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Theories on The Fosters 2x21 The End of the Beginning

Ok here are my two cents on the next episode:

Theory 1: Jude realises that he might NOT be in love with Connor (seeing that Connor initiated all of their romantic interaction, Jude might have gone along with it - liking the affection and being curious … basically as Darya did..). But he realises that Connor is his friend and that he needs to stand by him and support him - hence the blue nail polish as a symbol of having each other’s back and the pronunced ‘I want to see my friend’ (not ‘Connor’) when he asks Connor’s father to let him see him. But Connor eventually tells Jude that he wants more and that they can’t just be just friends. Thus Jude ‘loses’ a friend after all.

Theory 2: Who says that the fatality in the car crash is anyone particular from the cast? I believe it to be a totally different person, who becomes the victim of either Jesus’s reckless driving or maybe also Anna’s or Mike’s (having relapsed) drunk driving. This would certainly throw the respective character in some kind of emotional trauma - causing more possible plot options for season 3. This would also explain why the car is barely damaged and why there seems to be someone lying in front of the car!

anonymous asked:

please please please please write a chapter 2 of the jonnor fanfic. and a chapter 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 10000000. i love it and i want lena and stef to be like oooooh hes got a boyfriend. OHMYGOD I SHIP JONNOR SO HARD!!!!!!! sorry :3

Don’t be sorry they’re so adorable together but what pisses me off is that I post my fanfic on fanfiction.net and look here

Connor isn’t listed but Mike and Tayla are?!?!?!?!?!? I probably will be writing more. Thanks!

elgourt  asked:

ok so on imdb it says that connor is only on for 2 episodes and this really depresses me bc jude x connor :((( is that true??? help me please (LOVE THIS BLOG BTW)

Aw, thank you. Um I’ve been looking into it and he’s been in two episodes so far but the season only has like two episodes left so I think he might not appear but just be talked about. I’m really sad now I loved him and Jude. Can anyone confirm this? I checked wikia and imdb but I think you’re right. :(