choose from these pairs: roxas/elijah (for their daughter/sister), dirk/griffon, zak/judd, grant/holly (for their daughter/sister)

THEY’VE BEEN WANTING this for quite some time… and she was just casually sitting on the couch watching tv. once they both agreed that they wanted to fuck her, it never left their minds. finally, once she wasn’t expecting it the first male can up from behind her and tore her shirt open so her tits were out. the other cam up behind them, tugging her pants down and began to touch her pussy. “you look good like this,” he says with a chuckle.


At the very closing part of the film where Bender raises his fist in defiance, that was actually ad libbed. He was supposed to just walk into the sunset, so to speak, and John Hughes asked him to play around with a few actions. When he was done and they were finishing up, Judd Nelson threw his fist up without running it by anyone. Everyone loved it, and it has become an iconic symbol of the 1980’s.

Breaking news! We’ve confirmed the identity of the furry creature seen previously in both video footage and the recent Testfire event! Ready for it? Everyone, meet Li’l Judd!

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit he’s adorable, but from what we’ve been able to observe, he’s gunning for Judd’s spot as premier Turf War judge like a bloodthirsty tiger crouching in the jungle underbrush. The details of his origins are still shrouded in mystery, but rest assured our research on this fuzzy subject will continue.

Pretty In Pink (‘86)