She felt the drunken’s man hand collide on her backside, stiffening immediately as she gripped her notepad. For a moment, Willa stared at him in disbelief but knew there was nothing more to be said. He was a friend of her father and the last thing she needed was this to get back to him. So ignoring the chuckles of the men and sympathetic looks of her co-workers, she moved onto the next table, gripping her pencil with trembling hands.

“Would you like to try our special?”

After collecting quite a few valuable items and making a stop at the town pawn shop, Beckett returned to the motel in higher spirits than before. He wasn’t one for the life of luxury, evident by how fast he ran away from his own privilege life. But he knew this could help them go in the right direction of living their new lives. With a smile, he dumped the wads of cash on the coffee table next to half-eaten breakfast before glancing over.

“Figured you wouldn’t be mad— If you saw what we pulled…”

After the small towns and countless stops to get there, Bryne finally set eyes on Vegas, the lights blaring in all directions as she took in as much as she could. Jude had mentioned a plan for their time, but she mostly tuned him out as she looked around. Nothing was more beautiful as far as she could see and her hand reached down for Beckett’s as they made their way into the casino in the hotel they were staying in. 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1aQ9Y-TWtU) Very nice video with one of my favorite Ellie Goulding songs, cover by Tanner Patrick.

Hold on tight - this ride's a wild one

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by ceeayeess

Jude and Zero try out sexting.

Words: 1034, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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