New rule: if someone is anti-israel, they also need to be vocally fighting against antisemitism and they need to be working to specifically create their community as a safe space for Jews. Because otherwise they’re saying “we don’t want you in Israel, but we also don’t want you here”


This is extremely important!! Thank you faefemme for saying this because it puts into words what I’ve been trying to express but haven’t been able to. I feel like my campus is saying ‘we don’t want you in Israel, but we also don’t want you here’.

On being half a jew

Sorry for this fucking essay, but I dunno where else to write this. Maybe someone else has had experiences like this.

My mother is catholic, born and raised in Jersey City. My father is jewish, born and raised in Illinois. All my life I have celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah, Passover and Easter. I am not baptized, and in the sense of belonging to a church or Temple, of believing in a god, I was not raised religiously, and have never been religious. I am atheist, actually.

But my family, where I come from, my heritage, my history - those have always been really important to me. I have begun to realize how important being jewish is to me. It is a connection to my family. It is a part of my identity, part of who I am. I do not believe in a Jewish god, I certainly do not keep kosher, and I am so ignorant about so many things regarding all religion in general. But I am Jewish. And I am Catholic.

But something else I realized kind of stung a bit. Stung a lot, really. Which is all my life I have been half Jewish, half Catholic. And I used to think that I had the best of both worlds. I live in a really Christian town - like, it’s Rhode Island so no crazy bible belt shit, but still, I know like two Jews outside of my family. So whenever my being Jewish comes up, ex. I say “omg I got rad gifts from my aunt for Hanukkah” someone somewhere has to say “whoa you’re Jewish?”
To which I usually reply “yeah - I celebrate Christmas too”
And then there is only two responses, the classic “oh so you’re not REALLY Jewish” or “well is your mom jewish? No? Then you’re not jewish because religion is passed down through your mom” which is another way of saying the former, just in a way to prove that they’re smarter than me, know better than me, can choose my identity for me.

No one ever, EVER, and I mean NEVER EVER EVER has tried to take Catholicism away from me. Never. It is so easy to say I am not Jewish. Like I have to pass ten thousand fucking tests to count as a jew in the eyes of some white Christian but the fact that I don’t go to church is okay! I’m not baptized but that’s okay! I celebrate Christmas - congrats I’m fucking Catholic.

My Christianity has always negated my Judaism, never the other way around. It’s so frustrating, and it’s hard to explain why it upsets me when people say stuff like that, when my best friends in the whole wide world make fun of me for caring, telling me I’m not a real Jew.

Fuck that. I’m fucking Jewish.

White Nationalism

The man who wrote this paper is a racist. Or at least, he has been accused of being racist due to many of the things that he will discuss in this paper. He will be speaking about the white pride and white nationalist movement, and he does not completely dismiss these things as un-grounded, hateful movements like most would. Thus, people have formed unjust opinions of him because of this, as well as the fact that he holds a certain amount of understanding for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Not because of the despicable acts of genocide that came as a result of the German national socialist movement, but rather because of his respect for the traditional nationalist integrity of the national socialist party. He does not believe that a superior race exists, though he agrees with the very clear evidence that suggests that there are moderately significant differences between races, in fields such as intelligence and athletic ability. In addition, he believes that multiculturalism and racial mixing is a bad thing, simply because he has seen the effects that it has had on European culture and the white race, and he wishes to preserve the beauty of the European culture, as he wishes to see done with all cultures of all people worldwide. He thinks that, as proven by racial conflicts in the US, south Africa and Europe, racial and cultural mixing has had many negative effects on the world, and it would be of great value to make an effort to resist it in order to preserve the integrity of the European culture.

           The first matter to make understood is what the white nationalist movement is about, and why the so-called “diversity” that exists in white countries today is harmful. In addition, it would surely be of some value to address the imbalances between the races of the world, and how all men were truly not created equal.

