Okay, so it’s JKR confirmed that Tina and Queenie Goldstein are related somehow to Anthony Goldstein, a Ravenclaw from Hogwarts. Who is the only confirmed Jew in all of Hogwarts. Because that makes sense for London population. (I’m not bitter what are you talking about)

So. Jewish wizards. Let’s talk Jewish wizards. 

Orthodox/Chasidic Jews not practicing magic on the Sabbath because no work is technically allowed. People questioning why they’re walking everywhere instead of Disapparating and then having to sigh and roll their eyes and explain.

 Having separate spells specifically for different types of Kosher plates if they do that for washing them. Spells to make sure that meats and dairy never touch. Charms that alert them at restaurants or school if there’s pork or shellfish in a dish. The house elves learn about this and purposefully mark food Pereve or not and start to list ingredients for all the dishes. (Hey as somebody with food allergies, this would just make my day anyway)

 Magical menorahs that light themselves, enchantments on the Torah so it will never accidentally touch the ground or get smeared by hand oils (which is why Yads are used anyway, but it would be more out of tradition), the eternal light magically not being able to go out. OR BETTER YET wands being used with a spell as Yads

 WIZARDING BAT MITZVAHS AND WEDDINGS OH MY GODDD The chair holding the bar or bat mitzvah or the married couple magically being held up. The chuppah with magical lighting. Voices magically amplified so no microphones are needed.

 A fucking giant Menorah in the Great Hall and not just a stupid Christmas tree because we seriously don’t need more of those (sorry I’m just very sick of holiday season meaning only Christmas. There are like four other religions I know of that have holidays around this time)

 Days off for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and Passover, etc. and leaving sections of the tables empty for those fasting to be able to chill away from temptation but still with friends in the common social environment. Matzos alternatives during Passover. A signified Seder table and a Jewish member of the faculty as the head of the table and the youngest little first year reading the four questions. Or a group of first years.

 A Sukkah outside for Sukkot and enchanted lulav and etrog. A small sanctuary for High Holy Days and Shabbat services. (There should also be a safe place or several for Muslim students to pray throughout the day, just FYI)

And in Fantastic Beasts? Queenie teaching Jacob old family recipes for challah and bagels that he starts making for his bakery…Just…ugh, I want this all so badly.

 And don’t get me started on WWII and the Holocaust! Wizarding Nazis? Very probably. Using Muggles and wizards alike for their “experimentation”? Yeah. And Jewish wizards using concealment charms all over the place and trying to take care of their friends and family. Muggle born wizards and witches being hunted even more…Just think about it….

That’s all I got for now please FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR HEADCANONS

One of the things I love about Judaism is its close ties with known secular history and actual geography, as well as its history of interaction with other cultures even within the narrative of the scriptures.

It’s also one of the most frustrating things for me as a fantasy roleplayer, world builder, and rpg player. I want to include Judaism in the world I build for my next dnd campaign, preferably intact and post-Temple. But the events that lead to the destruction of both the first and second temples, as well as the establishment of Rabbinic Judaism, are inextricably tied with the interactions the Jewish community had with their neighboring nations.

The only alternative I can see to get what I want to make is to make an Alternate Earth with low magic and make it so Christianity never happened.

I know I’ve got some Jewish tabletop gaming mutuals, and probably some followers. Any advice?

Please stop rebloging my New Testament critique and adding “I don’t want to project this to modern Christians” or “This doesn’t apply to today’s Christians” BECAUSE IT 100% DOES.

  • “Modern Christians” are still guilty of perpetrating antisemitism and justifying it based on passages in the New Testament.  
  • “Modern Christians” still push supersessionism.

  • “Modern Christians” still put the “Jesus killer” label onto Jews.

My critique is aimed at “Modern Christians.”  If we pretend that they are not continuing the antisemitism outlined in the New Testament, then we give them a free pass to continue doing just that.  

I had a conversation with a girl just a few days ago at the coffee shop where I generally work on my theology stuff when I can get out of the house, who had never heard anything else besides the “Christ killer” archetype of Jews. She had never heard an opinion other than the idea that Christians are “completed Jews” and that Judaism was now obsolete. To her credit she seemed really open to learning and correcting her misconceptions. But she was genuinely shocked to hear another side to the story than how the New Testament portrays Jews and Judaism.

(I am posting this here and not on @jewish-belle bc I try to make it a rule not to get into debates on that blog)

Anyway. Rule of the day: if you’re an atheist, you’re anti semitic, islamophobic, hate Christians, and everything else. Right. We’ll go with that. Fuck it. I have the same rights to express my opinions as everyone else and anyone that doesn’t like it can kiss my ass. 

Yes, let’s pretend that *your* particular religion is great and everyone else’s isn’t. That kind of tribalism is so archaic and bothers me way more than being called an anti semite. Boo fucking hoo. 

