meaning of Havana MV

Okay, so…

I. Scene 1: Camila with Juan1 and Juan2

Camila wore YELLOW (THE SUN: LMJ) Notice that Camila’s used the Yellow background in the song cover, as well as on her Fallon performance. Yellow. Like the Sun. Who loves the Sun? LMJ.

As to the characters, Juan 1 and Juan 2, the twins…- At the outset, there are two sides to a person, the side everyone sees and the side that none or only a few select get to see.

Juan 1 could be public Lauren and Juan 2, private Lauren. Now we all know that Lauren values her privacy.

Camila’s rxn to Juan1 on the bed with another woman— g!p usual reaction to Lauren’s PR relationships, thus:

Juan1: Laucy and everyone LMJ’s been paired with. PR. Didn’t we all think that Camila’s heart broke everytime an LMJ PR boy/girlfriend surfaced?

Juan2: the real LMJ. “So now you’re out of the closet?” “Yes, I did it all for you.”

Every now and then we’d come across the theory that indeed Lauren had to come out so Camila’s sexuality wouldn’t suffer further scrutiny. She’s not yet ready. Let her live.

*insert Juan2 proposal: WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THE CAMREN RINGS* — also, this is Lauren. She came out last year (2016) remember.


II. Scene 2: Lele, Grandma.. words of advice. Live your life. Camila going solo, pursuing her dreams, insisting that Havana be released.. she did all that.

III. Scene 3: Havana starts playing. — in the beginning we see Camila dancing with 2 men. I think they’re the beards she’s been paired with, whom she ‘rejected’ see how she pushed them away?

Camila dancing and then singing on stage.— Public figure/Singer/Performer/Celebrity Camila.

IV. Scene 4: ENTER TALL MALE (Noah).— at first we only see his silhouette against THE SUNLIGHT. AGAIN. Sun reference: LMJ. Their attraction became a distraction. Backstage they loved, fought, made up—aka CAMREN off-cam. Note: “NO WAY”. They wanna be together, everyone else doesn’t. The pressure became too much. You know how the story goes…

Scene 5: CAMILA CHOOSES HERSELF OVER LOVER. “I do love you, but I love me more.” Lover drives away, Camila cries.

—- back to reality —

Scene 5: Camila doesn’t like the ending: “So that’s it?? You end up alone??” To which the movie character Camila replies: “if you don’t like my story, GO WRITE YOUR OWN.” And so real life Camila heads out of the theater.

Scene 6: Camila meets TALL MALE IRL (LMJ). Instantly they’re pulled close together, and they dance.— Clearly, they’re MEANT TO BE. They can’t escape their fate. The reason their LIFE PATHS CROSSED IS CUZ CAMREN IS ENDGAME.

(Like what Lauren said about why her favorite song off of 7/27 is “No Way”) ❤️🌹❤️

Thank you for sharing the Havana mv (and your story) with us, Camila Cabello.

Camren is real. Camren is endgame.🦋