Robotic rendering of the Torah at Berlin’s Jewish Museum

The installation “bios [torah]” by the artist group robotlab refers to the activity of Torah writing performed in the Jewish tradition by a specially trained scribe, the Sofer. While the Sofer guarantees the sanctity of the Scripture, the installation highlights its industrial reproducibility. It simulates a centuries-old cultural technique that has long since been overtaken by media developments.

The Torah written by the industrial robot is not kosher – its origins fulfill neither the material nor the immaterial requirements of Jewish religious law. The robot does not distinguish between parchment and paper. It also has no blessings. It writes what and how it is programmed to do.

The installation title refers to an elementary component of computer technology, the Basic Input Output System (BIOS). BIOS is the system upon which all other computer programs build and is thus as fundamental to the development of the machine as Scriptures are to the cultural history of mankind.

[It takes the robot 3 months to complete the process. It takes a rabbi nearly a year to write it out.]

Prince of Egypt

Can we discuss how, in the Bible, God says that he will harden Pharaohs heart. He says that Pharaoh will not let the Jews go.

For God to make any statement at all, it becomes fact. God is infallible, right? So to make a statement about any human action before the action occurs is a direct violation of free will. Because now the human has not choice but to perform this action. Because if they didn’t, they would prove God wrong. How is that not wrong?

So at one point, Pharoah begins to waver in his decision. He’s about to let the Jews go. But God steps in and hardens Pharoahs heart. God purposefully makes it to where Pharoah won’t let the Hebrews go. God wants the plagues to continue.

That’s so fucked up. How can People be okay with this story at all? How can they look at this and say this is a just and loving God?

The Dalai Lama has said “the world doesn’t need more Buddhists it needs more compassionate people” and I agree with this. You see, there are many roads to the top of the mountain. All religions have an outer teaching, a middle teaching and an inner teaching. The inner teachings of all religions are exactly the same regardless of how different the outer teachings may be.


My synagogue - who has been running a refugee/asylum-seeker drop-in centre for years - just uploaded these pictures of the signs they added to the front entrance. I’m nearly in tears, I’m so proud and honoured to be part of this amazing community, and all the things they do.

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urban outfitters has appropriated jewish culture multiple times, for example they currently sell a ton of stuff with chamsas on them and they also a couple years ago tried to sell replicated yarmulkes and t-shirts w the magen david on it (that also replicated what we were forced to wear during the holocaust and other times in history forcefully to identify ourselves) ....urban is so gross lmfao


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do you think you could tag that last post antisemitism or something? That was... kind of jarring.

Sure thing, sorry!

Random question for previous anon and anyone else who thinks that Jews have it much better than the rest of the world - you realize you can convert, right? Then you, too, can immigrate to Israel! You, too, can have Washington curled around your pinky finger! We’ll welcome you into the planet-spanning conspiracy and dish out your share of the outrageous profits we’re skimming off the global economy. 

You’d think, of all the people who argue very vehemently that Jews have it easier than anyone else, at least one of them would have then thought “and I want some of that!”

…unless, of course, they don’t actually believe a word of it. 

On Nicki Minaj

So with all the current controversy, I wanted to research whether or not the “Only” lyric video was Anti-Semitic.

And HOLY SHIT I did not expect that. It was so, so, so much worse than I expected. The video essentially portrayed Nicki as Hitler. And it wasn’t subtle. Her soldiers had grey uniforms and red armbands. With white circles. And black symbols. That really aren’t that far off from swastikas. I wish I were kidding. This lyric video looked like Nazi propaganda. I was horrified. And now, the fact that tumblr still worships her as queen of progressiveness is even more awful. This just proves that tumblr cares about Anti-Semitism when it’s convenient. And when it’s not, we’re just whiteys complaining about nothing.

Not to mention the song glorifies men objectifying her???? The actual video has her standing there while Drake and Lil’ Wayne ogling various parts of her body while discussing how they’ve been peeping on her. It’s just my opinion, but that doesn’t seem like a healthy message.

- The Jewish Mod

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So I picked a new name a couple of weeks ago, and it suits me better than my birth name. I like that it's a Hebrew name and I'm half Israeli. However, it's a very common name for Jewish boys. I'm an atheist and I feel like nobody will take me seriously as an atheist because I have a Jewish sounding name. What should I do?

Emery says:

If you’re named, like, Abraham or Isaac or Israel or Jacob (or the Hebrew equivalents, i.e. Avraham), then that’s preeeeetty Jewish, since those are the three fathers, but most other Hebrew names you could easily explain by saying you’re Israeli. Also, being culturally Jewish and religiously Jewish are quite separate things, and secular Israelis are real real common. I wouldn’t be concerned. However, if you feel uncomfortable having Judaism attached to your name, pick another name. There are lots out there.

Polish Jews: Life Under Communism 1975-1983: Chuck Fishman Photography
Polish Jews: Life Under Communism 1975-1983 : Chuck Fishman Photography is solely operated by Chuck Fishman, an award winning photographer based in New York.

Fascinating photo essay featuring the lives of the few remaining Polish Jews in post-war, Communist Poland, remnants of a once large, influential, and vibrant part of Polish society. 

i was having a good day at school cause i made an A on my quiz but then that girl who said that really anti semitic comment in class came up to me after class when i went outside to smoke a cigarette and started questioning my faith and asking me if i was “really jewish” and asking me if i “was even happy in my jewish religion” and started telling me i should give jesus a chance and how i’d be so much happier if i accepted jesus and it was so upsetting to me because i’ve been having to prove to gentiles my entire life that yes i’m actually jewish and no that’s not going to change and here is a laundry list of all the things that make me “actually jewish” i’m so tired and i’m upset and i’m so tired of dealing with this

One thing I love about Judaism is that long involved conversations about things like “can a zombie attend shul?” or “can i use my pet dragon to light candles on shabbat?” or “is meat from a replicator kosher?” are seen as completely normal.