Expired Lover ( Part 3)

Here’s part 3 of the Juice fic, in his POV. Hope you all enjoy! Xx

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Juice’s POV

Your hands shook with rage, and tears blinded your vision as you paced back and fourth in front of your bike. Tonight was supposed to be a celebration after your two year stent in Stockton Prison, but instead, you had run into her. All this time, she had been this close to you and you never knew. 

The image of her you had gathered by watching her every move tonight replayed in your head repeatedly. She had cut her hair just above her shoulders, and the dark makeup she used to always sport was gone, her face bare and beautiful. You hadn’t gotten up the nerve to speak to her, but you could tell that she hadn’t just physically changed. Everything about her was different. She had a smile that lit up the room, and now it barely cast a dim light. Everyone loved when you brought her around the clubhouse; it was her personality. She could strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and charm the hell out of them within minutes. She didn’t seem so happy and care free now. She seemed..dark, unhappy, and unusually lifeless. She definitely didn’t have the glow a girl who was getting married in a week should have.

The thought of her with someone else caused a bitter taste in your mouth, and jealousy to warm the blood flowing underneath your skin. Yet you couldn’t help but worry; was all of her unhappiness caused by him? Did he treat her right? Give her everything you couldn’t, everything she deserved?

“Juicy,” Chib’s familiar voice called, stopping you in your tracks as you turned to face him. He looked at you sympathetically, and it only pissed you off more. “I heard the news, I’m sorry brother.”

Nodding, you shoved your hands into your hoodie pocket and took a seat on the curbside, Chibs following suit. You ran a hand over your recently shaved head - the only hair left in a thick patch down the middle.

“How am I supposed to do this?” You asked, your voice thick with tears. “How am I supposed to let her marry another man? She’s mine. It’s supposed to be my ring on her finger, she’s supposed to get my last name. What do I do?”

Chibs rested a hand on your shoulder, gripping tightly. “You remember why you chased her away in the first place, right? Because of all that love you  have in your heart for her. She wasn’t safe in Charming. We made a bad call and she was going to suffer the consequences.”

“But that threat is gone now. I mean, look at Jax. Tara came back! If he could do it, why shouldn’t I be able to?”

“That threat is never gone, brother. There’s always going to be a bad call - don’t you realize that? It comes with the patch; it comes with us. Using Jax and Tara as an example? She’s already been kidnapped, as was Abel. We got both of them back safely. but those were lucky calls. And we won’t always be lucky. She’s safe here. Engaged to a decent man I’m sure; got herself a normal life. A safe life. If you really love her, you can’t take that away from her.”

“But she isn’t happy,” you replied, you voice merely a whisper as a tear escaped your eye and slivered down your cheek. “This decent man, this safe life, it doesn’t make her happy. You saw that, I know you did. I could do both. I could make her happy and make sure nobody ever hurts her-”

“No Juicy,” Chibs sighed, ending my sentence before I was finished rambling. “You can’t. Let her be.”

A few hours later the boys had finally stumbled out of the bar, whilst you had stayed outside. You blew through your whole pack of smokes, and cried yourself dry. And now you were going to handle your unfinished business. You had convinced Clay and the others to let you have a few minutes alone with her once the bar had cleared out. You couldn’t leave things on the note you had five years ago, you just needed to tie things up. Part of the reason, if not all of the reason, she looked so unhappy was because of you - and you couldn’t live with that.

Chibs, Opie and Jax took care of the lousy bouncer, and taking a deep breath you slipped inside the thick wooden door, letting it slam shut behind you. You took in the deserted bar as you propped yourself against the nearest wall, shoving your hands inside your hoodie pocket once more.

Eventually (Y/N) stumbled from the back room with a stack of boxes in her hands, and tear tracks staining her blotchy cheeks. You felt a twinge of pain in your chest, knowing all to well she had been crying for the same reason you had. You were sure your face only mirrored hers.

She jumped as she caught sight of you in the shadows, dropping the boxes onto a table near by. “Jesus,” she mumbled, clutching her chest. “Way to make an entrance.”

You said nothing, just stepped a bit closer to her, studying her intensley. She took a step back from you, and that’s when you noticed the crow on her ankle. The crow that had once been yours, now bore no exact significance. Your name had long since been covered up - and you clenched your teeth. Of course it had happened, why wouldn’t it have? You ran her out of your life. But still, a foolish part of you hoped she had kept it.

