chelmrtz  asked:

I know you said requests are currently closed, but I'm hoping to put one in advance of my wedding in September. My fiance and I are huge Giants fans and we're getting married at McCovey Point and then going to a game after! If you could do something with Juan Marichal and Buster Posey, our two favorite players, I would really love it. Thanks!

 Oh my goodness!!!

Wishing you and your fiancé a lifetime of happiness and lots of baseball! ♡ All the best! :)


My childhood heroes weren’t quite able to make a championship happen, but it has been an embarrassment of riches for my home town baseball team in the past 5 years.

My late grandmother used to avidly listen to the Giants games on the radio, but never lived to see them win a World Series. When the Giants came close, losing in 7 games in 2002, she was already suffering from the severe memory loss in the depths of senile dementia, so her ability to follow a game from inning to inning was thwarted.However, she still listened to the games and enjoyed each pitch, despite her inability to retain the memories through to the next few moments.  When she still had her mental faculties, whenever there was a spectacular play or home run, she would always say “that was SOMETHING!"  After last night’s game, I could imagine her in front of the TV saying "that Madison Bumgarner is SOMETHING!” “Wasn’t that SOMETHING!”

Here’s to childhood heroes, absent friends and loved ones, and the joy of the game.  Thank you 2014 (and 2010 and 2012) San Francisco Giants.


10. A Giants who came before your time whom you wish you could have seen.

This is blasphemy, I know. I’m a terrible, terrible, awful person. But of all the players my dad told stories of as we listened to baseball on the radio and tried to make tomatoes grow (this can be hard in Nevada)…it wasn’t Willie Mays he talked about most, it was…Juan Marichal.

I don’t know, in the end, if this was actually possible, that I could not choose Willie Mays. It just seems wrong not to. But there would be a contest, at least a small one.