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Heard “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter today… Instantly remembered this dude. His name was Christian, aka Radio Disney Kid. 

See, back when I was 10, I saw a crowd of people and some tunes blaring. I go over and see this 8 year old break dancing to Radio Disney songs with a pretty impressed audience. We soon became friends. He was kind of like an outcast or something but he wanted to come with me everywhere so I’d let him ride on my scooter like this with me…. somehow. Or he’d wake me up early or beckon me outside by playing his radio (which he carried everywhere) at my window from downstairs. I’ll look down from my window and see him holding his radio up 80s style or just break dancing in front of it.

He was my little sister’s boyfriend for a short time. He came to me one day and told me that he didn’t want to be my sis’s bf! he wanted to be MY bf!!1 It’s just that my sister scared him! …which if you knew my sister this made 100% sense. But I was an older woman! I was a whole ten years old and he was just a kid. So we ended up just going to his house to watch dragon ball z some more and look at pokemon cards.

That’s my story of Radio Disney Kid.

0royegi  asked:

How did dezzi react when he found out what his fix was and how well did he adjust to it? How does he get if he hasn't had his fix for a while?

really weird.. it was a ….situation. hahah 

he didn’t realize what it was until later because he thought he was going through… emotions. 

He was pretty young. 14. And it was with his former babysitter (18) who was “helping” him find his addiction. Like, they went through several possible fixes until that whole thing happened. He had a huge crush on her too. It was really messed up. Especially when she encouraged him and taught him how to hook up with unsuspecting girls. Until he said he didn’t want to anymore because he loved her and she thought he was being ridiculous. It broke his heart and she took that time to disappear realizing how messed it all was(she was babysitting in exchange for a room to rent and stayed for awhile after). 

Dezzi got seriously depressed, didn’t want to be around anyone and experienced his first withdrawals at 16. It got really bad. His best friend, who had what he had hoped was a secret crush on Dezzi went to check on him and ended up in a heated situation. Dezzi was desperate and his friend felt pitty for him. On one hand he was finally with Dezzi, on the other hand this isn’t how he imagined it would go. Their friendship ended, it was weird being around each other. Dezzi hated himself for it. He never wanted to get in that state again so he indulges or even over indulges on his fix. 

So I guess it didn’t really go well?

His withdrawals, like most pendeogans, start off with moodiness and stuff like headaches and foggy mindedness. They get worse and he experiences pain throughout his body, sometimes feels like bugs crawling over him and biting, itching. Then it gets to a scary stage where all he can think of is his fix and appears borderline feral. Almost like he can’t comprehend words– his head is just kinda screaming and foggy. Words reach him broken sounding and he’s got to reaaally concentrate.