Non-whites are predicted to be a majority of the population in England by the year 2066 (Brown). In less than 51 years, whites could become a minority in their own native countries. The year in which the same is expected to happen to the United States is projected to be much earlier, but then again, whites were not native to the country, and the land has been home to many races over time, so this is slightly less shocking. Other sources predict that the change will be much sooner, and they predict that non-whites will be the majority of Europe by the year 2050. So, why would this be a problem? Why is this a bad thing? It is a bad thing, to put it simply, because it is genocide according to the united nation’s definition of punishable acts of genocide. (OSAPG). According to the United Nations, the forced assimilation of a group of people that alters or depletes in any way the population or culture of the native people is an act of genocide. That is exactly what is happening to native white countries, causing Europe to suffer greatly.

           As any white nationalist would hopefully say, it is not a racist movement. The movement is simply a matter of wanting to end third world immigration in white countries, and to preserve the white culture in a way that isn’t affected by non-white immigrants. It is a movement of ethnopluralism, which is the concept by which every country’s culture has a generally equal merit to one another, and that it is best to preserve those cultures through racial and cultural separatism, so that they can continue to live on in their full glory. That being said, there of course has been plenty of association with racist movements, as white nationalists do have strong opinions on racial disputes, and the energy of oneness between white countries can unfortunately often lead to a distain for other people and their cultures. One of these highly controversial topics often pointed out by nationalists is the imbalance between races in certain aspects of existence. For example, the topic of athleticism. A solid majority of both football and basketball players nowadays is black. The African people also tend to excel at bodybuilding, demonstrated by the fact that two men to hold the longest streaks as mister Olympia were both black (Choeiri). While the most powerful heavy weightlifters tend to be from an eastern European background. Asians, on the other hand, tend to be lacking in tests of strength or the overall potential to build muscle mass. While they may not excel in strength-based tests, East Asians and Middle Easterners tend to have some of the highest base IQ scores in all the world. The scale if base intelligence ranges as such: (Salenat)

Jewish- 113

Asian- 106

White- 103

Latino- 89

African- 85

           Many people may argue that the matter of intelligence is more likely to be a matter of upbringing and education, which would be a completely valid argument if used on other standardized tests, which have been also been proven to have varying scores based on racial groups, lining up quite well with the IQ tests. (Delgado) However, an IQ test is not a measure of a person’s current intelligence level based on his or her current knowledge at the time. Rather it is a measure of a person’s “g factor”. The g factor is the general intelligence of a person, also described as the basic intellectual potential of an individual. This measures ability in more basic sorts of intelligence, things such as basic reasoning skills. If this would be affected by a person’s upbringing and education, it would only be extremely minor, likely having little effect on the test’s results if any at all.

So seeing how the different racial groups are biologically different, it is important to analyze how this separation of the physicality of each race affects social interactions between races. It is rarely seen as shocking that in social environments, such as schools for example, especially where everybody knows one another to a degree, people will usually have a subconscious desire to interact with those of their own race. African kids will socialize more with African kids, Asians with Asians, Mexicans with Mexicans, and whites with whites. This is in place due to social reasons, first of all. People of same races most likely will have been brought up in similar cultures to one another, and therefore will likely have similar behaviorisms and mentalities as one another, making socialization between them more easy and enjoyable for all involved in the exchange. While this may possibly be a proper complete explanation for these social tendencies between those of the same skin tones, it would also be worth consideration, the fact that there are also academic benefits to being around those of one’s own race. Students that are “matched” to their teacher in race tend to do significantly better in the classroom, especially the racial groups of students that have a lower than average score on most standardized tests. The only exception to this was Latino Americans, considering the abnormally great diversity that exists even within that racial group (Bollinger).

