kicker: Mr. Götze, Mr. Reus, not only Franz Beckenbauer reffering you as the dream-duo of football. Can you remember your first game together? 

Mario: I don’t know, it would’ve been with the national team.

kicker: Right, it was November 2011 against the Netherlands. For half a year now you play together for Dortmund.  Mario, what did you thought  when it was established that Marco comes to Dortmund? 

Mario: (laughs) I thought: Oh no, another blind guy. On the bench is a place available. But we will bring him through too. 

kicker: And seriously?

Mario: No, this transfer was world class for us. Marco is a uncommonly team player. He makes us even more flexible and unpredictable. When Gladbach lost against us 1:4 two years ago, he scored the goal. We saw that he’s very good. That was a highlight. 

kicker: Marco is a guy with similar qualities as you have. You’re both fast, agile players.

Mario: I admit that Marco is faster than me. Guaranteed in the first meters, maybe on a whole range. I saw it, it’s impressive. 

kicker: Marco, what was your first impression of Mario? 

Mario: (smirks) He always said “the small chubby one”. 
Marco: Well, it turned out that he’s the Sunnyboy of this team, a ray of sunshine, a unbelivable positive boy. I already noticed it in his first season. I can remember a goal against Hannover. Throw in, he turned away from the opposite player, ran to the goal, nutmeg another player, and scored with his last strength. You can see on his whole appearance how much fun he has. He’s an incredibly creative guy. It was recognized early: He’s young, but an outstanding player. 

kicker: Was there blind understanding between you on the pitch from the beginning, because you’re so similar? 

Marco: No, it took a while. Football includes 11 people who have to work together. We found each other better from game to game. That’s what we want to refine. 

kicker: You transformed a sensational free-kick against Augsburg, Mario just kicked the ball cheeky through the wall against Hannover. How’s the consultation going when it comes to free-kicks? 

Marco: From the last 10 I kicked 8 over, it wasn’t that good. We simply decide on how we feel. Mario’s idea against Hannover was awesome. 
Mario: Oh come on, luck played a role too. Not everybody jumped in the air. 
Marco: But the right one. Who can kick at which time? 
Mario: Who thinks he can make a goal, catches the ball. 

kicker: Marco, against Augsburg you scored a really crooked thing from an acute angle. What’s the secret of a goal like this? 

Mario: (answeres faster than Marco) That was a really wild kick, pretty wicked how the ball flew. And it was a important goal for us, that looked awesome, phenomenal. I don’t know anyone that could do it like him. Maybe Ronaldinho. Or Cristiano Ronaldo. 

kicker: And everybody was wondering: How can the ball suddenly fall into the far corner? Can you enlighten us?

Marco: That’s not a secret. I worked on my skills a lot and did additional layers. Earlier I used to never dared to kick from a greater distance, because the ball never flew so far. But over the years you appropriate your own technique. I’ve noticed that while watching Juninho from Olympique Lyon. An incredible shooter. It’s so wicked, I’ve never seen such a kicking technique before. 

kicker: In Mönchengladbach you played rarely, there was another expert. 

Marco: I grabbed the ball every now and then. But Juan Arango had priority, he has done incredible things. 

kicker: Is there something Mario has, that you would like to have as well?

Marco: His ball handling. He’s stronger than me in this. I work on it. 

kicker: And vice versa, Mr. Götze? 

Mario: Well, his kicking technique, which is exceptional in fact.

kicker: You get along exceptionally well with each other. Are you do something together privately sometimes? 

Mario: It was difficult during the first round. We had games every 3, 4 days and were traveling a lot with the team. There was not much leisure. We’ve seen each other anyway. 

kicker: Do you guys share a room when you travel? 

Mario: Mostly we have single-rooms, it’s better that way. With Marcos snoring I would’t get a wink of sleep …

kicker: Marco wanted to take you to a tattoo studio one time. Did he persuaded you already?

Mario: No, that’s not for me. I thought about it, but not concrete. 

kicker: You laughed because Marco got his name tattooed on his arm. 

Mario: (laughs again) I haven’t. Everybody should know for themselves. It’s just not my thing. 

kicker: Mr. Reus, what’s different between Dortmund and Gladbach when it comes to football? Is that a big change? 

Marco: With a new club and a new coach you have to watch the first 2-3 weeks to see how to behave. The walkways are different. Sure I’ve needed startup time, but I felt the support immediately and never worried about failure. In Gladbach you have run 12 kilometers just as in Dortmund. But football in Dortmund is different, a lot more pressing. This style suits me a bit.

kicker: After goals, assist by one of you and scored by the other one, you’re jumping in the air and bump against each other. Who’s invented this kind of celebration?

Mario: I’ve seen that while watching a basketball game. They do it often in the NBA, after a special dunk or something. It was a spontaneous idea. 

kicker: Do you play other sports together? 

Marco: Table tennis.

kicker: And who wins? 

Marco: (laughs) I have to tell a story. We played a match when we were with the national team, I led 4:1 by rates, then it was 6:1 for him, then 6:6. Then he goes 7:6 in leadership, puts away his racket and said: okay, that’s it. Just like that. Unbelivable. 

kicker: From time to time you play football in your basement with a little plastic ball. Did you already invited Marco to a match? 

Mario: I used to play there often, now only with my little brother, he has fun with it. Marco shirks, he would’ve no chance anyway. So: The door is always open for you, my dear Marco. 

kicker: What do you want to change the fastest on your playing style?

Mario: Headers aren’t my strong point. Although I made my first Bundesliga goal with a header. Headers and my left foot are strongly improvable. 
Marco: For me it’s the same. Technique, overview, there is still a lot of room for improvement. 


kicker: Who was the football hero of your childhood?

Mario: Zinedine Zidane.
Marco: You got a good taste. Mine was also Zinedine Zidane. What he did was great sport. 


kicker: And finally something concerning the “Kaiser” (Franz Beckenbauer). He said that Dortmund has with Marco Reus and Mario Götze the strongest football-duo on earth. Pretty amazing, right? 

Mario: When Franz Beckenbauer says so it has huge importance. We get along well, on and off the pitch. But still we are self-critical enough though, so we know that there’s need for improvement. 


Juan Arango (2), Mexico v Venezuela, friendly, 13 October 2010