judas tyre

13.APR.2013 unfinished sketch of blue haired baras arm wrestling ahhaa (YES MORE ARM WRESTLING, ITS A GREAT BONDING ACTIVITY K) i drew this right after i hung out with tania senpai for the first time and she drew them together (punching each other in the face hehhehe) and iwas like THIS IS…. CUTE…. (ノ)//﹏//(ヾ) /leaps out window

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Judas is so depressing.

KSDFNSJK I KNOWWW i crey…. he doesn’t care about himself, has no hope or motivation… ARGHH
[1:31:56 AM] Leporidae: Poor Judas… True neutral, made to do bad bad things…

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Andari is a neutral/good? I never would have thought she was anything other than lawful/good xD Interesting chart here, and then there’s PHARES…Phares wut u doin over there in chaotic…xD

Yeah! I had to take a minute to think with her… The main thing that made me choose to place Andari as neutral instead of lawful, is because although she adheres to rules and authority and whatnot, she is not driven to enforce them. I thought mostly about her main goal and motivation. She fights for goodness and life and for people, not so much for order or to uphold some authority’s law. And I think the whole “hero” group is pretty much like that!

That’s a commonality between all the characters I put in neutral good, actually… Above all, they do what they do in support of life and well-being of other people. They’re not quite lawless vigilantes, but they aren’t exactly the king’s men, either–just independent people who put their strength to the cause of good in their own way x)

And Phares is chaos on legs LOL