Disneyland AU! Nygmobblepot: Oswald is the newly appointed host at the most popular restaurant in Disneyland: The Blue Bayou. Ed works at Big Top Toys on Buena Vista Street. After meeting at their onboarding training, they’re roomed together and despite Ed’s…forward attitude, Oswald comes to like his roommate more than he ever expected. Even the silly riddles he tells the children.

Wow it’s been a while ewe But it’s a snowy day and I’d rather be in Disneyland, so here’s a Nygmobblepot edit in which both boys have a workplace romance working at the Happiest Place on Earth! Homage to Jim Carrey for Ed’s work placement. Oswald stole hosting at the Blue Bayou from Fish Mooney, but she’s trying to work up through management to get back on top again. Requested edit for @guiltyphandiot <3 Inspired by our AU.

Character: Jude Fisher

Movie: Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

Warnings: None, fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Song: Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

°Jude teaching you how to play the guitar.

Walking around downtown Woodstock was something else. The colors were bright, the music was funky and upbeat, the sun was shining… and the faint scent of pot was in the air.

I grinned, shaking my head as I found the source of the Mary Jane smoker.

A much older man, with graying, long black hair, silver beard and dressed to the nines in seventies gear, sat in the back of his VW van, the beads parted to show case in the inisde.

“You don’t see that all that often.”

I jumped at the soothing deep voice that spoke from behind me.

“Pardon?” I asked, wanting to make sure that he was speaking to me.

The man was beyond gorgeous. I’d seen him around town and my friend Grace had talked about him quite often. If I could only remember his name… I was terrible about that.

He pointed to my face, “Your smile… I’ve heard alot about you. Grace holds you in high regard.”

I smiled shyly, the blush tinging my cheeks and ears, “Um, thank you.”

He held his hand out, his dimples showing through his beard as he grinned, “I’m Jude. Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

I shook his hand, giving a slight nod, “Nice to meet you too, Jude.”

“I’m about to go on stage to play. Grace will be there, want to join us?”

Folding my hands in front of me, I nodded, “I’d enjoy that.”

Jude waved at the man in the van, “How’s it goin’ Tommy?”

He blew out a thick puff of smoke, “It’s goin’ maaan.”

Jude laughed, putting out an elbow for me to take hold of. I wrapped my hand around it, using my other to give Tommy a peace sign.

He bobbed his head, giving a high smile and a peace sign as well.
Jude and I had walked in comfortable silence to the stage, which he kindly held my hand as we walked up the steps.

Grace greeted us, her smile growing as she saw our hands still glasped together.

Jude gave her a kiss on the cheek and I hugged her.

“Well hello, hello.” She greeted.

We spoke for a small bit as the band started to tune their instruments for Jude’s set.

He’d given my hand a gentle squeeze before going over and getting his guitar.

Grace had drapped her arm around my shoulder, her jewelry clinking together, “You two certainly looked cozy!”

I rolled my eyes, “Grace, please.”

She held her hands up in defeat, but her grin said everything.

I watched Jude as he strummed his guitar to a few Eagles songs.

“Are you still interested in learning to play?”

“Of course. I just need to fin- Grace!” I scolded, but laughed.

This was in her plan all along! The look of mock innocence was enough to choke a horse and I wasn’t falling for it.

“You’ve had this up your sleeves for a while now, haven’t you!?”

Her lips twitched as she tried to keep up her facade. She then scoffed when I raised my brow at her.

“Oh alright! He still can teach you to play.” She grumbled, bumping me lightly with her shoulder in jest.
I pulled into the long driveway that led to Jude’s home. The side building was opened, Jude working on some wood projects.

He’d given me a call earlier in the day, asking if I wanted to come over for lunch. I didn’t see a problem with it… I may or may not have had a girly moment after I got off the phone with him.

He came from the building, wiping his hands on a shop rag as I exited my car.

I walked up to him, taking the hug that he was currently offering to me. Inside my head, I was having another girly moment when I took in his warm scent.

