Last but not least, it sounds like Judd’s getting a little more generous, and the bonus points given to the victory in Regular Battle will increase from now on. Thanks Judd! Also, a rumor says that he may even give you a small reward if you keep battling… Check it out to see what might happen!

In honor of Splatoon’s final Splatfest, I just had to draw the Squid Sisters! I love Splatoon a whole lot, so I was pretty sad when they announced the end of Splatfest. Granted, sometimes it felt more like a chore than anything…

A ton of work went into this particular picture. It started out as what I thought was going to be a simple concept, and just kept going and going. In all it took 12 hours to complete, so I think it’s one of the longest work processes I’ve had yet?

Watch me draw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6zK6fFtXC4

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Splatoon Update

With the final Splatfest concluded, a lot of people are asking… Where can I get more Super Sea Snails? Thankfully, Judd’s got your back: for every thirty matches you win, he will award you one snail. While this is a lot of matches to win (a minimum of two hours of playtime, assuming you won every time), unlike the Vibe Meter, Judd will keep track of your wins across multiple play sessions.

In addition to this, the 300 p awarded to winning teams has been increased to 1000 p, meaning that the average player will now be earning around 2000 p per win. Since Spyke accepts 30,000 p in lieu of a Super Sea Snail, you will now (on average) be able to add a new ability slot to your gear or randomize its abilities every fifteen matches won. Combining this with Judd’s rewards, you could think of it as earning three snails for every thirty wins!