So knowing this, the question is raised as to why there is such a push nowadays for diversity in the classroom? Would it not make more sense to keep the students separated by race? Alas, there are still many schools that have been doing just the opposite. One of these schools that has made a strong effort to resist this kind of benefit that comes from such homogeny is the University of Texas. They’ve faced plenty of their own accusations in the past, but shockingly enough, this was all because of the efforts they’ve made to bring in more minority students into their school (Thomas). This school claims to promote a “Diverse student body and the educational benefits flowing from such diversity.” They claim that there are certain academic benefits that come of this diversity, however they neglected to express exactly what those benefits are. And even if what they are doing does bring about some kind of benefit to the students and the school itself, what is being done at this school is still illegal. Any kind of discrimination in school acceptance based on race is illegal, even if it is intended to bring about positive results for the school.

A prime example of the negative effects of cultural mixing is that which brought about the death of millions in the ww2 era during the holocaust. Now, Adolph Hitler despised the Jewish people for reasons that are by no means grounded or scientifically justified by modern science. In his book, Mein Kampf, he makes a rather long series of extremely bold statements against the Jewish people, most of which was pure unjust hatred. Saying things like “The black-haired Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end, satanically glaring at and spying on the unsuspicious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood and removing her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people.” (Hitler 296) Illustrates that this man had quite limited understanding of who the Jews were and what they were all about. However, it is not too hard to understand that he was at the very least onto something.

The Jewish people, especially in Germany at that time, had immigrated in massive groups over a short period of time, and they were blamed by many Germans for both the First World War, as well as the financial plummet that Germany was set into when the war had ended. That being said though, Hitler did consider any country that was against Germany to be overrun by Jews, so it is not quite hard to understand how this could be bogus. But what the Jews did do in Germany is the same thing that they have done all over the world. They immigrated in a massive wave, and once they were in, they not only got by, but they excelled. They gradually obtained a dominance of most high paying jobs, such as banking, medicine, and business. And this was not only in Germany that it happened. The Jewish people, due to their historical upbringing in the world, have had a long history of excelling in whatever field they choose to go into. For example, they make up about 0.2% of the world’s population, but remarkably have taken approximately 22% of the Nobel peace prizes ever given (Bien). The Jews controlled 57% of metal trade, 22% of grain, and 39% of textiles. Remarkably, at this time, the Jews only made up 1% of Germany’s population (Silverman). This sort of dominance changed Germany in many ways, and surely not for the better. The Jews being an “ungrounded” people, not putting into account the recently created Jewish state of Israel, and having no country that is primarily Jewish, again, excluding the recently created Zionist state, they have learned to adapt to their situation. They have had to learn how to fit themselves into other countries that are not their own, which is easier said than done. It would be quite easy for someone to claim, though this is an opinion which could easily be debated of course, that Jews are the most widely oppressed people on the planet throughout history. Due to this tough condition for healthy living, they’ve developed a certain kind of tenacity, with the attitude that is needed to keep their people alive, grounded, and happy. That method, unfortunately, is called multiculturalism. The Jews need to be able to immigrate to other countries so that they can have somewhere to live, and so it quite likely was just seen as reasonable by them that if other countries should be accepting Jewish immigrants, then they should accept immigrants from all races into their land too. That is why the German Nazis had such hatred for the Jews. Not because they are sneaks that are bred from apes and swine, as is said in the Quran, rather because they have been so valiant in enforcing open immigration, and cultural diversity in other people’s countries. And due to their rather problematic history, they’ve gained the ability of playing the victim. As the polish say, “A Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” This all is a part of their technique used to make other countries feel guilty about resisting mass immigration, and has led to Jews being a primary fuel to racial diversity and racial mixing. The problem with this, however, is that they tend to want to move into white countries most of all, being that they tend to have a higher standard of living. Thus, this “multiculturalism” is only promoted in white countries, while the other countries in the world see little to no massive foreign immigration at all.

This Jewish presence in Germany led to a devastating financial unrest in the country, as well as a sort of dominance in the media, bringing along moral and ethical values that were not highly respected by the German people (Silverman). The Jews changed Germany, and not for the better. All in the name of racial acceptance and diversity. Thus, while obviously their methods were rather extreme, it was not unreasonable for the Nazi party to want the Jews to leave Germany once and for all.

