danid2ois: Between alleyways I came across them. It seems humble but it’s quite the contrary to what some people think - they are millionaires. Millionaires of energy, of joy, of love for what they do. Even without speaking the languages, they are able to communicate with all of their customers, because they have in their hands the power to make humble food with wonderful flavors, and on top of that one also has the name of my mother (Lucinha), which makes their humble millionaire stand even more special than it was. Not to mention that the owner Lucinha is Bahian, and without speaking has acarajé with love and tapioca with coconut and banana. What I like most about Brasil is that those who are rich are poor, and those who seem poor are millionaires, because they have the best views, the best values, and the purest essences!


I’m sick today, so i try to make this letter to July as interesting as possible. I talk about the united states, sparklers, and it’s definitely the prettiest sick day i’ve ever seen. Please watch, subscribe, and reblog to help me out! I put my heart into these and I really want as many people as possible to listen to my reflections and see the most beautiful parts of my month. (also those puppies from yesterday? i was lucky enough to see them again. They’re in this.)


I Love Lucy fact: Desi gave Lucy a diamond-encrusted heart-shaped lapel watch on her 29th birthday, which was August 6th. It was Lucy’s first gift from Desi. The heart shaped lapel watch later became a model for the title credits for the I Love Lucy tv series.


Lookbooks!~ As promised :3


Hair- maysims

Sweater- daniparadise

Skirt- marigold

Leggings- freakshow-sims

Shoes- pinkzombiecupcake


Hair- ?

Top- nooboominicule

Skirt- marigold

Shoes- chumcha


Hair- Alesso

Horn- Kanoya

Wings- Jennisims

Top- ?

Leggings- freakshow-sims

Shoes- chumcha

(If u know where (#2 hair) and (#3 top) is, pls message me!)

hopw u like them <3