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Spoilers for SPY.

Why is no one talking about how feminist SPY is???

Hero: Female
Villain: Female and a male POC
Boss of hero: Female
Best friend of hero: Female
Love story: no
All male characters: side kicks and arm candy one of whom is JASON FUCKING STATHAM who I assumed would swoop in at the last second and save the day. Did he??? No. Miranda fucking Hart fucking did. Baller move Paul Feig.

Title: Welcome to Woodstock (Part 4.)

Character(s): Jude Fisher and Lennon Rose (original female character)
Summary: Lennon and Jude go out on a date.

Word Count: 3,860
Author’s Note: Wow. So much fluff!!!! Also, shout out to @warriorqueen1991 for reading my mind! That picture you sent me… I was kinda distracted bc like damn he’s hot lmao ok I’m gonna stop rambling now. Enjoy! :) 

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Once Lennon made it back to her hotel room, she quickly went to the bathroom to take a brief shower. She didn’t know why, but she was a bit nervous to go on this date with Jude. It had been a while since she even thought about dating and the last time she was in a relationship, it ended horribly.

She thought about her parents, about Grace, about the people in Woodstock, and especially about Jude. People were so quick to welcoming strangers in this town that she finally realized why her mother had decided to stay here, aside from her father being one of the reason.

Lennon couldn’t imagine having a bad day while living in this town. Everyone seemed to be happy and carefree.

She finished her shower and decided to pull on black floral shorts that slightly loosened at the ends. Lennon then slipped on a regular white t-shirt and tied a knot in the front so that it rested just at the waistband of her shorts. She rubbed the towel along her dampened locks, allowing it to air dry into her normal waves.

Lennon was just about to lie down before she heard a knock at her door. She smiled to herself, but felt the nerves pick up once more. With a heavy sigh, Lennon slowly walked to the door. She couldn’t help but wonder why Jude wanted to go out with her. She just hoped that he didn’t think she was the type of woman who simply wanted a one-night stand. Though, Lennon wouldn’t mind. It had been a while since she slept with a man and she, too, had needs.

Once at the door, Lennon turned the handle and opened it slowly.

Jude stood at the other side of the door clad in his usual plaid shirt that was buttoned just enough to reveal a few chest hairs. The sleeves of his shirt were folded to his elbows, revealing a few tattoos that Lennon was instantly interested in. His dark jeans accentuated his long legs and his brown boots tied the outfit together. Jude removed his sunglasses and ran a hand through his disheveled hair, smiling instantly down at Lennon.

“Hi,” he said.

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