“Why are you here, Juan?” She asked, a tinge of annoyance in her voice as she realized what you were staring at. “Where’s John?”

“Round back with the boys,” you replied, your voice slightly hoarse. Her eyes widened, and she started for the door. You caught her arm, stopping her before she could get far. “He’s fine.”

She scoffed, snatching away from you. “What’s your definition of fine these days? I know he didn’t just let you in here.”

“He’s knocked out,” you explained. “Wasn’t a hard blow, I’m sure he’ll be waking up soon.”

Her arms folded across her chest, and she narrowed her bright eyes at you. “And now to my next question, why are you here? What do you want?”

“Do you love him?” You blurted out, unable to stop the words from escaping your lips. “Does he treat you good? Make you happy?”

Her eyes widened with shock, as if you had just struck her. You suppose, in a way, you just had. Her fists clenched shut, and she turned away from you, placing her hands on the bar and gripping them for support. It was deadly quiet through out the place, and with (Y/N), quiet was never a good sign.

Next thing you know you were darting to the side, a beer bottle just missing your skull. 

“Who the hell do you think you are!?” She shouted, tossing another empty bottle your way. This one was way off, shattering against the wall behind you. “Barging in here asking me those questions - like you have any right!? What? You suddenly decided that you love me now, Juan, is that it?!  Or did you see that I was trying to have a life that didn’t involve you, and you just showed up here to ruin it!? Cause you did one hell of a job with that five years ago!”

“(Y/N), I..-”

“You wanna know if he treats me good? Yes. He treats me like a fucking queen. Does he make me happy? He tries, he does every damn thing he could possibly think of. But do I love him? I want to, God I want to. But you can’t be in love with two people at the same time, Juan. And for some unknown fucking reason, every part of me still loves you just as much as I did five years ago. I want to hate you, I want to despise the very thought of you; but I can’t. No matter how hard I try. Even though I walked in on you screwing that nasty porn bitch’s brain out. And then proceeding to laugh at me; tell me that I meant nothing to you. That you could barely stand to be around me,” she chuckled dryly, wiping roughly at her cheeks with the back of her hands as more tears escaped her eyes.

You flinched at her outburst, remembering that day perfectly. How disgusted you were as you led Ima to your bed. Having to stop yourself from puking in her hair as you pushed in and out of her. The strength it took to not only humiliate (Y/N) and break her heart, but let her walk right out of your life.

“Why?” She asked, all the anger gone from her voice. Now she sounded so broken and fragile as her red rimmed eyes met your watery ones. “Why did you do that to me? Wasn’t I good enough? I loved you with everything in me..why wasn’t that enough?”

Before you knew what you were doing she was in your arms, her sobs echoing into your jacket, her tears pooling up on your kutte. She tried pushing you away, weak from her current state.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please just leave. I can’t do this.”

You gritted your teeth together, hoping like hell your tears didn’t fall until you were out of this place.

“I have loved you, and will always love you, (Y/F/N - Y/L/N). Don’t ever think for a minute you weren’t good enough for me. You were perfect. You were everything I ever wanted.”

“Then why?” She asked, sobbing harder into your jacket.

“Sometimes,” you whispered, your voice cracking. “When you love someone, you have to let them go. I had to let you go, and I had to make sure you never came back. The club; we’ve been in some dangerous shit lately. We only get deeper and deeper. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you. I needed you out of Charming, away from me. The only way I knew to do that was by breaking your heart.”

“Juan, I-”

"Shhh,” you cooed, pulling he back into you one last time. “You marry this guy, baby. You hear me? I need you to forget about me. Let me go, and let him in. Accept the life you deserve.”

You placed one last kiss on her salty, tear coted lips, forcing yourself to pull away just as her hands snaked around your neck. You nearly ran for the door, feeling like you were going to be sick as you left her standing behind you.

“Juan,” she called after you. “Wait!”

Something about her tone caused you to stop, turning to face her. She reached her hand inside the tip jar, pulling out all of the cash, then walking behind the bar and opening up the register; taking a chunk of money from it as well.

“John will call the cops when he comes to, and I won’t be able to convince him otherwise. Take this; I’ll think of some lie to tell the cops but it’ll look suspicious if you didn’t take anything.”

You nodded, taking the cash from her hands and shoving it in your pockets. Your back to her once again, you made it to the door without being stopped this time. But just as the night air hit your face, you heard her voice call out behind you. 

“I love you, Juan Carlos. I always have, and no matter how hard I try, I always will.”

