jude is pretty

  • Dammek: "alright ive decided to take over planet earth with the power of rock and roll"
  • Jude: "wait, you have rockbands on your planet?"
  • Dammek: "well duh"
  • Dammek: "hell im in one"
  • Jude: "wow!"
  • Dammek: "well, a garageband anyways"
  • Dammek: "of two people"
  • Dammek: "i play guitar and drums and then edit it"
  • Dammek: "i bet this place doesnt have any rock bands as good as me and xefros anyways"
  • Dammek: "say hello to the grubbles baby"
  • Jude: "i mean, i bet queen, the who, led zeppelin, the beatles-"
  • Dammek: "the what now"
  • Jude: "the beatles? they're a pretty good rock band."
  • Dammek: "the fucks a beatle"
  • Jude: "well they're like...little bug things that crawl around on lots of legs, and sometimes have horns-"
  • Dammek: "those fuckers ripped us off that's exactly what the grubbles is named after"

Okay quick question:

How is it possible that we had to watch Jude go on, not one but two, dates with satan aka Lucas (and on one of those they were holding hands *cold shiver runs down my spine*) but we couldn’t get one scene of Zude going on a date? How??

Zude are like practically married but we can’t have a scene of them going out for dinner??