Christians are privileged assholes for the most part that embrace a savior that never even existed and bootlegged all their principles from another religion. 

Muslims are indeed oppressed in western culture and are honestly the only group that I want to hear complain. Actually, any group but Christians. Any group that practically influences entire governments and social norms doesn’t deserved to be called oppressed. Jews, nonbelievers, Satanists, and others are oppressed and kicked to the curb. So yes, complain if you want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your beliefs critiqued. 

But yes, Islam is bullshit too. Hawkish and oppressive just like Christianity and pretends to be loving in the same way. 

Judaism has a ton of archaic, dumb traditions and, once again, outdated and primitive principles that so many adhere to. 

Don’t like me? Don’t follow. Don’t look at my posts. I don’t give a damn. As for everyone that’s had to witness this shit show, I apologize and I will continue reblogging cute animals and memes. Fuck everyone else. 

I find ironic that we still have Jews denying that we’re an ethnoreligion when our sages have been saying so for centuries. Sure, they weren’t using the words ethnic vs religion, but that’s what they meant. In their phrasing, the Greeks sought to kill us spiritually, the Persians sought to kill us physically. That’s religion and ethnicity.

Olam Vol. 2: Eshet Chayil
This issue of Olam focuses on the experiences of Jewish women in the diaspora and touches on topics such as love, identity, courage, and coming of age.

Hey everyone! Here’s the second issue of Olam, “Eshet Chayil” (“Woman of Valor”). 

This issue focuses on the experiences of Jewish women in the diaspora and touches on topics such as love, identity, courage, and coming of age.

…Hanukkah can be a time to reexamine what we consider to be a gift and how we go about giving and receiving gifts…This Hanukkah, and throughout the year, we can use our riches to ensure the wellbeing of all of God’s children. We can become excited not only about the great gifts we’ll receive, but also about the ways we can use our blessings …
Another quote from my halachic empiricism teacher

(I would stop doing these but they seem to go over well, so…)

“Some parts of trying to be neutral in politics and hold yourself above are good, and reduce bits of bias.  However, the downside is when they find policies that do actually affect them.  Once you’ve touched a nerve, the neutrality goes away rather quickly. And then?  Then they don’t know how to communicate since they’ve spent so much time keeping themselves aloof.  That’s why I try to teach understanding, not neutrality.”

I love how Jews are like “and another thing” “i have many thoughts on this” “in my opinion” “this bothers me here is why” “they are wrong” when it comes to our religion and like with thousand years old documents and with like in response to stuff said by people long dead.

I also love how we will like give our thoughts by stitching together our several opinions and other thoughts and be like this is why i think X.

basically I just love Jews and how we do shit.

I love how going here are my many opinions on this thing is not only totally accepted but is also expected and like G-d will be like please tell me more in a none sarcastic way.

I love that we argue with everything and about everything but not to be assholes but because asking why and how and thinking and having opinions and voicing said thoughts and opinions and questions is a good thing and an important thing and love by G-d.

G-d I love Judaism.

What I want to achieve is an understanding on our part that the Bible is not just a book of the past. It is far more than that; it is a book of the present and the future. In all times, in all periods, in crisis as well as in success, man may find his problems and anxieties defined in this Book of Books.
—  Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik
#FightTrump Dec.05 - Don’t forget Bannon

(courtesy of #FightTrump.co, the listserv that sends daily/weekly/monthly actions for how to be active and protest Trump)

It may seem like old news given the many appointment announcements of the last few weeks, but Trump’s choice of Steven Bannon as senior counselor and chief White House strategist poses an especially dangerous threat to vulnerable communities in America. His brand of racism, misogyny, anti-semitism and white-nationalism isn’t something we can allow to be normalized.

An important group to mobilize against Bannon is the Republican Jewish Coalition, an action and lobbying group. They claim to represent the Jewish community to Republican lawmakers, and they’re supporting Bannon. If they change their tune, it could have some influence on Bannon’s appointment.

  1. Call the RJC at (202) 638-6688
  2. Here’s a draft script you can use- we highly recommend that if you are Jewish and/or have ever been a registered Republican, you include personal reasons why you believe the RJC should oppose Bannon.

Hi, thanks for answering! My name is _____ and I’m calling because I was disappointed to see that the Republican Jewish Coalition has not opposed Steven Bannon as a White House senior counselor. I know the RJC is a strong defender of Jewish Americans and the Jewish tradition of opposing injustice. It is shocking to me that the RJC would support a man who has directly financially profited from anti-semitism and white nationalism. These ideologies pose a serious threat to Jewish Americans - and all Americans. [If you are a Republican or Jewish mention that here - tell them that the RJC’s stance will affect your willingness to give to the organization and your willingness to vote for Republicans]. Thank you for your time and consideration.