheads. No potheads that i know of would ever smoke any place where they would easily be caught by their parents and would’ve had some sort of secret place to toke it up.

Also i’m disappointed that when Stef and Lena caught Jude and Noah smoking weed, at least one of the boys wasn’t running around shirtless and playing the bongos. I think that it would’ve add a much more comedic element to the scene.

“I loved and admired him. And was extremely jealous. I would venture to say My Own Private Idaho was the first performance of my generation, where somebody of my era did something, something original. The world since then wonderfully changed, but to be 23 and to play an openly gay character in a mainstream film was very daring, very brave. And he didn’t think twice about it. … And I was so jealous. And all of a sudden he has passed and I am missing him. Missing the challenge of him. And how often do we see ourselves in competition with people around us and don’t understand what we’re doing?” -Ethan Hawke on River Phoenix, 2016. (via

“Breathe, Sophie. Stop being stupid,” It seemed that no matter how many times the young girl repeated the phrase in her head, it simply would not stick. The simple words tasted bile on her tongue and caused her forehead to pucker in frustration as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. There were two things that at this moment in time were extremely certain. One, Sophie was having… feelings towards Jude Nolan; Feelings that she didn’t understand. Feelings that her body matched with urges that confused her even more so. And two, she felt absolutely mortified by the fact that she couldn’t control her feelings, her emotions, or even her own body around him. She hated the way that her eyes seemed to linger on him now, and the way that her body almost craved to be next to him. How was it possible for her to feel so strongly towards a man that she had convinced herself was just a friend?

After checking herself in the mirror once more, Sophie moved from the large bathroom to her bedroom. She slipped out of her tank top and sweats and stepped into a white dress. She felt so silly. It was just Jude. Why was she making such a fuss over how she looked tonight? Never the less, she ran her hands over her torso and adjusted anything that didn’t look exactly perfect. It had taken her all day to pick out what she would wear. The entire content of her closet was now strewn across her bedroom, covering every inch of the large space.

Feeling her heart skipping a beat at the sound of the doorbell, Sophie quickly grabbed the small creme bag that matched with her dress and moved to open the door; taking only five minutes to make it down at the entrance of the apartments building. “Hey..” She said softly, once she opened the door. “I’m sorry for making you wait.”

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until the episode airs and proves me wrong i’m going to assume the blood Jude washes off his hands is either Zero’s from cutting himself when he smashed the glass or Jelena’s because Jude is the one who finds her.

Star Wars: Jedi Quest #1: Path to Truth by Jude Watson

  • This book really went after Obi-Wan and Anakin’s vulnerabilities, no holds barred
  • Lots of Obi-Wan+Qui-Gon angst as well as Obi-Wan and Anakin angst
    • “But his promise to his former Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, was more important. Qui-Gon had been dead for four years now, but he was such a vivid presence in Obi-Wan’s life that he considered their bond just as strong. Taking on Anakin as his Padawan was not only a vow to his beloved former Master, but also the right thing to do.”
    • “Qui-Gon was in his head so often. It was as though his presence was so powerful that he could never die. Obi-Wan was grateful for it. He missed his friend and Master with a keenness that had not diminished with the years.“ 
    • Obi-Wan has a vision of Qui-Gon’s death over and over again, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it
    • during the vision:

He saw a shape move toward him. A tall Jedi, powerfully built but still graceful. A rugged face with compassionate eyes.
“Master,” he breathed. Qui-Gon smiled.
Obi-Wan’s heart cracked. Joy rushed through him. Tears sprang to his eyes.
“I have missed you." 

and then

Again and again, he was forced to relive Qui-Gon’s slow dying. He groped for calm but could not find it. All he could feel was pain. 

  • Melida/Daan is brought up and apparently this is what Obi-Wan learned
    • “He had been wrong, and he had come to understand that. The knowledge of this had shamed him. It was only through Qui-Gon’s counsel that he had learned that his shame was preventing him from healing. “
    • which is not at all the conclusion I would have drawn from the JA books
    • I feel like that’s far too trivializing to Obi-Wan’s quite valid feelings on the whole matter?
  • (also Obi-Wan still has no sense of self preservation and nearly gets himself killed at least three times, once because he literally jumped between Anakin and danger and neary got strangled before Anakin saved him)
    • (Anakin, at this point, is still 13)
    • (Obi-Wan also has 0 sense of self care
    • “[Anakin] was not yet at Obi-Wan’s level, capable of forgetting about food for long periods of time.”
    • someone help him
  • Obi-Wan tries his best, but he is not always adept at managing a Padawan
    • in particular he is quite good at sticking his foot in his mouth and making it seem like he doesn’t think Anakin is good enough in front of the Council
    • which leads to Anakin ending up hurt and Obi-Wan trying to make up for it and they seem better on the surface, but still Anakin takes every word to heart, and he’s never going to forget them
    • Palpatine is quite happy to pick up the slack (ew)
  • And there’s a whole lot on Anakin+slavery
  • He feels guilty as hell for abandoning everyone on Tatooine, especially his mom, but this isn’t something he feels remotely comfortable in confiding to anyone, even (or perhaps especially) Obi-Wan
  • Anakin at age 7: ”[Anakin and his friend Amee] drank sweet juice and planned their futures, which always included Anakin liberating all the slaves on Tatooine. “
  • “Anakin vowed that someday Shmi would live a soft, pleasant life, filled with leisure and good things to eat, just like this day. He would see to it.”
  • And then Anakin ends up a slave. Again. Obi-Wan is majorly Not With It in the whole realizing this is actually a terrible thing for Anakin. Like, intellectually he knows that being a slave is Bad, but in practice he doesn’t seem to get quite how bad

As [Anakin] parked his gravsled at the end of the day and headed for the lift tubes with the other slaves, he felt a deep weariness in his bones. He knew it had to do with a weariness of spirit as well.

Obi-Wan was looking for him. That he knew. He was also confident that his Master would find him. But how long would it take? How much of him would be chipped away before it happened?

  • Anakin (at age 13!) ends up murdering a pirate who killed and enslaved his friends. Obi-Wan (not knowing the full backstory) worries that he’s letting too much anger out, and the book seems to present this as the Correct reaction, but you know what? I was cheering on baby Anakin the whole time

I will not abandon [Anakin], Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan privately vowed. I see what you see. I see how he struggles. I see his immense capacity for good.

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I wonder how sexualy active noah was before jude? Like he must be really horny...

well, seeing how he didnt even hesitate to try taking off jude’s pants im guessing he must be very experienced

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What are your top 10 favorite names that you have given/would like to give to your sims (any gender)? Once you answer, pass this on to 5 simblrs you love and want to get to know better, and share the fun! ♥

Hoo boy this is a hard one. (in no order)

  1. Siggi
  2. Freyja
  3. Eir
  4. Jude
  5. Poppy
  6. Anais
  7. Aleksandr
  8. Artem
  9. Adalhaid
  10. Skadi

reasons 2 be jude’s friend: 

he has a lot of money / expensive things that he does nothing with
v loyal n will care n protect u if u get on a good level w/ him
has a v big n v cute nose 10/10 would smooch n see him blush
he blushes a lot how fuckn cute
lovely voice could sing u a danzig tune 
loves junk food who doesnt

“100 links. 100 quotes. Each representing a day until my first World Cup back in Lillehammer, Norway. My mom always knows how to cheer me up and motivate! Thanks to the friends and family that sent the quotes. Ready to be back healthy and strong! Let the countdown begin!”
~Sarah Hendrickson via Facebook

See you back on the ski jump in 100 days, my lovely Sarah! ❤