Real Madrid arrive in Shanghái (July 28, 2015) | photos - video
- After a two hour flight, the squad arrived in Shanghai, where more than 600 fans were waiting for them at their hotel.

Next training & press conference: Tomorrow, July 29 at 1pm CEST (7pm local)
Next match: Real Madrid vs AC Milan on Thursday, July 30 at 2pm CEST (8pm local)
- The match will decide the winner of the International Champions Cup China

Walk In The Park || Dantana

Dani had been home a week now, the babies were perfectly healthy and were adapting to their new lives really quick and well. Santana had had enough of being cooped up in the house, she wanted to take a walk and push the stroller with the girls in. After persuading Dani a small walk in the park would be good for everyone she went and got ready, wrapping the twins up in their cute little winter outfits she put them in the stroller ready. It was chilly out but Santana was excited about taking the girls out. Getting Bella’s leash she waited by the front door for Dani “you nearly ready baby?” she quietly called up

what she says: yeah i really love kaneki aha

what she means: stop shoehorning the dichotomy of shironeki and kuroneki like they’re separate people, they are not separate people or separate personalities (not to say kaneki doesn’t have a personality disorder bc yamori and rize clearly influence that, but it’s not as cut and dry as shironeki vs. kuroneki), they are simply the visual representation of kaneki’s character development and by forcing this division you are legitimately simplifying kaneki’s character by saying the “sweet” kaneki and the “violent” kaneki cannot coexist when in fact it’s just negative character development rearing its monstrous ugly head, portraying mental illness that was already there.

Back On The Scene || Dantana

CHARACTERS: Santana Lopez & Danielle Walker.
WHERE: The Lopez household
WHEN: August. 28th. 2015.
WHAT:  Dani is invited for dinner by the Lopez’s and with Santana very much still bitter about her having left, she worries that the meal may not go as smoothly as she had hoped, keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.

Dani couldn’t turn the invitation down, especially when Santana’s parents had told her it was okay for her to bring Sierra along too. Sure, it was bound to be awkward, especially with Dani having had a really stressful time trying to keep Santana under control, the girl definitely a loose canon. Heading over there on a Friday night, she dressed up kind of smart, looking forward to seeing the two after so many years, sure they would be just as courteous as they had been 7 years ago. Sierra was nervous and unwilling to go at first but she wasn’t going to leave her alone and she assured her that the Lopez’ were lovely and would make her feel very welcome, only hoping that Santana was on her best behaviour so to not upset the little girl. Knocking on the door, she smiled when she was enveloped in a huge hug by Maribel, handing her the bottle of wine and introducing her to Sierra as they headed inside. “It’s so good to see you both, how have you been” she asked, following them through to the living room, just catching up, Sierra cuddled up next to her, shy.


Game of Fashion !

As I thought Game of Throne’s costumes were really good, I thought it would be funny to imagine some of the main characters wearing Haute Couture pieces witch matches with their style and personalities.

So here are :
- Jon wearing an Alexander Mc Queen suit
- Daenerys wearing an Elie Saab dress
- Cersei wearing a Dior dress

More is coming !