I watched a beautiful series by Emily Diana Ruth, “Letters to July” last year, and this time around, I’m going to take part in writing these letters. So, if time doesn’t get the best of me, I’ll be uploading one of these letters every day in July. Please watch! (and then subscribe or reblog or both ykno i don’t ask for much.) You might like it. -Dani 

On the field, Dani Alves is a Formula 1 car whose horn is a sarcastic laugh employed whenever a refereeing decision goes against him. On good days, he’s a 5-year old in a ball pit at McDonalds who has just been told he’ll never have to go home and the burgers are all free. That kind of joy, that kind of spontaneous humanity is infectious, consequences be damned.
—  In Our Dreams, We Are All Dani Alves

The Badger, Mr. Spice, and Princess Anastasia play some cricket. Bless.


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I love the relationship between Liam,Stiles and Scott, the way they are taking care of Liam is really cute (even if they cares about everyone)

Me too. i love their dinamic

If you were writing a heist screenplay and needed an eccentric character, you could do worse than writing in Dani Alves. He dresses like he woke up in a chic fashion boutique and his glasses game is similar to an American basketball player that a men’s style journal described as an “experienced glasses-wearer.” Alves is, it would appear from countless social media posts, interviews, and press conferences, the same on and off the field.

In Our Dreams We Are All Dani Alves

this whole article is brilliant and ridiculously quotable