judaic mythology


→ chaos, seduction and ungodliness
First mentioned in Babylonian demonology, Lilith is a winged demon that preys on pregnant women and infants. She is later mentioned in the Gilgamesh legend, the Bible and the Talmud. 7 C.E she is called Adam’s first wife for the first time in the Alphabet of Ben Sira. It is said she left the garden Eden because she wouldn’t tolerate being treated as an inferior to Adam.
She is seen as the opposite to the culture of men and lives in shadows and bareness. Some legends even call her a succubus. The owl as an animal represents her.


women of mythology - lilith

first wife to walk in the garden of eden, she was willful and possessed a mind of her own. she refuses to submit to adam’s commands and desires, to be a slave to a man that does not see her as a partner but another one of his flock, she flees the home she was placed in. cursing the husband that tries to dominate her.

he sends three angels to drag her back, to force her compliance and make her docile, but she is strong, she is fury, she is defiant. she curses the winged messengers, sending them back to their father to deliver the news, lilith will not be a servant, she will not rest on her knees and lay on her back for any man.

the fallen angel, dark and willful as she is. this is who she chooses as her lover, and brings forth demons, darkness, and dread into the world. a world where men and women are not equals, yet they fear her name. lilith.

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I Want a Judah Initiative Supernatural Spinoff

So, Bloodlines was a bust. Y'all know how I feel about that.

But because Bloodlines is a bust, we have the power to influence what may be a good spinoff since the writers are still keen on creating a spinoff for the show and do you know what I want?


Don’t remember what that was?

Remember Aaron Bass?

You know, the bacon loving secular Jew who inherited his grandfather’s Golem only to realize he was an idiot in college and rolled the pages of the How to Control Your Golem book into joints?

The one who was Dean’s “Gay Thing” and made Dean’s bisexuality more obvious?

Well, THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE. This would be a squad of freaking super Jews fighting the forces of the Nazi Thule Society! Who the hell doesn’t like a good Jewish secret society destroying what remnants of the crazy Nazi regime? HOW COULD PEOPLE NOT LIKE THAT?

They could delve more into Judaic Mythology as well as travel the world more. MAYBE IT COULD BE BASED IN EUROPE, FOR PETE’S SAKE. Or South America, because, you know, many Nazis fled over there to escape death for their own actions.


And maybe Aaron could meet Cas and Dean could introduce him and be as awkward as hell on the matter.