jubilee club


I love victorious wtf okay that show was iconic anyway this is a Warren X reader au lmao bc I’m trash

  • Warren Worthington III as Beck Oliver
  • Reader as Jade West
  • Kurt Wagner as Robbie Shapiro
  • Jubilation Lee as Cat Valentine
  • Jean Grey as Tori Vega
  • Scott Summers as Andre Harris
  • Peter Maximoff as Sinjin
  • Ororo Munroe as Trina Vega

  • being that one “dangerous” lookin couple that everyone wants to lowkey be
  • always together lmao
  • and he always has his arm wrapped around your shoulders
  • Warren constantly teasing Kurt
  • Kurt always getting teased about his crush on Jubilee
  • having Saturday detention w the crew
  • that episode was basically the breakfast club bye
  • jubilee being lowkey scared of you bc of ur beauty and boyfriend
  • Jean being the Main Character™
  • Scott is that one guy who’s usually lost about everything but can be smart and stuff
  • Peters that one older upperclassman who always hangs out with people younger than him
  • okay but Peter hosting the show “queries for couples” (like Sinjin did) – you and Warren getting in a huge fight bc it seems like you both barely know each other
  • fake couple Jean and Kurt know each other better than the two of you, an actual couple
  • the boi don’t even kno ur favorite band smh
  • you end up breaking up on live television
  • you try to get back with him only to find him almost kiss Jean like two months later
  • prompting you to decide to never forgive him
  • boi tries to get with Jean and ur like “whatevs idc”
  • you really care
  • you totally care
  • he cares too but he feels like shit
  • Jean tries to get the two of you back together
  • she fails
  • and then one day on a mission when you’re doing your thing, Warren realizes that there’s never going to be a girl like you, who can make him so mad and so happy at everything you do
  • he tells you that you’re the only one for him
  • and you end up telling him that he’s the only one for you
  • bye this au killed me I miss this show

The last two valentines in my anime v day cards series/line/set/jubilee/group/club/secret society

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Some post-graduation fireworks from Jubilee.