Love Struck

Pairing: Luke Skywalker x Reader

Anonymous requested:  “Could you maybe do a soul mate au with Luke Skywalker? Thank you!” 

Anonymous requested: “Hey could you maybe do a one shot about Luke and the reader being soulmates? If not that’s only thanks anyway.”

Word Count: 794

A/N: I finally got my first fic up! I’m so sorry that it took me so long and no, I do not own the GIF

“So tell me why we’re going to the Cantina?” You’re older brother, Han, asked as you practically dragged him out of the Millennium Falcon with Chewie following closing behind. “You need to find work to do and get credits to pay back Jubba before he puts a bounty on our heads,” you reminded him. “Besides, today is the day I’m going to meet my soulmate and I don’t think he’s on our ship,” you said as you looked down smiling at your wrist that has today’s date. 

“Whoa whoa! Our ship? (Y/N), you know the Millennium Falcon is my ship,” Han said teasingly as he put his hand on his chest as if you hurt his feelings.  “I clearly remember you telling me that what’s yours is ours when I had those pastries last week,” you said smugly as we walk into the Cantina. He glared at you as he walked down the stairs to the bar area, “Just go look for work for us to do.”

           Han left into the crowd looking for his regulars and Chewie went to bar to listen in on peoples conversations to know if they need some smuggling done. You walked past the band and dance floor, heading over to the smoking section.  A whistle catches your attention causing you to glance over to see where it came from. You see a couple of guys you did smuggling for a couple of times trying to get your attention.

“Hey Mitch, what can I do you for?” you ask smiling as you walked up to him. “We need you to do us a favor if you’re up for it,” Mitch said nodding over to his sidekick, Des. “You know there’s nothing that Han and I can’t smuggle,” you say looking at the two.

“We’re not talking about smuggling, if you know what we mean?” Des says discreetly as he shamefully checked you out. Realizing what they meant was enough to make your stomach turn, “I’m not nor ever going to be looking for that kind of work.”

Mitch catches your arm as you turn around to go back to Chewie knowing that huge fluff ball will make you feel safer. Just as your about to tell of the two men, the sound of a lightsaber turning on and a man screaming made the Cantina turn deathly quiet as they turned their attention to the scene unfolding. Blood covered the ground as an arm laid in the middle of the puddle and a cloaked man holding a lightsaber stood over another man holding onto where his arm used to be. After a few seconds, the band started back up trying to quickly change the atmosphere of the room away from the two men.

“Get your hand off my sister or I’ll cut your hands off,” Han threatened coming out of nowhere, taking you by your shoulders and leading you away from them. “I barely leave you alone for ten minutes and you get yourself into trouble,” he muttered to you as he leads you over to an empty table.

“That’s what little sisters are for,” you smiled teasingly at him as you both sat down. “That’s defiantly what they’re for,” he said sarcastically, “Chewie found us some people who are looking to smuggle something.”

“Well that’s good for us,” I said leaning back on the bench, letting my head rest on the wall behind me. Shortly after, Chewie came up to the table and sat down next to Han. The two men that followed him sat down across from us. One of them being the clocked man from earlier, he was an older looking man with a white beard and white hair.

You look over at the person who the cloaked man was with and your heart stopped once you both caught each other’s eye contact. You suddenly felt very drawn to this man who looked to be your age with longish dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

You can tell that he too felt the same way as you can see he breath hitched in his throat. “I’m Han Solo. Captain of the Millennium Falcon.” You hear your brother introducing himself, completely oblivious to the scene unfolding. A bright light coming from your wrist caught your attention.

You pull wrist on top of the table and see that the date was illuminated along with the boy across from you, meaning that you had met your soulmate. You look back up smiling at him as he does the same. “I’m Luke Skywalker,” he says as he takes your hand in his. “I’m (Y/N),” you say shyly as Luke’s smile brightens at the sound of your voice. “(Y/N),“ Luke says as if he’s star struck, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”  

urte1108  asked:

Prompt: Kylo and Hux get into an argument, and in the heat of it Kylo says something harsh and makes Hux cry for the first time in a long time. After that Kylo comforts Hux and tells him, that he didn't mean it. Thank you! I realy like your blog!

