¿Recuerdas el primer día que nos conocimos?
¿Recuerdas nuestro primer mes juntos?
Solo quiero que me respondas con la verdad, por dura que parezca.
Aunque pienses que arruinará todo.
¿Aún me amas? ¿Aún sientes lo mismo que sentías en ese entonces?
Es todo lo que quiero saber, respondas lo que respondas te seguiré amando como lo hago ahora, como en el primer día.
Nada cambiará, solo quiero saber si sigo aquí contigo o tengo que luchar por recuperarte.
—  Juan Diego Mendez
Cuando me enamoré por vez primera no pensaba en nada, solo estaba obsesionado, nublado, cualquier cosa que pasaba, que publicaba, que escribía lo relacionaba conmigo, pensaba que todo iba a estar bien si yo seguía sintiendo todo esto en el pecho.
-Hasta el amor en exceso es dañino.-
Ahora creo que sí es verdad, que cuando alguien está enamorado tiene que entregarse completamente pero, ir despacio es lo mejor, no ser frío pero si mantener la calma, no enamorarse tan rápido, darle el valor suficiente a la palabra enamorar, disfrutar el proceso hasta estar seguros de que todo esto que nos pasa es amor verdadero.
Todo esto se destruye cuando te enamoras, me causa gracia hablar de amor, es como hablar de algo de lo que no tengo idea, algo que no se puede explicar. Yo solo amo sin medida.
Todo es diferente en cada caso.
Maldición porque es tan complicado,
deberíamos nacer sabiendo con quien vamos a pasar el resto de nuestras vidas, alguien diseñado para ser feliz contigo, sin sentir que puedes encontrar a alguien mejor o desear otra cosa, alguien que te llene en todos los sentidos.
Pero no, uno tiene que ir dejando pedazos del corazón por todos lados hasta encontrar a alguien que también lo tenga destruido pero que encaje perfectamente con el tuyo y forme uno nuevo.
Y me gusta pensar que se puede encontrar o que en algún lugar si existe y también me espera.
—  Juan Diego Mendez

Australia ‘sick of lecturing by UN’ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-31792442

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the country is “sick of being lectured” by the UN over its treatment of asylum seekers.

It comes after the special rapporteur on torture said some aspects violated the convention against torture.

Australia detains all asylum seekers who arrive by boat, holding them in offshore processing camps.

Rights groups have criticised conditions on Manus Island, where asylum-seekers are held.

In a new report to be tabled to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday, the rapporteur, Juan Mendez, investigated allegations of torture and abuse in more than 60 countries.

In Australia, he highlighted some cases where the authorities had failed to provide adequate detention conditions, end the detention of children, or prevent escalating violence and tension at Manus Island.

This meant Australia had violated the right of the asylum-seeker to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, the report said.

The Australian government has rejected the report.

'Most compassionate’

When asked about the UN’s findings, Mr Abbott told reporters: “I really think Australians are sick of being lectured to by the United Nations, particularly, given that we have stopped the boats, and by stopping the boats, we have ended the deaths at sea.”

He said hundreds had drowned at sea as the people-smuggling trade flourished under the previous government.

Mr Abbott said stopping the flow of people coming to Australia by boat, mostly through Indonesia, was the “most humanitarian, most decent, the most compassionate thing you can do”.

“We have stopped the boats and I think the UN’s representatives would have a lot more credibility if they were to give some credit to the Australian government for what we’ve been able to achieve in this area,” Mr Abbott said.

When asked about conditions on Manus, Mr Abbott said: “All of the basic needs of the people on Manus Island are being met … everyone’s needs for food, for clothing, for shelter, for safety are being more than met.”

One of the allegations investigated by Mr Mendez is the intimidation and ill-treatment of two asylum-seekers after they gave statements about violent attacks at Manus. He found their rights were in fact breached.

He also found that two government changes to immigration legislation risk violating international laws prohibiting torture.

The report found violations in more than 60 other countries including in the US for the 30-year imprisonment of a mentally ill man on death row.

It also raises alarm at the proposed deportation of several individuals from the UK to countries that engage in torture.

Australia and asylum

• Asylum seekers - mainly from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran - travel to Australia’s Christmas Island by boat from Indonesia

• The number of boats rose sharply in 2012 and early 2013. Scores of people have died making the journey

• To stop the influx, the government has adopted hard-line measures intended as a deterrent

• Everyone who arrives is detained. Under a new policy, they are processed in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Those found to be refugees will be resettled in PNG, Nauru or Cambodia

• Tony Abbot’s government has also adopted a policy of tow-backs, or turning boats around

• Rights groups and the UN have voiced serious concerns about the policies and conditions in the detention camps. They accuse Australia of shirking international obligations.

actual prime minister of australia tony abbot, everyone

Silent Servant

Juan Mendez (Silent Servant)

A~nd aGain we have some oh so goodness from J Mendez and his endless library of vinyl goodies.  The name says it all; DISTORTION.  Listen, love it, and envy the man’s record collection.

Animals and Men // Don’t Misbehave In The New Age.
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti // My Molly
Spider // Booze Town
Doctor Mix and The Remix //  Out Of The Question
Escapades //  I Tell No Lies
Cheap Time // Too late
Woven Bones // With You Alone
The Gun Club // Sex Beat
The Fuse // Breaker Breaker
Blank Dogs // The Threes
Vivian Girls // Tell The World
Religious Overdose // In This Century
The Crystal Stilts // Crippled Croon
The Jesus and Mary Chain //  Somethings Wrong
Suicide // Radiation
Dum Dum Girls // Put A Sock In It
The Clean // Point That Thing Somewhere Else
The Dovers // She’s Gone
Cabaret Voltaire // Messages Received
John Maus // Time To Die
NTX & Erica Thrasher ( Indian Jewlery ) // Chasing The Rats Out 7″
The Intelligence // Like Like Like Like Like
A Frames // Complications
The Models // Bend Me, Shape Me
Black Time // A Boring Day For The Boredom Boys