jubei yamada


Jubei (Yamada Jubei)
Artist: Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan / Neo Geo Performance Group
Album: Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 1

Fight Night Saturday - Jubei Yamada

Jubei Yamada is a rather forgotten character in the world of SNK. He debuted back in Fatal Fury 2 and only came back for one other game, that being the immediate follow up, Fatal Fury Special. However, there are still some things about this character that I really liked. For starters he’s a stereotypical pervy old geezer who loves to hang around and gawk at young girls, including resident sexy ninja, Mai Shiranui. So what you get is a pretty refreshing departure from the usual “old master” stereotype. And I have to say he was pretty funny in the Fatal Fury OVA as well. 

From a gameplay perspective, Jubei is a Judo master and this translates rather well onto his moveset as he uses a series of throws and slams to get through his opponents. Among his moveset he has one move where he quickly rushes forward, grabs, and slams down his opponent, which can come out of nowhere especially if you’re already in close against him. His desperation move is an awesome grab where he jumps up with his opponent, and spirals downward with a huge slam looking really awesome. Interestingly enough he also has a projectile move where he throws a Japanese cookie. The reason being that he wants to be able to counter other fighters who employ projectile moves! How great is that!