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Lady Gaga's Superbowl setlist leaked!!!

Lights go out, the crowd goes silent. A huge unicorn appears onstage. The gays flock on the field wearing nothing but relics from the “Artpop” era. Suddenly, a voice echoes throughout the stadium: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H I M” A republican drops dead. The unicorn explodes, releasing a cloud of glitter and grease. Tom Brady chokes on this eleganza. Gaga emerges wearing nothing but an American flag. She sings the first verse and chorus of “Born this Way”, immediately destroying every nuclear weapon in the world. She stops, looks straight at the camera: “My name is lady Gaga, but you can call me Joanne”. An electric guitar bursts into flames while Gaga belts out “Perfect Illusion”, dismantling the white supremacy. The song suddenly fades out into “Manicure” for fifteen seconds. A dance interlude storms onstage, while the “Venus” chants morphs into “Dance in the Dark”. An exorcism is performed live onstage. The démon rises up, followed by “Bad Romance”. The Wesboro Baptist Church disappears into oblivion. GOP is drowned into hot cheetos, which allows time for Cher to become the first female US president. The new United States of America is reborn to the tune of “Poker Face”, sung as a duet with Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga kicks a football and score a touchdown. Texas becomes officially gay™. The performance ends, as Tony Bennett drops his flesh suit to reveal… BEYONCÉ!!! “Téléphone Part 2/Judas/Video Phone” mash up grants three wishes to every person who ever bought “Joanne” and watched “AHS: Hotel”. Laganja Estranja death drops on Joe Biden’s face. Lady Gaga shoots fireworks from her Versace boobs while singing “The edge of Glory”, effectively ending homophobia everywhere in the world. The stadium erupts in applause, as Lady Gaga’s voice fades away, singing the iconic bridge from “Applause”. A jock in the audience turns to Barack Obama wearing a rainbow jacket, and whispers “She did that.” Obama answers “yes, she did.” Iconic.

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Awakening Festival Gacha
Duration: 5/26 (Fri) 16:00 ~ 5/31 (Wed) 21:59

This gacha will feature some of the previously released 6☆ enabled characters as well as a new exclusive 5☆ Judas, which can be awakened with the already running 5☆ Harold Awakening Partner.  The rate to get a 5☆ from this gacha is doubled.

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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Comic book readers today, especially young ones, will rightfully and righteously rage about the Captain Hydra America/Secret Empire storyline.  They are correct to rage against Captain America being portrayed as a fascist dictator.

Then they turn around and play Injustice 2, a video fighting game in which Superman was driven mad by the Joker and then became a fascist dictator.  And nobody has a problem because “it’s an alternate Earth” or “It’s just a video game.”

Either both of these are wrong, or neither one is.

As someone who read comics from 1989 to 2007, and still occasionally today, let me make this clear; comics went off the deep and a long time ago.  Superior Spider Man is not okay.  Unworthy Thor is not okay.  Superman’s death is not okay.  Bane breaking Batman’s back is not okay.  Jason Todd being killed is not okay, and neither is him coming back form the dead as a Punisher wannabe.  Terra being an irredeemable sociopath who brought the roof down on her own head is not okay.  Gwen Stacy’s broken neck is not okay.  Roy Harper sticking a needle in his arm is not okay.  NONE OF IT IS OKAY.

And on those rare occasions when heroes are not being deconstructed/victimized in this way, they are being mocked and laughed at instead, a la Batman ‘66.  Yes, I’m well aware it’s an adaption of the old tv show (RIP Adam West); I’m old enough to have watched it in reruns in the late 70s.

We’ve spent too much time either destroying the superhero, or mocking them for being genuine in their desire to do good.  The hero needs to be A HERO again, and neither victimized nor mocked for doing so.   Does that mean every hero should be a perfect, goody two shoes?  No.  Does that mean ALL of them need to stop being spat on?  YES.

Don’t rail ONLY against Captain Hydra America, and don’t fall asleep when that story arc is over.  Stand against this deconstruction and victimization EVERY times, with EVERY character.  Or it will.  Not.  Stop.

fate-plays-chess-with-two-queens  asked:

Because you like to talk and I'm curious: what is Cosmere about? The fanart looks really cool but I'm hesitant to commit to the book because I have 101 things I really should prioritise :)

Cosmere is a collection of books (Mistborn series, Stormlight Archive series, Elantris, Warbreaker series (hopefully), White Sand series, and Arcanum Unbounded (a collection of short stories)) that exist within the same universe in which once upon a time a God was destroyed and broken into 16 pieces (aka shards). It’s currently unknown as to exactly how this shattering occurred, or what the entire compilation is leading up to (but I’m assuming some sort of apocalypse). 

In this series you have characters such as: Sociopath Jesus, Better-than-Loki, Hat-Thief, Queen of Awesome, Depression, Cinnamon Roll 1 and 2, Judas-but-Suave, Braniac-Badass, Zombie-Prince, and many, many more. 

You should get started on it. It’s awesome and will probably take up your life for at least the next 6 months.