jubilee hotel

Portugal The Man, free show at the Jubilee: A Summary 

  • Fantastic night, I was at the front with a friend, literally less than a metre from them dancing my ass off 
  • Slightly drunk, which is not a minus
  • Great setlist (I stole it off the stage, not sorry, also found one of their picks on the floor - will use it forever) 
  • Lead singer, John, was kind of rude, I complimented him saying ‘Y'all were amazing and you are mind-blowing etc’ and he was like “Yeah, ok”. If you ever get compliments, please say 'thank you’, and I know he must get it all the time, but you know… don’t be like that 
  • The bassist and the keyboardist were the absolute sweetest and I hugged both of them and it was sweaty and beautiful and a dream come true 
  • I managed to take the grossest photo with the cutest band member (keyboardist, obvs), I looked like the biggest geek ever (Life tip: look your cutest in photos with band members… if you can)
  • If you are in Australia and they are doing a live show near you, do go see them cause it is free and they are fantastic