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Have you ever written a similar post about disabled people and the holocaust? If you have, I haven't seen it, and I was just wondering if I missed it or if it ended up not happening on account of being such a tall order.

  1. I have written a lot of commentary about disabled people and the Holocaust, yeah. It may be scattered across many posts, but I can give you a short list of highlights:
  2. T4, the Nazi “euthanization” program, was literally where the Commandant of Treblinka figured out how to kill large numbers of people at a time
  3. Hans Asperger (as in Asperger’s Syndrome) deliberately mis-represented how autism/Asperger’s Syndrome manifested and what its ‘value’ is. The repercussions of this are felt by autistic people to this day. (see: Neurotribes, which details the direct links between Hans Asperger and today’s autism movement and the misconception of autism as a curable disease.)
  4. Since blindness and deafness were considered executable conditions, the D/deaf culture in Nazi-occupied territories, and other subcultures/cultures suffered immensely.
  5. About 200K people were murdered, including people who were starved to death and infants who were killed by starvation or IV drugs.
  6. We were literally called ‘life unworthy of life,’ a mentality which continues to present times. (See: Me Before You and other ‘better dead than alive’ disability snuff bullshit.)
  7. 350K or more women were sterilized (men were not counted) to prevent them from reproducing, because they were ‘likely’ to give birth to defective children. This included D/deaf, blind, epileptics, autistics, and even those who had alcoholic relatives.
  8. There was a public protest and then the program was moved out of public view.
  9. 14f13 was a program which was used to ‘weed out’ those already in camps who were ‘unfit for work,’ and is an example of intersectionality between other groups (Jews, Rroma, LGBTQIPA, Poles, German dissidents) and the disabled. Those who were briefly screened by doctors under this ‘program’ were taken out of work camps and sent to death camps because they were disabled.
  10. Do not think the US was free from blame here. During this time period several states, I know Indiana was one, had laws that made it possible to sterilize ‘the unfit’ without their consent.

Here are some links for your further reading and watching. All of them come with trigger warnings, obviously. Maybe at some point when I’m not so … upset… I can write another post. (contains a large bibliography for further reading) LOTS of resources including a lot on the D/deaf community

A common expression in Jewish English is to “hold by” a particular person’s religious opinion. This means to accept that they are correct on this matter. For example, as a Sephardi Jew, I hold by Rashi on the orientation of the mezuzah (ie: turnt up).

Which is how this conversation ended up happening:

Me: I don’t think it makes sense to consider someone to be “fake trans” if they want to transition to a social role that doesn’t currently exist, because I hold by Ozymandias on the definition of transness.

Guy: You… hold by Ozymandias?

Me: … Look, we are not a cult, OK…

I find it really weird that Jewish people are acting like the pink triangle wasn’t popularized in ACT UP and Queer Nation by gay Jewish men. 

Like, sure, Jews have a right to our feelings about the Holocaust, but it’s not like Jews never had a say in this. Gay Jewish men were part and parcel of the movement to turn the pink triangle (a symbol that I will continue to point out was used specifically for gay men) into a rallying point at a time when gay men were dying by the literal thousands because of concerted governmental neglect.

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Queer goyim don’t have fucking swastikas etched onto them and thrown in their faces at every opportunity. :\

… um, yeah, man, they do. Queer goyim are still targeted by neo-Nazis. I literally personally know skinheads who have targeted queer goyim, and queer goyim who have been targeted by skinheads/neo-Nazis. I personally know a reformed neo-Nazi/skinhead who spent time in jail for exactly that. (He’s since gotten his life together, but yeah, I do.)

I’m from rural Pennsylvania, my friend. I grew up learning to recognize the patches and drawings on jackets and shoelace colors to keep myself and my friends safe when we went to punk shows. Queer goyim are absolutely still targeted, with all kinds of marks including swastikas. 

But seriously, stop moving the goalposts. “Your community wasn’t decimated.” “Actually it was and here’s the proof.” “You aren’t still attacked.” “Yes we are, in fact, it’s still happening, there have been attacks and shootings and here’s my lived experience.”

