• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where is joey gutierrez on season 4 of marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.? why isn't he a secret warrior anymore? what is he doing with his life now? is he safe? is he happy? does he have a boyfriend? i can't beLIEVE that the mcu finally brought in its first gay superhero - a gay moc no less - and have already gotten rid of him
I had to put myself in his shoes and think what I would do if I was Pablo in these situations. And this is very personal. I think I’ve read everything that was written about him but I did that in order to forget all that and then to create my own version of him. … I ended up doing things — for example, the way I was holding the pants and the way Pablo walked — I didn’t try to do that on purpose. And then people were [like], ‘You know what? You know that Pablo used to do [that].’

Wagner Moura on creating his own version of Pablo Escobar

‘Narcos’ Actor Wagner Moura On Shedding The Weight Of Pablo Escobar

Photo: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix

Bueno, nunca me han importado las opiniones de los demás. Y las pocas veces que las he tenido en cuenta ha sido para joderme, equivocarme y al final tener que dejarlo todo y cambiar de rumbo.
—  Pedro Juan Gutierrez.
Il sesso non è adatto ai perfettini. Il sesso è scambio di liquidi, fluidi, saliva, alito e odori forti, urina, sperma, merda, sudore, microbi, batteri. O non è sesso. Se si limita alla tenerezza e alla spiritualità eterea, resta una parodia sterile di ciò che sarebbe potuto essere.
—  Pedro Juan Gutiérrez - Trilogia sporca dell'Avana (estratto)