【ニコカラ】心臓デモクラシー -acoustic ver
  • 【ニコカラ】心臓デモクラシー -acoustic ver
  • 海君

So a couple of months back I promised my friend Dyanne that if I hit a certain number of followers, I’d sing this song for her. So hi, this is for you! Hope it doesn’t give you ear damage.

Also to anyone listening to this - I swear, I didn’t meant to break your ears too. :( 

-Love, Umikun.

Ps: Dyanne I am not tsundere for the last time goddamnit
Pps: If anyone has mixing tips or singing tips, please drop it in my ask! <3 

yoshinotakigawa  asked:

I know we haven't talked or anything, but every time I look at our icons on my dash, I feel like we're unintentionally matching and that makes me so happy ahhh (no but seriously I love Eijun)

Haha omg you too? I can’t help but feel happy, there’s only a few ppl i follow who likes dna and when i see our icons i’m like “yeah girl, come here, high five” lol >////< Eijun is a big dork <3