You paused at the door for a mere second before storming over to the bikes, all of your brothers looking at you in a concerned manner.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” you spat.

Expired Lover {Part 4}

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Here’s the final chapter of Expired Lover!!! Hope y’all love it!!!!

Today was the day.

A whole week had passed since that night with Juan. You had tried calling him, texting him, hell you even showed up at his house in Charming, took a trip to the cabin, and waited eight hours outside of TM for him to show up, but he never did. He was avoiding you and you knew it, and outlaws could hide better than anyone. He had meant what he told you that night, he wanted you to forget him. He should’ve known that was impossible. But like the pathetic, idiot girl you were, you seemed to think you could also. So you sucked up your pain, and got yourself prepared for a wedding.

The bridesmaids, and your sister, chosen to be your maid of honor, all circled around you, flooding you with compliments as the hired artist did your makeup, another on your hair - and even one to paint your nails. Everyone’s voices sounded miles away, and you silently drowned in your pain and sorrow.

Before you knew it your sister and sister to be were helping you step inside your dress, more compliments sent your way as you suddenly transformed from a normal girl, to a bride. You looked down at the ivory dress and tried to hide your disgust. All of the lace, the ruffles, and the God awful train that someone would constantly have to tend to. You thought back to the day you got the damned thing, remembering even then how much your heart wasn’t in it. You played dress up until all of the girls found one they really liked, and based off of their reactions, you said yes.

“Gosh,” Ali sighed, looking at you in a dream like trance. “You look like a princess.”

You tried to hide your distaste for the compliment, nodding slightly and sending her your best fake smile. “Thank you.”

The finishing touches were added to your hair, and someone slipped your veil on top. You took the time to admire yourself in the full length mirror in front of you, and still you couldn’t be bothered to smile. You felt like a fraud. You were fixing to promise yourself to someone who knew nothing about the real you, someone you didn’t even love. Someone you wished was someone else. You were disgusted with yourself. You hadn’t even said “I do” yet, and already your entire marriage was a lie. But there was nothing you could do. It was too late to back out, and as selfish as it was, this was your only way of moving on.

Juice’s POV

You killed the engine to your bike, letting down the kickstand and taking a deep breath as you peered at the church across the street.You were sat just behind an oak tree, large enough that nobody exiting the church could see you, but you could see it clearly.  It was decorated with flowers and even though it was broad day light, you could see the lights hung up for the reception later on tonight. People were steady piling inside, what looked like at least a hundred cars parked all over. You nearly chuckled at the thought of (Y/N) get married inside of a church, knowing automatically it wasn’t her idea. She had always thought it was terribly cliche.

Chibs parked to your left, and Jax parked to your right, both of them giving you a concerned glance. When Clay had found out your plan, he knew he couldn’t stop you so he sent the two of them with. To keep you from doing anything stupid.

“Why are you doing this, brother?” Jax asked, taking a draw from a smoke. “Torturing yourself like this?”

You shrugged, feeling sick to your stomach. You didn’t really know why you were here, but you knew you needed to be. Maybe you were hoping to see a more happier girl leave that church today, arm in arm with her new old man. Maybe you wanted to get a feel of the guy who was taking your place - see that he looked decent. Maybe you just needed your heart to shatter completely so that you could keep going through life, absolutely numb. Maybe it was a little of all three of those reasons. You shrugged, sliding your glasses over your eyes to cover the tears welling up in the corners. “I just need to see it, man.”

Neither Jax, nor Chibs, said another word.

You walked down the isle slowly, your brother’s arm in yours. Whispers, tears, and smiles surrounded you as everyone’s heads turned your way. You didn’t even know half of these people. You felt your chest tightening up as you got closer and closer to Rick.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Before you know it you were standing in front of Rick, your hands intertwined as he stared at you with such love and admiration, tears in his eyes. You were his happily ever after, after all. Your stomach churned as you tried to force a smile in return, you thought you might actually puke on his shoes. The priest read the vows, and one by one you and Rick repeated them. You started to feel more and more anxious; to the point you were shaking. Beads of sweat were forming around your forehead, and you could no longer stop the tears from slipping down your cheeks. Everyone cooed, thinking they were tears of joy. If only they knew.