The third and final matter that must be addressed is the massive third world immigration that occurs in Europe today. As opposed to the Jews being at the center of this dilemma, now the perpetrator is the people of Islam. With Islam being the fastest-growing religion in the world, (Burke), it is not shocking that it would manifest itself in places far away from its motherland, in order to appeal to more people of all cultures, and raise its following more efficiently. This massive third-world immigration is most significant in Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, to name a few.

In 1975, the government of Sweden made the nearly unanimous choice to make the country more multiculturally active. (Carlqvist) Since then, it has suffered greatly for this mistake. The primary consequence has been the violent crime occurring within the country. Violent crime rates in Sweden have increased by 300%, with the most significant trends being sexual assault. It (Carlqvist). It is not exactly a secret that the Muslim faith has some rather controversial approaches to things such as sexual assault, in fact many Muslim countries have a very early age of consent, which results in many girls being sold off to old men as young as the age of one year, though most of these countries have a marriage age somewhere closer to ten years (Newman). In addition, rape in the Islamic lands is viewed perfectly acceptable for the men to execute, but the women who are victims of rape often are punished for the crime, because Muslims believe that rape is the woman’s fault for not being properly covered up. Now, that’s fine if the Muslims want to oppress the women of their own lands in such a way, but this kind of thing is obviously going to cause a problem if they choose to move into non-Muslim lands. Sweden has, over the past few decades, seen an appalling increase in rape frequencies, and it has increased proportionally to the rate of Muslim immigration into the country. It is now known as “the rape capital of the west” and rape frequency per capita has increased by 1,472% (Carlqvist). It is important to realize that these Islamic immigrants, when they move to European countries, are too interested in holding on to their own culture, to a point to where it negatively affects the native people. They are responsible, as the migrants, to assimilate peacefully with the native population of wherever they happen to move to, but they simply refuse to do this.

Islam, after all, is not exactly known for being a tolerant and cooperative religion. There’s a reason why it is growing so rapidly, after all. It is a faith that focuses more on expanding the religion in population and land mass more than any other faith on earth. A major part of this is the fact that in their holy book, it is said that any infidels, or non-Muslims, deserve death should they not convert to Islam. This is why, in most Muslim countries, the punishment for apostasy is death. Also, a bit more well-known than the previous statement, the Quran promotes the idea of a “holy war” between Muslims and infidels, in which the goal is to create a completely Islamic world (The Quran)

When confronted about this, many Muslims will say that this is an extremist part of their religion, and that real Islam is a peaceful, tolerant religion that is respectful to all people. However, this isn’t necessarily always true, and it is hard to tell if this is meant candidly when it is said. The Quran and the hadith both contain passages in them which talks about “taqiyya”, which is described as “lying to infidels which is sanctioned by Allah, if it is in support of the cause of spreading the religion.” (Taqiyya and Lying) In greater detail, it is a pardon from their god to lie about the religion and one’s own individual intentions, especially to Christians or Jews, in order to make them believe that no ulterior motives are held, and to gain the trust of the infidels, so that the Muslim person will be accepted peacefully, and so that they can more effectively destroy the Christians and Jews from a place inside of their own walls. Due to this complication, it can often be rather difficult to trust a Muslim man who seems to have peaceful intentions. Now of course, especially in the United States, there are plenty of moderate Muslims, and most of them are perfectly peaceful and cooperative people. However, in the case of immigrants from strictly Muslim countries, especially the ones ruled by sharia law, they have proven themselves to be unwilling to cooperate with the European natives. They come in as refugees due to the fighting in the Middle East today, but great problems arise once they make it to these European countries.