What’s next? What moved goalpost will be next? Or can we maybe please accept that the pink triangle and the Holocaust had a profound effect on the LGBTQIPA/queer community and move forward as allies who were both injured, rather than fighting one another over whose pain is legitimate and worth honoring?

I can’t believe that I’m still having this conversation. That symbol has been a queer symbol since literally before I was born, and I have a child who’s in high school.

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Date a trans boy jew who is conflicted about wearing their talit because it's very girly but his mom got it special for his (then) bat mitzvah and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings by wearing a different one

I would talk to your mom about it if it makes you uncomfortable. Maybe you could talk about getting a newer less feminine one, or a kippah even! Just let her know that it’s not that you don’t want to wear it because you don’t like it, but because it makes you uncomfortable.
This won't take long:

‎ויקח יהוה אלהים את האדם וינחהו בגן עדן לעבדה" “ולשמרה

"And the LORD God took humankind and put them in the Garden of Eden to fill it and tend it.”

This will take only thirty seconds. US Representative Lamar Smith, a human climate change denier and the Chair of House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has a one-question survey on his website about congressional priorities for the coming year.

Please select “Other” and write in “Climate Change Mitigation.” His website is, so please do it and then copy-and-paste and share this post.

Quote from Genesis 2:15

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Can I add to the "Reasons Jewish character is doing something Christmassy" thing? Because I have a few. 1) Christmas is pretty much a secular holiday at this point in time and most people think of it more as a "let's get together with friends and family" 2) They're in a TV show created by Aaron Sorkin 3) It's a body-swap story where a Jewish person is stuck in the body of a Christian person 4) Because fuck you, that's why. (that's not directed towards you btw)


In truth, G-d is like the thinker, and the entire universe is His thought. According to the Kabbalah, creation is an act of divine thought. We come into existence through G-d’s thinking of us, so to speak. We exist only as long as G-d continues to think of us. If at any point G-d forgot us, poof! We would have no existence.
—  Rabbi David Aaron

“I was born in Manhattan but I traveled all over world. I did things that would shock even the most open minded person. At one point in my life I was a Guru and I refrained from talking for three years.

After discovering the truth and turning to Judaism, I realized that every day is a defining moment and G-d sends messages to people according to what they need. G-d is equally everywhere but here, at the Kotel, He makes it easier to see and feel his presence. If I was to describe myself in one sentence I would say; ‘Been there, done that, thank G-d I’m here now.’”

Rabbi Gutman Locks

The Pentateuch is a text that has, like some impregnable fortress, withstood the onslaughts of countless generations of commentators. It is an obscure, contradictory, sometimes shocking text, one that, albeit well and truly ours, has nevertheless also shown itself to be cruelly other. Century after century, it has had critics sweating blood and tears in the effort to re-appropriate it, to turn its words every which way in order to tease new, intelligible, acceptable meanings out of them. It has invited both ancient and modern thinkers to display the kind of hermeneutic daring which alone can save it.
—  Esther Benbassa and Jean-Christophe Attias
Here Are the Jewish People

Western popular concepts of Jews that people here take as the extent of our tribe:

The reality:

Boys from the Jewish population of Yemen, which has been around for 2500 hundred years but has been slowly massacred over the past few generations.

The Lemba of South Africa and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe in particular has a large and VERY long history with their Jewish Community)

The Abayudaya of Uganda, some of the great Jewish musicians

The Beta Israeli of Ethiopia

Igbo Jews of Nigeria

Cochin Jews of India 

Baghdadi Jews

Kaifeng Jews of China, who go back to the 7th or 8th century. Unfortunately, during the 20th century much of their culture was almost wiped out and the Kaifeng are currently working to rediscover their Jewish heritage and culture.

Jewish Children in Puerto Rico (Jews have been in Puerto Rico since the 15th century, many fleeing from the Inquisition)

The Beit Shalom Choir in Japan

Kosher comes in all colors, from all over the world, and in a variety cultural groups. We’re a small portion of the human population, but we have EVERYONE. We are all members of this tribe.

Because stereotypes are bullshit.