His beard tickled my cheek when he kissed me, “You look beautiful,”

I looked down at my blue jeans and purple plaid shirt, “Thank you. Seems like we’re twins today.” I laughed, pointing to both our shirts.

He wore a tan plaid shirt and blue jeans. Jude winked at me, “Great minds.” He led me into the workshop, showing me some of his wood work.

He was in the middle of staining a kitchen table and chairs when I had arrived.

“So,” he took off his glasses, “what do you want to know?”

Grace. I love that woman to death but damnit if she couldn’t make your head spin.

I rolled my lips, putting some hair behind my ear, “Um, would you teach me how to play the guitar?”

Jude’s eyes brightened, “Of course.”
“Ever handled a guitar before?” Jude asked, adjusting the strap before putting it around him.

“I take it Guitar Hero doesn’t count?” I laughed.

Jude chuckled, shaking his head, “No it doesn’t. Fun game though.”

I watched as he tuned the instrument. He then stared at me for a moment, his eyes squinted for a split second.

“Alright, this song is pretty easy to learn.”

He began strumming and when he started to sing, I could feel myself melting at the smoky croon of his voice.

It’s late in the evening; she’s wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, “Do I look all right?”
And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.”

He paused after singing that verse, giving me a soft smile, “Want to give it a go?”


Jude took the guitat off and handed it to me, waiting patiently as I adjusted the strap.

I tried to remember how he held his fingers on the strings, but I didn’t get it right. The sound was way off, making me cringe.

Getting behind me, Jude’s chest was flush with my back. “Loosen your fingers Sweetheart,” he said.

Gently he placed my fingers on the right strings, “Now strum,”

I did as he said, feeling proud at how it sounded.

I smiled, looking at him over my shoulder.

His eyes were heavy lidded as he stared at my lips, “Y/N…”

Biting my bottom lip, I removed the guitar and placed it carefully next to the chair.

“Jude… I-”

My sentence was cut short; Jude swooping down as he kissed me. He cupped my cheeks as his lips moved over mine sensually.

I gripped his waist, my other hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat. His kiss stole my breath, making me euphoric at the feel of his lips and slight scratch of his beard.

Slowly he pulled away, his breath fanning my face, “Is this okay?” He asked.

I swallowed, basking in his warm stare. Giving a short nod, I whispered, “Yeah… this is great.”

“Okay,” he grinned, his voice was a mere whisper as he gripped my chin to tilt my face up to give me another toe curling kiss.


BBC’s Sherlock

I cannot believe the amount of time and effort the talented crew put into these episodes. 

The editors create this entire new way of looking at an object or person, just so the viewer could understand the ways of the brain of a genius. 

There are writers creating puzzles, which is 10x harder then solving. 

The visuals are absolutely marvellous, combined with something most people forget: sound. The sound editing in Sherlock is brilliant and is very much one of the reasons why Sherlock’s deductions are genius. 

There is a cohesive plot, woven around the mysteries that need to be solved. There goes care into creating great characters as well as great storylines, as well as great cases and they are balanced out wonderfully. 

Not to mention, they managed to make all of this happen, while still being perfectly capable of adding humourous notes here and there.

… and you guys… are seriously ridiculing all this hard work… bc John and Sherlock didn’t kiss.


ok so i need a bit of help on a character i’m writing.

so i’ve got this character in a comic i’m working on who, very recently, lost the ability to walk. he’s been significantly physically injured (in a pretty complicated storyline which i won’t go into), spent a few months recovering in a hospital-like environment, and now uses a wheelchair to get around.  

the thing is, since he’s become a pretty significant character,  i really want to go about this the right way and avoid perpetuating any stereotypes or misconceptions about physically disabled people. i don’t plan on centering the character’s whole personality/story arc around him being in a wheelchair, but i also don’t want to just be like ‘ok this guy doesn’t walk anymore but we never address it or know how he feels or how he’s adjusting or how it affects his life from this point on’.

basically, i’m looking for advice/resources on how to write a physically disabled character properly. if anyone with firsthand knowledge has any advice i welcome it, as well as links to blogs or posts that go into detail about this subject.