“(Y/F/N - Y/L/N), do you take this man, Rick Edward Lonson, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Rick patiently awaited your expected response, and that’s when the realization of what you were actually doing hit. Swiftly, you let go of his hands. There were gasps, murmurs, and plenty of worried faces looking back at you as your eyes scanned the crowd. You locked eyes with your brother from one of the front pews - and he nodded slightly. Nobody else in the world understood you or the position you were in except him. He had even tried to talk you out of it a few times. If only you would have listened. But now, while you were standing at the altar, Rick beginning to worriedly call your name, he still understood. And he was telling you to go. And his confirmation was all you needed. You couldn’t do this to Rick, or yourself. You couldn’t pretend anymore, and you couldn’t live the rest of your life miserable. You couldn’t spend the rest of it with him. You loved Juan, you were supposed to be marrying him. Not this man in front of you. How stupid you were to let his stupid insecurities to push you away, how stupid you were to just leave.

“Rick,” you spoke quietly, with a shaky voice as you turned to face him once again. “You are a wonderful man. Thank you, for everything you and your amazing family has done for me.”

He chuckled nervously, trying to grab your hands again. “We can do all the thank you’s later baby, right now you need to be saying I do. Go on.”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I can’t. I can’t live a lie; not anymore.”

You grabbed the front of your dress, pulling it up enough that you wouldn’t trip, and without so much as a glance back you hauled ass out of the church. By the time you made it outside, your tears had stopped falling; you felt like you could breathe again, for the first time in years.

“Where are you?” You whispered to yourself, bouncing on your heels as you used one hand to shield the sun from your eyes. You knew  Juan would be here today. You don’t know how, but you did. He’d be here from the moment you arrived until the moment you left. But he’d be hidden. He wouldn’t want you to see him.

Just as you were about to give up, you saw it. A glimmer of black at the park across the street, just underneath the huge oak tree in the center. Once you were sure it was safe to cross the road, you ran towards it. You ran towards your man.

By the time you reached the park, you were nearly out of breath. Mud coated the ends of your dress and filled your shoes. Turns out heels weren’t made for dirt, and they sure as hell weren’t made for runaway brides.

You rounded the tree, your pace quickening as you grew closer, excitement consuming you. You smacked directly into someone’s chest and when you looked up, Jax had a hold of your arm to keep you upright, his signature smirk reflecting down on you. Chibs was off in the distance, a phone pressed to his ear.

You would deal with Jax’s taunting jokes later, as well as the rest of the club’s you were sure. But right now your eyes were focused on the man propped against the base of the tree, a cigarette between his lips. He hadn’t even seen your dramatic exit.

“Juan Carlos Ortiz,” you said boldly, Jax stepping out of your way and rushing over to where Chibs was standing. 

Juan jumped up, his cigarette falling to the ground. As he took in the sight of you, his eyes grew wide and you couldn’t quite read his expression.

 “So, I kinda just left my fiance at the altar. Any minute I’m sure an angry mob of sisters, moms, aunts and grandmas are gonna be coming after me. If we wanna get back home, I suggest we go now.”

A smile spread across your face, and his as well. He rushed over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and spinning you in a circle. Loud cheers erupted from both Chibs and Jax as he slammed his lips against yours. “I love you so much,” he whispered as he broke away from you.

You laughed, more tears spilling from your eyes. “I love you too.”

“Guys,” Jax announced. “As happy as I am for you two - (Y/N) was right. That angry mob she mentioned is exiting the church. And it looks like Mr. Left at the altar is leading the pack.”

“Shit,” Juan mumbled, still smiling.  The boys all climbed on their bikes, and he handed over his helmet. You snatched the veil from your head, tossing it to the ground, strapping it on. But when you approached Juan’s dyna, you realized there was no way you could ride with this dress. You couldn’t hold all of the train in one hand, and it would get wrapped up in the tires.

“Baby,” you called over his engine. “I need your knife!”

With a questioning glance, he handed it over. You wasted no time reaching around you, grabbing where the train met the hem of your dress. Immediately you began to cut away the extra material. All three of the boys burst out in laughter, and Chibs rushed over to help you get rid of it quicker. Once the two of you had cut off just enough for you to ride, you jumped on behind Juan, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Let’s give them something to talk about,” Juan shouted, tearing out of the park behind the boys. You couldn’t stop the laughter from bubbling out of you as you passed the church, everyone crowded around outside watching in horror as you rode off into the sunset with another man. You saw your sister, shaking her head at your actions, and your brother smiled, sneaking you a thumbs up. 

You pressed your head against Juan’s back, never feeling so free before in your life as the two of you sped back towards your home. Back to Charming.

You had your man back, and you weren’t letting him go again.