Earliest depictions of Jesus Christ…from Europe. All of them negro. Many historians from that time, such as Flavius Josephus, including the Bible describe him this way. These paintings, murals, and mosaics range from Turkey, Italy (Rome), Greece, and even Russia. The oldest one is at the top and hails from a Russian Orthodox Church. The second picture is a rare one showing a pre-pubescent Jesus.

Some hypocritical Christians will say, “What does his skin color matter? Well…If it doesn’t matter, why did they change it?

 They give you a white Jesus, and nobody asks a single question. Little do people know, the modern depiction of Christ comes from the scumbag crypto-Jewish Borgia family of Rome. Rodrigo Borgia, or Pope Alexander VI, authorized a new depiction of Christ, an idolatrous being, with a pagan depiction of him and his mother, taken from ancient Egypt (Auset and Heru or Isis and Horus). So…like the manipulative, lying crypto-Jewish Catholic he is, he used his son, Cesare Borgia. This is sheeple’s "lord and savior”.

They now give you a Turkish/Mongoloid-Arab Jesus, emphasize the title, “Palestinian Jew”, and people eat it up because [pseudo]-History channel said so. But once you say and prove that Jesus Christ was a black man (from the skeptical perspective due to questions of his general existence), and that the Europeans who encountered and followed him depicted this respectfully, the first thing out a person’s mouth, “Well why does his skin color anyway?”

The easiest way to control a colored person’s entire mind under a Eurocentric system is to steal, rearrange, and manipulate his or her spiritual entities and/or religious figures that play a significant role in their culture and overall outlook on life. Sad…

The Uzziah Inscription.

Referring to King Uzziah of Judah, who had lived and died about seven hundred years earlier, it says that his bones had been moved to the place where it was set up. Where that was we have now, unfortunately, no means of telling.

The inscription was found in 1931 in the Russian museum on the Mount of Olives, with nothing to show whence it came. Far more important is the time when it was made, which is shown, though only approximately, by the forms of the letters.

Coming from the first century, this inscription is very important for determining the type of Aramaic used in Palestine in the time of Christ. While only minor grammatical details are involved, anything bearing on the language in which the gospel was first proclaimed is of interest to the Bible student and may prove important for the interpretation of Jesus’ sayings.

Incidentally the inscription proves that the Jews at this time were accustomed to writing in Aramaic, a fact which has some bearing on the origins of our gospels.

Courtesy uair01, via flickr.

Dinner for two| Judah

Jackson had made his famous Jacket Potatoes, it was a family recipe, before he got ready to pick Judah up. Wearing a dark jean, a blue button shirt, and a suit on top, he made his way down the stairs and into the black cadillac that was waiting for him in front. On his way to Akamai, Jackson stopped to pick up some flowers. It was 7:59 when they arrived at the girls dorms. He was a guy of his words and was almost never running late. Getting out of the car, Jackson smiled at the sight of Judah. “I thought you were’t going to show up, this are for you.” He smiled, extending the flowers to her. 


During his 1976 Rastaman Vibration Tour Marley Performed 4 shows at the Beacon Theater, 2 on April 30th and again on May 1st. The shows would become one of Marley’s finest, packed with rare live performances such as “Johnny Was”, “Night Shift”, “Lion Of Judah” and more! Photographer: Richard E. Aaron