As mentioned before, they have proven that they are unwilling to assimilate. Hardly any of them speak a lick of English, and usually very few of them are employed, resulting in a financial instability in any country that experiences a massive immigration. They have shown their unwillingness to become a part of the Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, or whatever other European culture by the fact that they almost always will create their own communities, and essentially act as if they are in their own new Islamic land. Often times, and again this is especially bad in Sweden, they will create their own little governing systems, often heavily based on sharia law, and will usually completely block the police force or any other Swedish officials from entering that “Muslim territory.” Due to their lack of cooperation, they are basically left to their own devices, and are able to get away with many greatly heinous crimes. They will often attack anybody who is not Muslim who enters their lands, and will attack any women who go near their territory who are not covered up properly, as they would be under sharia law. This allows the immigrants to choose their own laws, which has been one of the main reasons why multicultural countries, especially ones with Muslim immigrants, have had such greatly elevated crime rates. In Denmark, more than half of the convicted rapists are immigrants. Norway recently passed legislature that made deportations of immigrants easier to carry out, and nearly right away, 824 Muslim immigrants were deported back to their own countries. Since then, violent crime rates have dropped by 31%. (Political Ears). Everybody has access to these facts, but nobody wants to say anything about it, because nowadays Europeans and Americans are too afraid of being politically incorrect, as they might be called racists if they are perceived as such.

As was mentioned earlier, Muslims will usually blame the women for rape cases, saying that it is their fault for not covering up from head to toe. Now, this happens in the Middle Eastern countries, where all women are always covered completely except for their eyes. Now imagine these men going to a land where women confidently go out in shorts and tank tops. Not surprisingly, this causes a great amount of calamity. The Muslim men don’t think that it is their fault, because of how these women dress, that they would naturally be unable to resist forcing themselves upon these innocent girls. Even worse, due to the child marriages that occur in the Middle East so frequently, young girls, around the age of fifteen are often seen as fair game, and they rarely understand what makes that so much worse. After all, in their culture, that kind of thing is perfectly acceptable.

This is a perfect example of how cultural mixing causes clashes and conflict, and how it is, in the end, not good for anybody involved. And, it is especially harmful to the native people of whatever country is receiving the immigrants.

And how do the Europeans in power react to this rape epidemic? Well, as Dr. Unni Wikan said, “Norwegian women must take responsibility for the fact that Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. And since these men believe women are responsible for rape, the women must adapt to the multicultural society around them.” (Political Ears). This is a completely self-destructive view that is incredibly harmful to the health of the countries receiving these immigrants. Rather than to accepting these immigrants and then allow the native people to be forced into changing their ways to accommodate for the immigrants, would it not make more sense to make the executive decision to keep these immigrants in their own country, and to let your own people thrive in the country that is rightfully theirs?

Now, one of the reasons why that kind of action isn’t taken is because of political correctness. Being that white countries dominate the 1st world, there has been a concept of “white guilt” used by ethnic minorities in an attempt to discredit the arguments of white men and women, saying that they don’t deserve a say in the affairs of non-whites, even if these affairs take place in white counties. They will use things to argue such as slavery and genocides, in an attempt to make the white man out to look like an evil creature in comparison to the halo-wearing minorities. This is why so many white people feel afraid to speak up and defend their race, because essentially any mention of the subject results in the white man being labeled as a racist, which can seriously affect one’s career and general social interaction within their community.

Now of course, this holds little backing, as both of these accusations can easily be debunked with plain facts. Some will claim that the majority of genocides historically were carried out by white nations. This is not true, and some of the most gruesome mass killings have been executed by non-white countries. (Ex: Rwandan genocide, pol-pot massacre, North Korea’s intentional starvation of its people). And on the topic of slavery, believe it or not, whites were not the only people in the world who owned slaves. For example of this, the Moorish enslavement of Europeans, in which an estimated 1.2-10 million Europeans were taken from their lands by Moorish raiders, and sold along the Barbary coast in northern Africa. The males were sold off to labor, and the women were usually purchased as sex slaves, their value being judged by the whiteness of their skin. Spain was affected greatly by this great debacle. People are always so readily willing to accuse whites for their ancestors owning slaves, despite the fact that a very, very small minority actually ever did own slaves. Now that’s simply a matter of economics. Slaves were expensive, and only the high upper class usually had the luxury of owning any. And of course, whites receive blame for owning black slaves, but it is rarely acknowledged how they got those slaves. Rather than through pillaging and raiding like the moors did, the European settlers purchased their slaves peacefully from Africa. That’s right, all those slaves were sold off by their own people in order to make a bit of coin. And of course, there rarely are any decent facts presented by the left side when discussing this subject. More so just accusations and dismissal in an attempt to push their opponent into a corner and make him or her seem less credible, claiming that they are prejudiced for stating these facts.

