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weeeeell! first things first, let me explain

i don’t ship Malora, it’s more like a brotp too me (I actually saw the movie and it was kinda cool, I didn’t expect much better from it anyway) 


i HAD to do this crossover.

i mean, just think of it for a minute: Two girls. One is a “Princess”. Cute and perfect. A bit (too) naïve. … and the other wears black. Queen of darkness. Has green powers. Is badass and mostly evil.

so…???? doesn’t it remember KiGo to you ? because to me, it does

so well this is it for the explanation, these are just two quick sketches of KiGo in a Maleficent AU (my actual favorite scene from the movie and Shego/Maleficent as a child) I hope you like it!


[COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!] (my time has come ;;)

Important rules:

♥ Only PayPal, in euros please !  (tutorial here)

♦  Please message me here on tumblr or at juckalope@gmail.com !

♣ I’d rather draw based on pictural references rather than descriptions. Send me as many as you can (i won’t bite)

♠ Once I accept your commission, I’ll work on the sketch. I’ll show it to you and if you’re satisfied with it, I’ll request the payment and then begin with the rest of the drawing process. You can ask me for previews anytime you want.

♪ If you want, you can ask for a thigh-up drawing instead of waist-up, for the same price

» Please note that I won’t draw:

- Detailed backgrounds (every drawing will have transparent background or a simple colour)

- Mature content such as gore or heavy NSFW (= no shown genitals, no fetishes)

- Anthro

- Mecha/complex armour





(oh, and reblogs are appreciated !! c:) 

 Merci !  ☼