“For the last time, Ren,” Hux thunders, “we are sending a squad to investigate! It could be nothing.”

“It’s not nothing,” says Ren. “There are spies among them-”

“I already know about the spies. We are allowing them to think they have gone undetected, so that we can spy on them. It’s a very delicate operation, and I won’t have you-”

“They are planning at attack. I can feel it-”

“I won’t have you storming in there swinging your lightsaber around and ruining everything!”

Ren leans over and presses the comm button on the console in front of them. “Ready my shuttle,” he says.

“No,” says Hux. “You are staying right here!”

“You can’t order me around, Hux,” Ren seethes.

“Of course I can! This is my operation, and you have no business meddling in it!”

Ren turns, flinging his whole body angrily away and then snapping it back. “How am I supposed to take orders from someone who wails like a jubba bird when I penetrate them?”

Hux’s lips part in shock, his face reddening with shame and betrayal. He thought he was safe from this. The worry that Ren wouldn’t take him seriously anymore after they had sex had prevented him from acting on his desires for months. When he had finally allowed Ren to penetrate him, it had been such a relief. Ren hadn’t made fun of Hux for not being able to control his vocalizations, as Hux had feared he would. He had seemed to enjoy the way Hux whimpered and writhed in his arms, giving nothing but praise and encouragement.

Hux takes a step back from the console, his throat tightening. His fear has come true. Ren thinks him weak for the humiliating noises he can’t stifle during sex. He takes a deep breath, determined not to make matters worse by allowing Ren to see him cry. “Well done,” says Hux. “I am thoroughly insulted. But your ability to antagonize me does not in any way qualify you to be part of this operation.” He turns on his heel and marches out of the conference room, heading straight for his quarters. As soon as the door closes behind him, hot tears start slipping down his face.

He had thought- hoped -that he and Ren would spend the night together again, but now it seems impossible. Ren thinks him pathetic. He’s so disgusted by the high-pitched mewling noises Hux made the last time, that he can’t even forget about them when they’re at work. They have colored his whole opinion of Hux.

His comm sounds.

“Hux?” It’s Ren.

“I thought you’d be on your shuttle by now,” says Hux, “hurrying off to make an even greater fool of yourself.”

“Can I come in?”

Hux presses his face into the crook of his elbow, debating whether or not to let him enter- wondering what the damage will be either way. He doesn’t want Ren to know he is crying, but it seems likely that Ren came because he could already sense it.

“I can,” Ren says.

Hux presses the button and Ren enters, removing his helmet the moment the door closes behind him. “I’m sorry.” Ren reaches for him, but Hux flinches away. “I didn’t mean what I said.”

“Why not?” Hux sneers. “It’s not wrong, is it? Why should you listen to me, now?”

“There’s no need for me to go. Your men can handle the attack.” Ren sighs. “You know… better than me, about a lot of these things. That’s why I should listen to you.”

Hux wipes at his eyes with the back of his sleeve. He’s not sobbing. The tears are minor, a hot pinprick of moisture in the corner of each of his eyes. Still, it’s humiliating. He hasn’t cried in years, and he doubts anyone but Ren could make him anymore.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of,” says Ren. “The way you sounded, when we were together- I was only cruel to you about it because I-” His swallows, overcome with some emotion Hux doesn’t quite recognize. “It made me so excited, Hux. I’ve never felt anything like it before. The idea that someone could make those sounds for me- That someone could want me so badly-” His ears are burning, the pink tips of them poking out from behind his hair.

Hux’s heart flutters. He can scarcely believe what he’s hearing, but he longs for it to be true. “You wouldn’t be, ah… interested in doing it again though, would you?” he asks, gesturing vaguely.

By way of an answer, Ren surges forward, pulling Hux into a passionate kiss. Try as he might, Hux can’t suppress a groan of pleasure. Ren’s arms tighten around his waist as, fully clothed, they topple backward into Hux’s bed.