Because of the conflicts in white countries that are seen so frequently today, it is important to question the benefits of left-wing diversity, and ask truthfully to oneself whether this leftist concept of cultural Marxism and multiculturalism is really in the best interest of all people, or if it simply serves the less fortunate, while leading to disaster for the innocent generations of good European children who will be born into this multicultural hell. It is important to understand that racial homogeny is the only way to have true diversity in a way that preserves these cultures and keeps them pure and individually sound, and that mass-immigration is disastrous for any country because we are not all the same, and our differences are best celebrated separately. This is why nationalist ethnopluralism would be of so much benefit to the world, because through ethnopluralism, races are kept separated from one another, but it is still encouraged to learn about other cultures, and for all cultures of people to get along without conflict. It is the only way to hold the integrity of each race as each race of people deserves.

One other thought about Preservation Day that’s been bouncing around in my head:

People are saying that PD is in some sense unnecessary, because we as Jews already spend so much time celebrating our history, culture, and resilience. While this is true for Jews who have a good community to engage with, this engagement does not spread beyond the bounds of our Jewish commmunities. PD is a chance for us to talk about our families, cultures, and practices to a larger audience.

Most of my followers aren’t Jewish - I’d love to share thoughts about my religion with them. (Some of my followers are Jewish but we haven’t connected over it - I’d love to form these connections.) Jumblr does tons of intra-Jewish discussions, and it’s great, but PD could be a day for us to reach more people too and hopefully others will be eager to listen.

(A voice in my head is saying that tumblr-at-large is simply not gonna care about listening to us or supporting us, but… it’s worth a shot?)


You might want to ‘ignore’ (in Settings) shower-anon so that they cannot send you messages (so, especially relevant if you often post in the jewish tags). They sent me pictures of our dead. 

Please reblog to get the word out if you know you have Jewish followers.


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May the memories of all we have lost be for a blessing.


Israel - Reborn

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An “angel” is anything that carries out a mission for God. This includes forces of nature. […] Photosynthesis? That’s an angel. Gravity? An angel. Magnetism? Angel. The Midrash in Bereishis Rabbah (chapter 1) says than an angel only performs one job. That job doesn’t have to be destroying Sodom; it could be peristalsis, centripetal force or condensation.
—  Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, Angels

UGH, all over fucking Tumblr, everyone’s like “Remember the 6 million Jews today…but you know who else died?” and then talks about all the other groups.

Today is not for everyone.  It is for us.  There are days out there for everyone.  Some of the other groups, I believe, have their own days that they chose and set aside to mourn their own loss.

But today, Yom haShoah, is about the Jews who were brutalized, tortured, experimented on, and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Trying to make today about other groups, especially if you’re not Jewish, is antisemitic.  It is telling us that we don’t have a right to a day of mourning.  It is minimizing Jewish suffering, as well as the suffering of the others who died, because you’re using them as a cheap weapon against Jews.

In conclusion:

But you don’t HAVE to be.  Be better, and respect others.  Now get the fuck out of our tags for ONE FUCKING DAY.

shout out to the jews who get triggered by discussions of the holocaust + all things related and because of that, can’t post or talk about the holocaust today in grief and remembrance. we aren’t the ones that need to remember - we are already reminded constantly through antisemitism in the form of holocaust denial, holocaust jokes, and more, when we aren’t simply remembering because it has left a scar on our memories as a people - and we and our families have done more than enough suffering already; don’t talk about or do anything that will trigger you or make you unsafe today if you don’t want to. keeping yourself safe and healthy can be an act of respect and acknowledgement in itself.