jude is pretty

rest in peace river

23rd august 1970 - 31st october 1993

“it’s a great feeling to think i can be a friend to so many people through my movies.” - river phoenix

you’ve officially been gone from this earth longer than you were on it, it breaks my heart, but you continue to be an influential figure. rest in peace river, and thank you for being a friend to many.

  • Dammek: "alright ive decided to take over planet earth with the power of rock and roll"
  • Jude: "wait, you have rockbands on your planet?"
  • Dammek: "well duh"
  • Dammek: "hell im in one"
  • Jude: "wow!"
  • Dammek: "well, a garageband anyways"
  • Dammek: "of two people"
  • Dammek: "i play guitar and drums and then edit it"
  • Dammek: "i bet this place doesnt have any rock bands as good as me and xefros anyways"
  • Dammek: "say hello to the grubbles baby"
  • Jude: "i mean, i bet queen, the who, led zeppelin, the beatles-"
  • Dammek: "the what now"
  • Jude: "the beatles? they're a pretty good rock band."
  • Dammek: "the fucks a beatle"
  • Jude: "well they're like...little bug things that crawl around on lots of legs, and sometimes have horns-"
  • Dammek: "those fuckers ripped us off that's exactly what the grubbles is named after"